So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Project

The So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Project is a collaborative traveling show between Toy2R and So So Happy. A full roster of artists have been invited to customize … Read More

Captain Sturnbrau straight from JPK

JonPaul Kaiser received a nice big shipment of his Captain Sturnbrau figures from Toy2R. They included the original B&W version and the special edition version of 8 Artist Proofs. And … Read More


Toy2R brings vinyl back to music with the announcement of a licensed collaboration with Grammy nominated phenom – DEADMAU5. Roaming the floor during next week’s Toy Fair trade show, Toy2R … Read More

Qee Loves Pink Mini Qee Bear

Love is in the air as Toy2R plans to release their third flocked 5″ Mini Qee Bear from the “Qee Loves” series. The Qee Loves Pink Mini Qee Bear will … Read More

Voltaire’s Deady Bunee Mini Qees

Toy2R has announced that this April (2012) will see the release of two Voltaire 5-inch Mini Qee Bunees. From the Deady…and Friends series, we’ll see Deady Bunee and Sleezter Bunee … Read More

MCA’s Qee-Zilla Kid Mini Qee

Toy2R has announced the development of a new 5 inch figure – The Qee-Zilla Kid. This Mini Qee from artist MCA features an all new head sculpt and mini monster … Read More

Visible Qee – now…almost visible

After nearly a two year wait, the collaborative Visible Qee figure (from Jason Freeny and Toy2R) should begin arriving in stores. This is, quite possibly, the most anticipated Qee release. … Read More

Toy2R x Tenacious Toys’ Signing Schedule

Toy2R and Tenacious Toys have announced their NYCC signing schedule. Get to booth #876, where there will be a bunch of customs available for sale, new toy releases, and prototypes … Read More

Toyer and Bear Spike Edition

Toy2R has introduced two new DIY versions of their classic Toyer and Bear Qees – the Spike Editions. As previously displayed at the opening of the new Toy2R China office, … Read More

Captain Sturnbrau Pieces of Eight Edition

Toy2R continues the voyage of the Whispering Corsair with a special tribute to the pirate lore. So they’ve introduced ‘Pieces of Eight’ Edition of Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Captain Sturnbrau 5” Figure. This … Read More

Move over Bossy…here comes Bissy Bear

It appears that Bossy Bear has met his match. Here comes Bissy Bear: Bossy Bear was all about mine mine mine, but it turns out it’s all hers hers hers… … Read More

Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Zombie Pirate: Olaf the Mute

Toy2R is now proud to include Jon-Paul Kaiser’s Zombie Pirate: Olaf the Mute 36” tall Artist Qee. The three foot tall piece is limited to only 36 pieces worldwide, having … Read More