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SDCC17: Uglydolls – Exclusives and Announcements

David + Sun-Min and the folks at Uglydolls have announced their 2017 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. Not only will fans of the Uglydoll plush line be excited, but they'll be collaborating with Cartoon Network and Adventure Time. The OX as Finn and Jeero as Jake will be available to pick up at Booth #3245. Plus, they'll be showing off four new Uglydoll characters - Two, Popo, Big Cheese, and OX Bat.

Uglydoll Mini Monsters – Sunshine Edition


Toy Art Gallery has announced the release of the Sunshine Edition of David Horvarth and Sun-Min Kim's Uglydoll Mini Monsters. The Sunshine Edition features eight Uglys - Babo, Jeero, OX, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice Bat, and Wedgehead - cast in bright yellow soft vinyl.

The set of eight figures will be available beginning today (September 23rd 2016) at Noon PST and run $60.00. You can also purchase them individually for $10.00 each.

Power Pink Uglydoll Mini Monsters


Toy Art Gallery has announced the first painted release of David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim's Uglydoll Mini Monsters. The Power Pink Edition features the eight Ugly favorites - Babo, Jeero, OX, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice Bat, and Wedgehead - cast in a glitter-infused pink soft vinyl with blue and silver spray and hand-painted detailing.

The Power Pink Uglydoll Mini Monsters will be available as individuals ($15.00 each) and as a specially-priced set of all 8 pieces ($75.00) beginning today (Wednesday June 22nd 2016) at Noon PST.

Uglydoll Mini Monsters – Glittery Pink Edition


Toy Art Gallery has announced the next release of David Horvarth and Sun-Min Kim's Uglydoll Mini Monsters - Glittery Pink Edition. The series of eight 2-inch tall Uglys includes Babo, Jeero, OX, WageBatty, Target, Ice Bat, and Wedgehead. Each Glittery Pink Uglydoll Mini Monsters is cast in bright pink vinyl embedded with glitter.

They will be available as individuals ($12.00 each) as well as a specially-priced set of all 8 figures ($72.00). Look for them to drop at TAG beginning today (Thursday June 2nd 2016) at Noon PST.

Uglydolls Mini Monsters


Toy Art Gallery has announced their first collaboration with David Horvarth and Sun-Min Kim - the UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters. The series of eight adorable mighty mites includes all of your UGLYDOLL favorites, including Babo, JeeroOx, Wage, Batty, Target, Ice-Bat, and Wedgehead. Each figure stands approximately 2 inches tall.

The UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters debut in a bright red vinyl colorway and are available as individuals ($12.00 each) as well as a specially-priced set of all 8 ($72.00). They will be available starting today (May 4th 2016) at Noon PT at

Dream Big Friends – Still Dreaming Big


David Horvath + Sun-Min Kim (Uglydolls) and Klim Kozinevich (Bigshot Toyworks) are holding out hope that their Dream Big Friends project reaches their Kickstarter funding goal. The project would see their Yuna doll and Kamata cat produced as an alternate collectible to all of the fashion dolls currently available. However, there's that looming Kickstarter end date (Sunday, January 3rd 2016 at 2PM ET) and the fact that they need to bring in over $100,000 ($69,000 pledged of $175,000 goal) in about 4 days.

Closing that gap is a fairly monumental task. And it's pretty surprising, given all of the positive press surrounding Yuna, that more funds have not been raised. Having backed a number of Kickstarter projects, I can only imagine that not offering up a myriad of "Add-Ons" might have hurt Dream Big Friends. Add-Ons often boost up that average pledge amount. But there's still hope. And one can still dream...big...

Kickstarter: Dream BIG Friends’ Yuna from David + Sun-Min


A trio of toy industry vets - Klim Kozinevich (Bigshot Toyworks) and David Horvath + Sun Min (Uglydolls) - have teamed up for a new project they are launching through Kickstarter - Dream BIG FriendsYuna (the first Asian-American girl to be the center of a doll line) is the very first doll in an all new line called Dream BIG Friends. She's a 10-inch tall, fully articulated doll with real fabric clothing (including a Giant Robot shirt) and accessories - including her cat Kamata


After watching their own kids play, David Horvath and Sun Min began a discussion with Klim Kozinevich and wondered; what if there was more? The worlds of princesses and pixies, fashion models and super heroes are all fantastic, but something was missing. The trio set out to create a unique personality in a small plastic body, focusing on aspirational, inspirational and imaginative play. Something that would encourage kids around the world to embrace what makes them who and what they are, inside and out. With all that in mind, Yuna was born!

There are currently several different funding levels, but it rounds out to about a $40.00 pledge for the Yuna figure. That includes a 10" tall Yuna doll dressed in Giant Robot t-shirt, skirt, sneakers and red jacket, with a shoulder bag and Kamata cat figure. Not bad price-wise, in my opinion. That's why I went in for two of them.

This project will only be funded if at least $175,000 is pledged by Sunday, January 3rd 2016 at 2PM EST.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

Uglydoll and OHM make some Ugly Beads


The folks from Uglydolls and OHM Beads have announced a rather "Ugly" collection of sterling silver jewelry that will be released on October 1st 2015. Wage, Babo, OX, and Ice-Bat have been cast in sterling silver to wear on a bracelet or necklace. Likely, gentlemen won't be wearing these. But don't they sort of look like Monopoly pieces? Albeit, somewhat expensive Monopoly pieces if they're in the $40 to $50 price range that other OHM beads are.