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Vintage Edition Cleabus Up For Pre-Order


Octane3 has their exclusive sepia-toned Vintage Edition Cleabus (Your Neighborhood Radish Farmer) up for pre-order.  This Wheaty Wheat Studios produced figure is limited to only 400 figures.  The first 50 people to place an order will receive a free mystery print and badge designed by Chris Lee.

Cleabus The Radish Farmer


Wheaty Wheat Studios (WWS) is proud to announce the release of the first character from Christopher Lee’s Urbanites series.  Cleabus the radish farmer will be arriving at your local vinyl toy retailer in December, just in time for the Holiday gift buying frenzy!  At the affordable MSRP of $13.99 for the standard edition Cleabus (limited to 800 figures) and $19.99 for the sepiatone, vintage edition Cleabus (Octane 3 exclusive and limited to 400 figures), this vinyl toy makes it a “no brainer” for the vinyl lover on your gift list.  Each figure will be individually numbered.


Octane3 Exclusive Cleabus


Octane3 is going to carry an exclusive version of Christopher Lee's Cleabus the Radish Farmer vinyl figure (produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios).  They are not taking orders at the you'll need to sign up for their mailing list to keep updated.

Ringo Bear?!? Yes!!


There definitely were rumors that we'd never see Joe Ledbetter's Ringo Bear made into a vinyl figure.  We saw the prototypes last year, and it looks like the final product is going to live up to the hype all of Ledbetter's Wheaty Wheat products have.  There will be 5 color variants, including several exclusives (including our sponsor - 3DRetro). 

Standard Orange Edition: 600 figures

Polar Bear Edition: 210 figures
Brown Ringo Bear (European exclusive): 300 figures

3DRetro Exclusive: 100 figures

5 & A Dime Exclusive: 60 figures

Look for it around Spring 2007...with more Ledbetter-WWS projects to come.  This figure is going to be hot!


Chris Lee’s Urbanites – Mellow and Cleabus


Wheaty Wheat is getting close to releasing the first 2 characters in Chris Lee's Urbanites series.  Mellow and Cleabus will be the first vinyl figures released from the line...and will be Lee's first original figures available. 

Mellow - The Gentle Confectioner: 8" tall, individually numbered, Standard Edition (660 pieces and SRP of $69.99), Marsh Mellow w/S'Mores (300 pieces and SRP of $79.99), Sherpa Mellow - flocked (180 pieces and SRP of $89.99) and Licorice & Love (84 pieces and SRP of $99.99).  Each figure comes with a Jello accessory.

Cleabus - Your Neighborhood Radish Farmer: 2.5" tall, individually numbered, Standard Edition (800 pieces and SRP of $13.99) and Vintage Edition (400 pieces and SRP of $19.99).  Each figure comes with a radish accessory and removable hat.

The variants are going to be store keep an eye out for where you can pick them up.

Wheaty Wheat Exclusive Zliks


The Sepia Tone Zilks are the Wheaty Wheat Studios exclusive from Andrew Bell's line...and they are now ready to purchase.  Wheaty Wheat has them up for sale ($90 US and $105 International - shipping included).  This variant is limited to 100 pieces that are individually numbered.

REVIEW: Andrew Bell’s Zliks



ZLIKS are a strange species of creatures that live primarily underground. They often travel in packs and will only emerge from their burrows in search of food, fun, friends... or revenge.

The line, produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios, has been designed by Andrew Bell.  They’re based on drawings from his immensely popular website (and book) – The Creatures In My Head.  There are currently 3 different “species” of Zliks – Oil, Natural and Psycho.



Zliks come packaged in a window-front box.  It’s designed as a forest type scene.  There are instructions to create a Zlik environment from the well as reading on drawings on the rear of the box.

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Chris Lee’s Urbanites


Wheaty Wheat Studios has reported that Chris Lee's Urbanites figures are now in production.  The company has posted on their website that more information will be made at the end of the month.  So keep an eye out for Mellow, Cleabus, Polly & Wog and The Beatnik Brothers.

2006 SDCC: Wheaty Wheat Studios


Richard and Debbie from Wheaty Wheat Studios were at 5 & A Dime during the time Comic Con was going on.  The gallery was out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the Convention Center...and plus there was a BBQ happening daily. 

Not only did Wheaty Wheat have exclusive Zliks (from Andrew Bell) but the also had artist signings as well as some AMAZING new prototypes.

Among the prototypes shown:

"Dog gone" by Brian Taylor
"Jack Rabbit" by Brian Taylor
"Phallic Mammary" by Phallic Mammary (pink with udders)
"DCTO" by Dacosta Bayley (leaf and red one)
"Dhall v1.0" by Cam De Leon (gray and red figure on the wall)
"Dolly" by MedFed (Blue pill)

2006 SDCC coverage sponsored by Panik's Toy Box and


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Octane 3 Ice Variant Zliks


The exclusive Octane 3 Ice Variant Zliks will be landing online at 8pm (UK time).  These creations, from Andrew Bell and Wheaty Wheat Studios, will be limited to 100 pieces (in this variant).  Pre-ordering begins tonight, with the figures shipping in August.