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Qee MOTUG Egg Series


The limited edition series of MOTUG Egg Qees is set to launch later this month.  It must be soon, since there are only a couple of days left in December.  MOTUG stand for Monsters Of The UnderGround and is a collective of about 10 artists.  Eight of their designs are represented in this series from Toy2R. We also have photos of the 3 secret (not any more) Qees below.


Biskup’s Polska Cyclops Egg


Toy2R is showing off a brand new 8-inch Qee from Tim Biskup.  It's the Egg shaped Qee - named Polska Cyclops Egg - and will be retailing for $80.  Look for it to hit store shelves beginning in January.  This specific design (the red version) is limited to 300 pieces.


You Dropped a Dr. Bomb on Me…


Frank Kozik's Dr. Bomb - Lime Sherbert Edition - is my favorite variant of the Dr. Bomb figure.  Yeah, there are a couple with the scary razor blades...but the big elephant eating his lime sherbert is my favorite of the bunch.