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A New Look Wheaty Wheat


Wheaty Wheat Studios has a new home to beautiful Upstate NY, just outside of Buffalo.  Over the next few weeks you will see a cleaner, simpler They've also opened their own online shop and are offering a “Grand Opening Discount” on all retail products available in there.

Use the discount code WTYWT815 when you check out to receive 15% off your order. This is a Limited Time Offer from Oct. 8 thru Oct. 15, 2008. Don’t miss out.

They'll also be releasing Exclusive colorways and customs you'll only be able to get at Wheaty Wheat ‘s Online Store.

REVIEW: Dolly by MedFed



Wheaty Wheat Studios and MedFed have joined forces to release a long anticipated vinyl figure - Dolly.  The giant pill has been released in several color variants, with Sideshow Collectibles distributing the line.  We’re looking at the standard version.

And if you thought Dolly was just a cool-looking giant capsule, there actually is a background story to this vinyl.  Inspired by the pantone-colored covers of Jacqueline Susann novels, and named after her most famous work "Valley of the Dolls," Dolly captures the retro feel of this classic 60's novel, where Valium was taken openly, with an updated urban sensibility.



The Dolly vinyl figure is packaged in a window-front box that’s decorated with stereo speakers and a psychedelic theme.  The piece is contained within dual interlocking plastic trays, making it a great option to display in the packaging.

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Wheaty Wheat Studios, King of the Road

Wheaty Wheat is leaving LA for greener pastures.  They are heading off to the East Coast - kinda, sorta - to set up shop.   The Studio will be closing down from July 18th until August 11th 2008.   Don’t worry if you need to get a hold of them, they'll still be able to receive emails, during the move.

When Wheaty Wheat Studios re-opens in its new location it will be a brand new cat!   With lots of changes from the sales to distribution, new faces and much, much more!   They will be unleashing “Wheaty Wheat Girl Power” from their new location: including Violet by Kathie Olivas and Phallic Mammary and friends by PM.

Available Now:

Dolly “The Happy Pill” by Med Fed


Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive: Black w/ GID exclusive limited to 84 units.
Tainted Visions Exclusive: Gray limited to 150 units
Standard Dolly: limited to 504 units
Red variant: limited 204 units.

Finishing Production:

Space Crab by Pixelfillu - Available Soon


Buckeye Rot by Sket One - Available Soon


Gage Mono Dolly Variant


The Gage Mono Dolly from Wheaty Wheat Studios and Medfed is a Tainted Visions exclusive.  It will be limited to a run of only 150 pieces.  This 8" grayscale variant is
currently available for pre-order and is scheduled to be released on June 1st, 2008.

Dolly…In Multiple Colorways


Sideshow is currently taking pre-orders for Med-Fed's Dolly figure, produced by Wheaty Wheat.  Sideshow's the distributor of the line, and the black colorway is their exclusive (limited to a run of 84 pieces).  That figure will be glow-in-the-dark (I'm guessing on the white areas).  The regular version is limited to a run of 504 pieces.


Wheaty Wheat’s Dolly


Together with the SoCal artists at Med Fed, Wheaty Wheat
and Sideshow Collectibles are showing off the above photo of their upcoming Dolly vinyl figure.  The Sideshow Exclusive black edition Dolly will be available for pre-order in the near future. 

We saw the prototype for this figure back at VTN 2007 in San Diego.  It's a very impressive piece.  And it's reminding me that I need to go take an aspirin.

5 & A Dime Lava Ringo


5 & A Dime will be releasing their exclusive Lava Ringo Bear in their brick and mortar shop on Sunday December 16th at 6PM.  There will be a limit of 1 per customer and you'll have a chance at winning the right to purchase one through a raffle.

Got Ringo??? Almost!!!


Regular Edition (Orange) (600pcs)

Polar Ringo Bear
(Blue) MPH Exclusive (210)

Euro Ringo Bear
(Brown) Artoyz (Europe only, 300 pcs)

Toxic Ringo Bear
(Green) 3D Retro Exclusive (100 pcs)
Lava Ringo Bear (Black) 5 & a Dime Exclusive (60 pcs)

The Vinyl Toy Network Winter Show will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday December 2nd (from 10AM through 5:30PM).  The Toxic Ringo will be debut here, with a Joe Ledbetter signing taking place from 10AM until 1:30PM.  50 Toxic Tickets will be placed randomly in the 100 give away bags (given to the first 100 people).  The ticket will guarantee you the ability to purchase one Toxic Ringo Bear from 3DRetro at the VTN event.

REVIEW: Candykiller Keychain



The Candykiller novelty keychain, from Wheaty Wheat Studios, was created to calm collectors who want Brian Taylor’s Jack Rabbit character in vinyl form.  It’s to whet your appetite as we approach the release of the full-size Jack Rabbit figure later in early 2008.

The keychain has been released in three different colorways:  Retro, Mono and Glow.



While it might look like these are blind boxed, there is a small sticker on the back of the box.  This sticker denotes whether it is the Retro, Mono or Glow version.  It’s a pretty nice looking box design for a keychain.

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Urban Underground Project: Wheaty Wheat


Not only was Wheaty Wheat one of the sponsors (and founders) of the Vinyl Toy Network's Urban Underground Project, but they also had a booth at the show.  The event took place this past Friday and Saturday, in close proximity to San Diego's Comic Con.  Admission was free and they even had a shuttle running between Jerome's (aka The Factory) and SDCC.


On display at the WWS booth were several prototypes.  The next two planned releases are Joe Ledbetter's Ringo Bear and Sket's Buckeye Rot. (Notice the hand changes on Buckeye)  Following them will be Brandt Peters' Ink Slinger No. 5, Kathie Olivas' Violet and Brian Taylor's Jack Rabbit.  The extra large Cleabus was used for Brian McCarty's photo shoot and won't actually be produced...unfortunately.


Wheaty Wheat also had prototypes from a few of their new artists - Kerry Horvath and Darth Rimmer (Evil Ice Cream) and Luke Feldman (Mai).  The Mai figure looks amazing.  A terrific sculpt that really mimics Feldman's artwork.



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