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Ali and Woods ASV


Two of the most dominant competitors in their individual sports - Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods - will be released by Upper Deck via their All Star Vinyl line.  Each figure will include a special stand and should appeal to sports collectors.

All Star Vinyl 10″ MLB Series 1 and 2


Upper Deck has released the illustrated players that will make up the 10" tall All Star Vinyl MLB Series 1 and 2.  Not using any notes...I see if I can name all of the players. 

Series 1: Albert Pujols, David Wright, Ryan Howard, Ichiro Suzuki, David Ortiz and Derek Jeter
Series 2: Alfonso Soriano, Vladamir Guerrero, Grady Sizemore, Jose Reyes, Alex Rodriguez and Daisuke Matsuzaka

A few of these figures have been released in the larger size, but there are a number of new sculpts.  I will definitely need to pick up the Ryan Howard and Ichiro ASVs.  But I'm sure collectors would have liked to see a wider assortment (instead of 2 Yankees, 2 Red Sox and 2 Mets).


All Star Vinyl 10″ NFL Series 1


Upper Deck is releasing their Series 1 10" NFL All Star Vinyl line exclusively through Toys 'R' Us.  The six players included in this series include (in order): Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Tony Romo.  Some of the sculpts might look familiar, that's because they were originally released in the larger ASV size.  If you ever saw the original sculpt for the larger Eli Manning, you'll realize that this one looks 100 times better.


All Star Vinyl 10″ NHL Series 1


Coming this February, Upper Deck will be releasing their 'new' 10" tall All-Star Vinyl NHL lineSeries 1 will include (in order pictured): Martin Brodeur, Sidney Crosby, Dany Heatley, Jerome Iginla, Henrik Lundqvist, Roberto Luongo, Alexander Ovechkin and Carey Price.  The line will likely be limited to higher runs, since they'll be available at Toys 'R' Us.  But that also means they will be more affordable.  Each figure comes with a base stand as well as a trading card.


All-Star Vinyl…MLB Line


In June and July, Upper Deck's All-Star Vinyl line will increase by three MLB Stars.  Above, Albert Pujols will be released on June 3rd (Platinum Club) and 4th (Public).  Also being released is a duo of New York Yankees stars.


Derek Jeter, shown above, will be released on the same dates as the Pujols.  The Alex Rodriguez vinyl (pictured below) will drop on July 1st for Platinum Club members and July 2nd for the general public.


Sidney Crosby II


Upper Deck has released photos of the all new Sidney Crosby All Star Vinyl sculpt.  Crosby II will feature the Penguins forward posed in his signature slap shot.  The piece will be
released in four colorways: 2007-08 Home and Road Jerseys (Editions of
1,000 and 500), a throwback 2006-07 Home Jersey (Edition of 500), and UD's Black Edition (250).  Platinum members can pick it up on Tuesday May 13th 9AM PDT (and normal folks on Wednesday May 14th).


LeBron and Durant ASV


Upper Deck will be releasing two of the brightest NBA stars in their All-Star Vinyl line.  This will be the second LeBron James design, if you don't count The LeBrons lineup.  On the same day, May 7th, they will also release the first Kevin Durant ASV.  Each players will be available in four different styles (roads, home, alternate and all black).

I like the LeBron pose and face sculpt better than the first one, however, I'm not getting the Durant figure.  It doesn't look like him, the pose is pretty generic and what's with that cinched waistline?


NYCC 2008: Upper Deck


While there was a lot of action around the Upper Deck booth, mainly from all of the people playing Magic: The Gathering, we got our first peek at the upcoming MVP line.  The New York Giants figure was designed by Joe Grady, aka Rebelwookiee. I like the design...I don't like the Giants.


Who’s Your MVP?


It appears that Upper Deck will be releasing sneak peeks of a few of the figures from their MVPs lineup.  While this is only the front art mock-up of TWEEQim's Vikings design, it definitely looks impressive.  It's just my prediction, but I believe this line will end up being bigger than their All-Star Vinyl figures.  (At least in regards to the vinyl community) 

Although, will you go out and pick up every team's figure?  Or will you simply find your favorite team and purchase that MVP?

Upper Deck MVPs


Joe Grady, aka Rebel Wookiee, sent us word of the new line of vinyl figures he was chosen to work on.  MVPs is a vinyl line from Upper Deck.  It will be different from their All-Star Vinyl lineup...the MVPs will be focused on teams rather than individual players.  The above poster is for the NFL lineup, but look for other leagues to be introduced.

MiQ and TWEEQiM curated the lineup of 8 artists to be involved in the project.  Look for designs from Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Niark1, Rebel Wookiee, Sket-One, Spanky, TWEEQiM and Unklbrand.  Each limited editionUpper  vinyl is said to be 8" in height and the designers were actually involved in a draft to decide who could design which team.  All I want to know is who did the Eagles?