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Huck Gee “Blank” Vannen Artist Watch


Vannen Watches has released a limited edition Huck Gee "Blank" Vannen Artist Watch. Huck's black "Blank" watch is limited to 75 pieces and features a classic matte black finish with black and grey dial art and a red "death" Kanji printed on the inside surface of the crystal. The back of the watch and crown feature additional Huck and Vannen engravings putting the finishing touches on this special edition piece. As a bonus, each “Blank” box also comes signed and numbered by the artist. You can pick one up for $65.00.

SDCC15: Vannen – Outcast Watch


Vannen and Skybound Entertainment have announced the release of a limited edition San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Outcast Watch. Inspired by the hit Skybound/Image Comics supernatural horror series Outcast, Vannen's SDCC exclusive Outcast watch is limited to 200 pieces and features full-color artwork by Outcast artist Paul Azaceta. You'll be able to pick one up at the Skybound Booth #2729 for $65.00.

SDCC14: Vannen – Rat Basterd: White

Vannen SDCC Kronk

Vannen has teamed up with 3D Retro to release a limited edition Rat Basterd: White  artist watch by artist KRONK. The watch is available exclusively via the 3DRetro San Diego Comic Con booth #5049 beginning on Preview Night.

There only 100 pieces available, with each watch running $60.00. each. And the first 30 people to purchase the Rat Basterd: White will also get a limited edition KRONK giclee print.

SDCC13: Vannen Releases 2 New Watches

Vannen SDCC

Skybound Entertainment and Vannen are teaming up to release two special limited edition watches at San Diego Comic Con 2013. The Walking Dead is getting its fourth special edition watch, and there will be a first release for Robert Kirkman's long-running superhero comic, Invincible.

The Walking Dead "Horde" watch is limited to 500 pieces, and it's the first Vannen timepiece with glow-in-the-dark detail (GID hands and index markings on the inside of the crystal). Each "Horde" watch, and hand-numbered sleeve, features artwork by Charlie Adlard and comes with an exclusive sticker.

The Invincible "Hero" watch is limited to 300 pieces, and it's the first Vannen watch produced for Invincible. Featuring wrap-around artwork by Ryan Ottley, the packaging for each "Hero" watch also comes hand-numbered.

The Walking Dead "Horde" watch will retail for $75.00, and the Invincible "Hero" watch will retail for $85.00. Both will be available only at the Skybound Booth #2729.

Limited Edition “Dark Passenger” Dexter Watch

Vannen Dexter 1

The first episode of the last season of Dexter premiered this evening. To celebrate, Vannen and Showtime have released a Limited Edition Dexter Watch. The special edition "Dark Passenger" artist watch features original artwork by Ty Mattson depicting fan-favorite moments from all seven seasons of the show. Each "Dark Passenger" packaging sleeve also comes signed by artist Ty Mattson.

The watch is available to purchase for $84.95 and will ship beginning on September 9th 2013.

Vannen Dexter 2

Descendents “Coffee Time”

Vannen Descendents Coffee

The Descendents "Coffee Time" watch will be available today (Friday April 26th 2013) at These were originally released at Coachella, but Vannen held back a few watches, which will go up for sale at 9AM PT. They'll be available for $60.00 each.

Coffee Time features artwork by Descendents artist Chris Shary, with hour/minute/second markings pad printed on the inside of the crystal giving this glorious black and white design some serious pop. Each box comes signed by Chris, and one lucky box also contains an original drawing of his hidden inside.