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Mini Qee Spike Bear and Melting Bear

Toy2R Mini Qee Spike Bear

Toy2R presents the new 5-Inch Mini Qee Spike Bear and 5-Inch Mini Qee Melting Bear Collections. These new DIY Bear Qees are available in four colors – Classic DIY White, Hong Kong Black, Fiery Red and Hot Pink. These will be available for $20.00 each.

Toy2R Mini Qee Melt Bear

Spider Baby Boom Artist Series

Toy2R Spider Boom

With all of the artist series out there, it's interesting to see a new platform being used. This is Toy2R and Sun-Min Kim's Spider Baby Boom Artist Series. As you can see, there are a number of familiar artists who will be taking part in the series (and a few designers new to the artist series genre). No word as to when this series will be released.

ViseOne’s Hobbes Custom Qee

ViseOne Calvin Hobbes 1
ViseOne Calvin Hobbes 2

ViseOne's latest addition to his Comic Stripped series comes in the form of one of Bill Watterson's characters. Hobbes, of Calvin & Hobbes fame, has been customized using a 16-inch Qee from Toy2R. Similar to his previous Comic Stripped customs, this one features Calvin & Hobbes comics underneath a painted version of Hobbes.

ViseOne Calvin Hobbes 4
ViseOne Calvin Hobbes 3

10.11.12 – JPK x Toy2R x Yoyamart

JPK Yoyamart Toy2R

Here's a little teaser for an event that's a little less than 7 months away. On 10-11-12 (October 11th- the opening night of NYCC 2012) Jon-Paul Kaiser x Toy2R x Yoyamart. If that Death Star image means anything...there should be a lot of Star Wars going down at Yoyamart in NYC.

So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Project

SoSoHappy Toy2R

The So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Project is a collaborative traveling show between Toy2R and So So Happy. A full roster of artists have been invited to customize 8” Qees inspired by the So So Happy characters and brand. Over 30 artists are taking part in this project and the Qees will be displayed at venues and trade shows across the country for 2012.

Participating artists include:

Albert Art, AW177, Sneaky Raccoon, Chauskoskis, Diogo Machado, Frank Mysterio, A Little Stranger, Howie Green, Fuller Designs, JC Rivera, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Julie West, Ardabus Rubber, Kim Mayhew, Leecifer, DGPH, Matt Anderson, MeSmithy, Mikie Graham, Grimsheep, Pocket Wookie, RSIN, Scott Kinnebrew, Scott Tolleson, Shawn Wigs, Steve Lew, Valerie Bermudez and Valerie Gudell

Captain Sturnbrau straight from JPK


JonPaul Kaiser received a nice big shipment of his Captain Sturnbrau figures from Toy2R. They included the original B&W version and the special edition version of 8 Artist Proofs. And you can purchase them directly from Jon for £35 / $55 each plus shipping. Shoot him an email (available at his site) as these will go quickly.


Toy2R Deadmau5

Toy2R brings vinyl back to music with the announcement of a licensed collaboration with Grammy nominated phenom - DEADMAU5.

Roaming the floor during next week's Toy Fair trade show, Toy2R will be hyping this project as well as other hot 2012 releases. Unfortunately, for now, all wee get is the above logo.

Qee Loves Pink Mini Qee Bear

Qee Love Pink

Love is in the air as Toy2R plans to release their third flocked 5" Mini Qee Bear from the "Qee Loves" series. The Qee Loves Pink Mini Qee Bear will be available soon (presumably in time for Valentine's Day) and have a retail price around $28.00.

Voltaire’s Deady Bunee Mini Qees

Toy2R Mini Qee Deady Bunee

Toy2R has announced that this April (2012) will see the release of two Voltaire 5-inch Mini Qee Bunees. From the Deady...and Friends series, we'll see Deady Bunee and Sleezter Bunee Qees hit shelves. And yes...I do believe Sleezter is dressed up like the "gimp".

Toy2R Mini Qee Sleezter Bunee

MCA’s Qee-Zilla Kid Mini Qee

Toy2R MCA QeeZilla

Toy2R has announced the development of a new 5 inch figure - The Qee-Zilla Kid. This Mini Qee from artist MCA features an all new head sculpt and mini monster tail. It's slated to be released later in 2012. From the above illustration, the design looks absolutely killer. Can't wait to see the final product.