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REVIEW: Christopher Lee’s Mellow



Christopher Lee and Wheaty Wheat have teamed up to produce the second of his vinyl figures from The UrbanitesMellow follows close on the heels of Cleabus, who was a much smaller vinyl.  The Gentle Confectioner is currently available in four different variants: Original, Sherpa, Marsh Mellow and Licorice & Love.


If you’re looking for a background story, Chris has posted the following bio on his site:

Mellow is your gentle companion.  Although he looks sad, Mellow is quite the optimist.  His wonderful taste for finer foods and weaknesses for chocolate and desserts explains his rather large size…or does it?  Neighborhood kids will not come close to his house.  Rumors fly as to what ingredients are ACTUALLY in his desserts.  People shut their blinds and lock their doors when he walks by.  Mellow is the stuff that urban legends are made of… But do not be afraid if you come across the lumbering beast.  It is best you whisper and wave “hello”.



All of the Mellow variants, except for Licorice & Love, are packaged in the same window front box.  The graphics on the Licorice box are slightly different, with a black color scheme.  While there is no background reading contained on the packaging, there are several Chris Lee designed illustrations.

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Brian Taylor’s Jackrabbit Key Chain


Brian Taylor's Jackrabbit key chain figure will be landing later in the month, so you'll hopefully see them popping up at retailers shortly.  The figure will be available in 3 different colorways - Retro, Mono and Glow.  The line is being produced by Wheaty Wheat...who are also working on Taylor's DogGone Wall Trophy as well as the full sized Jackrabbit vinyl.


Mellow Release at Double Punch


Here's a little reminder about Chris Lee's Mellow release at Double Punch in San Francisco.  Chris and the folks from Wheaty Wheat will be there to sign things and hang out with all of you.  I'm liking the above flier reminds me of a 1950's monster movie.

Sherpa Mellow Release


The Pink Ghost exclusive Flocked "Sherpa" Mellow release and Chris Lee signing is set for June 30th.  South Florida will get the opportunity to meet Chris at the
release of the Flocked Mellow.  He will be signing prints, fuzzy little
guys (Mellows), and almost anything your little heart desires.  The
first 25 customers to purchase a Flocked Mellow at the release will
receive an Exclusive Mellow print for free.  There will be raffles, free coffee, cupcakes and awesome music as always. 

The figure is a limited run of 180 pieces and is up for pre-order on the Pink Ghost site.

Saturday June 30, 2007 from 8PM to 10PM
Pink Ghost
21 West Las Olas Blvd
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Mellow Launch at Double Punch


On June 16th, Christopher Lee and the folks from Wheaty Wheat Studios will at Double Punch, San Francisco for a night of fun...with the release party of Mellow Vinyl Figure.

Come out to meet Chris, get things signed and have tons of fun with sweets and snacks.

June 16th from 6PM to 9PM
Double Punch
1821 Powell Street
San Francisco, California 94133
(415) 399-9785

Wheaty Wheat Adds a Few New Artists


Wheaty Wheat Studios recently acquired licensing for Evil Ice Cream (from Darth Rimmer and Kerry Horvath) as well as work by Luke Feldman.  It will be great to see what these artists will produce in conjunction with one of the top vinyl toy companies out there.


Mellow Out…Soon


Wheaty Wheat Studios is reporting that Chris Lee's newest character from the Urbanites - Mellow - will be available beginning in May.  There were some factory issues this year, but if you own a WWS know that the company strives for high quality products (i.e. perfection).  So which Mellow are you going to pick up?

Starting from the right, with the green jello accessory, is the standard
.  This variant will be limited to 660 figures and like all the
variants, it will be hand numbered.  The SRP for this figure is $69.99
and will be found at most of your local vinyl retailers.  This figure
will be released near the end of May.

Second from the right is Marshmellow (white variant) and comes with a S'mores accessory.  This figure will be limited to only 300 figures.  The SRP for this figure is $79.99 and is a 3DRetro exclusive.  This will be released at the end
of May as well. 

The second from the left is Licorice & Love (black
variant) and comes with a red jello accessory.  This figure is the
rarest of the variants, limited to only 84 figures.  Each will be hand
numbered and has a SRP of $89.99.  Licorice & Love will only be
available from myplasticheart.

Last but definitely not least is the Sherpa Mellow (flocked
variant) with orange jello.  It is
limited to only 180 figures, and will only be
found at Pink Ghost & Friends.  Similar
to the Licorice & Love variant, the Sherpa Mellow will be released
in June.

REVIEW: The Urbanites’ Cleabus



Christopher Lee
came up with the original concept of The Urbanites in 2004.  The group is based in a close-knit neighborhood of colorful individuals.  Lee’s style takes advantage of basic shapes and intense colors.  This gives his work a unique look.

Chris teamed up with Wheaty Wheat Studios to release toys based on The Urbanites.  The first figure released is Cleabus, the radish farmer, with Mellow soon to follow.

Cleabus was born into a long line of proud radish farmers.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t very good at farming.  Ashamed, Cleabus ran away from home with his favorite hat and a bag of radish seeds.  After months of working at it, he was finally able to master the art of radish farming.  Cleabus was so good at farming that he was able to grow a huge radish to live in.



Wheaty Wheat has gotten this packaging down.  Not only is there a adequate artwork from Christopher Lee, but you can read the entire story of the character on the back of the box.  Also, the double interlocking plastic trays means that the figure won’t shift en route to you…and that it’s not a pain releasing Cleabus from his temporary home.

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The ATP Festival: Nightmare Before Christmas 2006 ran from December 8th through the 10th in the UK.  The All Tomorrow’s Parties festival was put together by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and featured a number of rock, punk and alternative music acts.

ATP hooked up with Wheaty Wheat and MAD, who designed one of his infamous MAD*L vinyl figures in true rockin’ style.



The ATP MAD*L is bagged in an opaque, white plastic bag.  It has the “I Got This Dope Fig @ ATP ‘06” slogan written on the front.

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ATP MAD*L Exclusive


This might just be the coolest mass-produced (if you think a run of 400 is mass) MAD*L vinyl figure out there.  The ATP (All Tomorrow's Parties) exclusive has been designed by MAD himself and is currently only available through the ATP website.  They are initially releasing 300 of the 400 figures, with a limit of 1 piece per customer.  Each MAD*L will set you back about £40 (almost $80) plus shipping charges.  Trust's worth it.

Wheaty Wheat really pulled out all of the stops on this's blue glow-in-the-dark!!