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5-inch DIY Vinyl Jumping Brain

toy2r jumping brain

After a lengthy wait, Toy2R is pleased to announce the release of the 5-inch DIY Vinyl Jumping Brain from Emilio Garcia. Following the success of the 2-inch Mini Jumping Brain Assortment, fans and artists can prepare for some brainy customs. Look for this figure to retail around $35.00.

Jason Freeny’s 36 Inch Tongue Tied Artist Qee

toy2r freeny 36

Toy2R presents the first reveal of Jason Freeny's 36 Inch Artist Qee design entitled Tongue Tied. Limited to only 36 production pieces, this enormous Qee will sell for $2,800 each. Oh...and they take between 3 to 4 weeks to produce.

Emilio Garcia’s Brain Pattern Qee in XL Scale

toy2r garcia 36

After a week of unveiling the roster of the upcoming 36" Artist Qee Collection, Toy2R is going to start showing off some designs. The first design is Emilio Garcia's Brain Pattern Qee in XL scale - 36 inches of awe inspiring brain power.

This figure is limited to only 36 pieces worldwide (made to order). Look for them to retail around $2,800 each. You better love this design!

Frank Kozik joins the 36 Fun

toy2r kozik 36

Well....of course. Toy2R has announced that Frank Kozik will be joining the artist lineup for their 36 Inch Artist Qee Collection Series Two. Along with Jon-Paul Kaiser, David Horvath, Emilio Garcia, and Jason Freeny...Kozik might be seen as the grisly veteran amongst the group. But they're not done...stay tuned for more details next week as Toy2R's monster sized line of Qee collectibles prepares to be unleashed.

Jason Freeny joins the 36-inch Qee Series

toy2r freeny 36

Toy2R continues to release their "Big" news. Big as in 36 inches tall...big. They've announced that they have added artist Jason Freeny to the 36 Inch Artist Qee Collection Series Two. I can't even begin to imagine what he has slated for the 3 foot tall Qee.

Jason Freeny’s 7 Inch Visible Qee

toy2r freeny og

We've seen some top secret photos of this, but Toy2R is thrilled to announce the coming of Jason Freeny’s 7 Inch Visible Qee. Based on an original illustration by the artist, Toy2R has announced that the figure will be dropping later this year. The figure will be released in a pair of colorways: the original and a GID Version. Look for them to retail around $80.00 each.

toy2r freeny gid

David Horvath + Qee = 36

toy2r horvath 36

Toy2R has announced another artist who will be joining their 36-Inch Artist Qee Collection Series 2 - David Horvath. The Uglydolls creator will be joining the roster of amazing artists adding their artwork to the 3-foot tall Qee platform.

The Squiddy Project

toy2r Squiddy 1

One of the many services that Toy2R provides is the production of original projects for artists. The latest commissioned release is the Squiddy Project by Bol Ventitre. Limited to only 500 pieces and measuring 6.5 inches tall, this figure will be available in Italy in September 2011. The design of Squiddy is based on the logo concept of the toy shop in Roma, Italy named "Squid Ink".

toy2r Squiddy 2

Jon Paul Kaiser is 3 Feet Tall

toy2r jpk 36

Toy2R is proud to announce the next artist in the new 36 Inch Artist Qee Collection - Series Two: Jon Paul Kaiser. We have no idea what JPK's 3 foot tall Qee design will look like. As you can see...the above image is only a teaser logo.

36-inch Tall Artist Qee Collection Series Two

toy2r garcia 36

36 is the atomic number of Krypton.
36 is a perfect score on the ACT.
36 is number of possible outcomes in a roll of two distinct dice.

36 is also the height of the newest Qees coming from Toy2R.

The 36-inch tall Artist Qee Collection Series Two is coming, and it appears that one of the first of the 3 foot tall Qees will be from Mr. Jumping Brain himself - Emilio Garcia.