Qee Gallery Tops 2,000 Customs

Toy2R USA has announced that their online Qee Gallery has surpassed the 2,000 piece mark. The online Qee Gallery is the largest archive of one-of-a-kind customs using the Qee platform … Read More

GIRLS 5-inch Mini Qee Bear

Toy2R rings in summertime with this new 5-inch Mini Qee Bear from artist Popil Art entitled “GIRLS”. Dropping in late July 2012, look for “GIRLS” to retail around $28.00.

Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition

Toy2R has revealed Jon-Paul Kaiser’s 5 Inch Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition. This limited edition ghostly blue variant will release in June 2012, with a run of only 200 … Read More

Street Grapes 5″ Mini Qee – Grapes Bear

Toy2R has announced a new 5″ Mini Qee from street artist Street Grapes. The Grapes Bear Qee is “influenced by many art forms; ranging from classical Russian art and Medieval illustrations, … Read More

Clock is ticking on Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee Exclusive

There are only a few days to go and Tenacious Toys is looking to raise the final few hundred dollars to get their 500 piece Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee … Read More

Voltaire’s Deady and Fiends

Toy2R and Voltaire continue his “Deady and Fiends” 5-inch Mini-Qee Series with the release of a new wave of evil bunnies. There’s the Sleezter Bunny, Deady Bunny (Silver Screen Edition), … Read More


Wind whispers through grass, I stand in the moonlit trees, Hills echo life’s loss. Toy2R proudly presents the next 5-inch Mini Qee design from artist Jon-Paul Kaiser. Look for the … Read More

Mini Spike and Melting Toyers

Yesterday, we saw the Bear collection. Today, you can get a glimpse at Toy2R’s 5-inch Mini Qee Spike Toyer and 5-inch Mini Qee Melting Toyer collections. Like the Bear Mini … Read More

Mini Qee Spike Bear and Melting Bear

Toy2R presents the new 5-Inch Mini Qee Spike Bear and 5-Inch Mini Qee Melting Bear Collections. These new DIY Bear Qees are available in four colors – Classic DIY White, … Read More

Spider Baby Boom Artist Series

With all of the artist series out there, it’s interesting to see a new platform being used. This is Toy2R and Sun-Min Kim’s Spider Baby Boom Artist Series. As you … Read More

ViseOne’s Hobbes Custom Qee

ViseOne’s latest addition to his Comic Stripped series comes in the form of one of Bill Watterson’s characters. Hobbes, of Calvin & Hobbes fame, has been customized using a 16-inch … Read More

10.11.12 – JPK x Toy2R x Yoyamart

Here’s a little teaser for an event that’s a little less than 7 months away. On 10-11-12 (October 11th- the opening night of NYCC 2012) Jon-Paul Kaiser x Toy2R x … Read More