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STX Entertainment and Uglydolls


STX Entertainment has announced that they've teamed up with the Uglydoll brand to develop a full-scale animated feature. (This is something that's been rumored in the works for a long time) Creator David Horvath and Pretty Ugly Managing Partner Drew Matilsky will serve as executive producers on the new movie. Gigi Pritzker and OddLot Entertainment are also set to co-produce the film.

"We created UGLYDOLL on the premise that real beauty is found in the little twists and turns that make us who we are," said Horvath. "We could not be more excited or optimistic about the future of the UGLYDOLL universe in the hands of the STX Entertainment team. In the past, we have been strategically organic and restrained in developing our business and, with STX now on board as our partners, we look forward to significantly growing the awareness and presence of these unique and lovable characters. We are thrilled to have the most creative, capable and experienced minds in the entertainment industry approaching our uglyverse in a very holistic, 360 degree way. STX understands what makes us distinctive and relatable and they are committed to maintaining the integrity of what makes these dolls so special." 

Makerbot – Dynamic Uglydolls and Ugly Enviroments

Uglydoll Dynamic

In addition to the individual figures we previewed a few weeks back, Uglydoll and MakerBot have collaborated on several other 3D printable collectibles featuring four of the most popular characters - Babo, Wage, Ice-Bat, and Ox.

The Dynamic Uglydolls feature: Babo Delivers Treats, Wage Hits The Beach, Ice-Bat Takes Flight, and Ox Sails The High Seas. The digital file to create a figure is $1.29 each.

The Uglydoll Environments are: Babo's Cookie Otaku, Wage's Play-All-Day Toys, Ice-Bat's Organic Ice Stand, and Ox's Home-A-Loan. The digital file to create a figure is $2.49 each.

Uglydoll Environments

Flat Bonnie at UglyCon

There will be a number of one-of-a-kind Flat Bonnie x Uglydoll plush toys available at the UglyCon Art Show, taking place at Giant Robot GR2 from June 21st through July 9th 2014 (opening June 21st from Noon to 8PM)

Pieces include:

Flat Bonnie UglyCon 4

BatBun x Ice Bat
Hand painted vinyl pleather. 12" tall. Comes with hand painted "Magic Crystal Ice Block". (with LED lights inside.)

Flat Bonnie UglyCon 2

Lefty the Bat x Ice Bat
Hand painted vinyl pleather. 17" wide x 7" tall. Comes with hand painted "Magic Crystal Ice Block". (with LED lights inside.)

Flat Bonnie UglyCon 5

Dusty the Chinchilla x Wage
Fleece and vinyl pleather.

Flat Bonnie UglyCon 1

2 sided Cloud x Babo
Fleece and vinyl pleather with removable magnetic cookies.

MakerBot Uglydolls

Uglydoll MakerBot

If you've ever wanted to make your own plastic Uglydolls at home, MakerBot is giving you the opportunity. If you have a MakerBot - or access to a MakerBot - you can download one of four 3D templates (Babo, Ice-Bat, OX, and Wage) for just $1.99 each or the entire set of four for $4.99.

Apparently, they are posable. It looks like it takes a number of individual pieces to construct one figure. If you have a MakerBot...let us know how they turn out.