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The Plutonian Zoological Society

Tyler Poncho Toys 1

Tyler Poncho Toys has released their newest series of toys, featuring six new creatures from outerspace - three scientists and three specimens of study. The Plutonian Zoological Society.

Tyler Poncho Toys 2

The characters (in order of picture) are as follows:

Falkoner Henry, PhD - a zoologist who studies...
The Bodleian Singing Orcus
Makemake Potomik, PhD - a zoographer whose subject is...
Venetia Jack Haumea, PhD - a geneticist whose creation is...

Each plush can be purchased between $15.00 and $25.00.

Tyler Poncho Toys 3

Lengi Bear from Tyler Poncho Toys

tyler poncho lengi 1

His happy face and long, dancy legs make him a perfect companion for humans. His smile can't help but make you laugh. Rest him on your shoulder and stare at his uber-smile. He'll play peek-a-boo with his feet!

Handmade by Tyler Poncho Toys, the Lengi Bear stands in at 20 inches tall. It features faux fur and plush and is a part of Tyler Poncho's Amalgamated Menagerie.

For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys. Look for these to retail around $25.00 each.

tyler poncho lengi 2