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Visible Qee – now…almost visible

Freeny Visible Qee

After nearly a two year wait, the collaborative Visible Qee figure (from Jason Freeny and Toy2R) should begin arriving in stores. This is, quite possibly, the most anticipated Qee release.

I'd have to say that it's probably my favorite design to date. It's nice seeing that they've been able to get people excited about a platform toy that's been around for years. And funny that it's not what's on the outside which is drawings folks' attentions.

Toy2R x Tenacious Toys’ Signing Schedule

Toy2r NYCC Schedule

Toy2R and Tenacious Toys have announced their NYCC signing schedule. Get to booth #876, where there will be a bunch of customs available for sale, new toy releases, and prototypes of upcoming releases.

Toyer and Bear Spike Edition

Toy2R Mini Qee Spike Bear

Toy2R has introduced two new DIY versions of their classic Toyer and Bear Qees – the Spike Editions. As previously displayed at the opening of the new Toy2R China office, these figures will challenge customizers with their spiky skin. Dropping in November 2011, each Mini Qee will retail around $17.00.

Toy2R Mini Qee Spike Toyer

Captain Sturnbrau Pieces of Eight Edition

toy2r Captain Sturnbrau Sliver Black

Toy2R continues the voyage of the Whispering Corsair with a special tribute to the pirate lore. So they've introduced ‘Pieces of Eight’ Edition of Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Captain Sturnbrau 5” Figure. This silver/black edition will be extremely limited and will debut during New York Comic Con at the Toy2R and Tenacious Toys booth #876. Artist Jon-Paul Kaiser will make the journey across the pond to attend NYCC, and will be signing at the booth on Saturday, October 15th 2011 at Noon.

Move over Bossy…here comes Bissy Bear

toy2r horvath Bissy Bear

It appears that Bossy Bear has met his match. Here comes Bissy Bear: Bossy Bear was all about mine mine mine, but it turns out it's all hers hers hers...

David Horvath and Toy2R will be releasing this 5" tall vinyl figure just in time for this holiday season. Look for Bissy Bear to retail around $20.00.

Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Zombie Pirate: Olaf the Mute

toy2r 36 Zombie Pirate Bear

Toy2R is now proud to include Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Zombie Pirate: Olaf the Mute 36” tall Artist Qee. The three foot tall piece is limited to only 36 pieces worldwide, having a suggested retail price of $2,800.00.

Background story below:

The gargantuan crewmember of the Whispering Corsair, prized for his great strength and unwavering loyalty to Captain Stūrnbrau, was discovered upon a rocky island, blanketed in thick mists. Protecting his adopted home, Olaf attacked the crew with his bare hands. Despite being well armed with cutlass & musket, many of the Corsair’s crew were rendered in twain by the enraged assailant until the dark captain strode fearlessly up to Olaf and offered him passage on his ship. Olaf accepted and has proved his worth in many a skirmish; always at the head of the charge into battle, no matter the odds.

JPK’s Maori Warrior 36-Inch Artist Qee

toy2r jpk 36inch Maori Bear

Toy2R has announced that Jon-Paul Kaiser will bring his depiction of the Maori Warrior to the latest 36” Artist Qee release. Limited to only 36 pieces worldwide, this piece will "be an incredible milestone to Kaiser’s work of art, just like the Maori and will stand strong, protecting his territory forever". You'll be able to pick one up for $2,800.00, so start saving your pennies.

David Horvath’s 36 Inch Bossy Bear Qee

toy2r 36 Bossy Bear

Toy2R has released all of the important information about David Horvath's 36 Inch Bossy Bear Qee. Limited to only 36 pieces worldwide, those hardcore Bossy Bear collectors will want to jump on this one (not literally). Now these aren't for the weak of heart (or week of wallet), as each piece runs $2,800.00.

JPK’s The Scribe Toyer

toy2r jpk The Scribe Toyer

Kept alive by unatural magic, incantations he has engraved upon himself - into his very bones. Lifetimes of work, collected knowledge and forgotten lore. He guards his power jealously. He is The Scribe.

Toy2R is pleased to present the newest release from Jon-Paul Kaiser - the 5" Mini Qee Toyer named The Scribe. This figure will be limited to only 500 pieces with a retail price of $28.00.

And if you're at NYCC, get to the Tenacious Toys booth where special guest and creator Jon-Paul Kasier will be signing at the booth (and this figure will debut).

Urkor Malravenenus 5-inch Mini Qee

toy2r Urkor Qee

Toy2R and Voltaire have revealed their latest collaboration - the Urkor Malravenenus 5" Mini Qee. Urkor Malravenus, from planet Necronus, was stranded on Earth in the disguise of the cute little teddy named Deady.

There are only 500 Urkor Malravenus Mini Qees produced, and they are available exclusively through AQW’s online store HeroMart for $25.00 plus shipping.

toy2r Urkor 2