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Tobacco Pete Mini Qee

Toy2R MiniQee pocketwookie

In 1867, the Marquess of Queensberry rules of boxing were drafted by John Chambers, forever changing the sport. One fighter who refused to change with those rules was a south paw fighter known as Tobacco Pete. A scruffy and rough man, whose eventual claim to fame would come from his challenge to fight any man, any beast, any time! Truly a man to reckon with considering he was hailed as the King of the Ring!

Artist Pocketwookie will be teaming up with Toy2R on this new Artist Mini Qee design. Using the Mini Qee Mon platform, Tobacco Pete is slated to begin shipping in August 2012 with an SRP of $28.00.

Mr. Pinkerton Mini Qee

Toy2R Qee Mr Pinkerton Bunee

Preston T. Pinkerton, or just Mr. Pinkerton to his close friends, is the most intelligent and lovable hare in all the forest. He enjoys wearing his lucky pair of magic spectacles while skipping about on his many adventures. Wind him up and watch him hop and your joy for Mr. Pinkerton will never stop.

Toy2R introduces the latest Mini Qee figure from artist Scott Tolleson. Mr. Pinkerton will be released in late July 2012 and retail around $28.00.

Qee Gallery Tops 2,000 Customs

2000 Qees 1

Toy2R USA has announced that their online Qee Gallery has surpassed the 2,000 piece mark. The online Qee Gallery is the largest archive of one-of-a-kind customs using the Qee platform in the world and it continues to grow daily and can be found only at

2000 Qees 2

GIRLS 5-inch Mini Qee Bear

Toy2R GIRLS Mini Qee

Toy2R rings in summertime with this new 5-inch Mini Qee Bear from artist Popil Art entitled "GIRLS". Dropping in late July 2012, look for "GIRLS" to retail around $28.00.

Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition

Toy2R JPK Captain 1

Toy2R has revealed Jon-Paul Kaiser’s 5 Inch Captain Sturnbrau Deep Blue Sea Edition. This limited edition ghostly blue variant will release in June 2012, with a run of only 200 pieces. Not recommended if you're scared of pirate ghosts.

Toy2R JPK Captain 2

Street Grapes 5″ Mini Qee – Grapes Bear

Toy2r Qee Street Grapes Bear

Toy2R has announced a new 5" Mini Qee from street artist Street Grapes. The Grapes Bear Qee is "influenced by many art forms; ranging from classical Russian art and Medieval illustrations, to old-school graffiti". Look for this Qee to retail for $28.00 and be released in mid-June 2012.

Clock is ticking on Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee Exclusive

TT Argh Noir

There are only a few days to go and Tenacious Toys is looking to raise the final few hundred dollars to get their 500 piece Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee Exclusive (from Scott Tolleson and Toy2R) funded on Kickstarter.

The funding project ends at 9:00PM ET on May 1st 2012. And there are a number of various funding levels and accompanying rewards.

Voltaire’s Deady and Fiends

Toy2R Voltaire Bunny

Toy2R and Voltaire continue his "Deady and Fiends" 5-inch Mini-Qee Series with the release of a new wave of evil bunnies. There's the Sleezter Bunny, Deady Bunny (Silver Screen Edition), Deady Bunny, Death Bunny and Sleezter Dead. The Sleezter Deady is exclusive to Voltaire's website for $35.00.


Toy2r Mini Pandaimyo Bear

Wind whispers through grass,
I stand in the moonlit trees,
Hills echo life's loss.

Toy2R proudly presents the next 5-inch Mini Qee design from artist Jon-Paul Kaiser. Look for the PANDAIMYO warrior to land this summer with a suggested retail price of $28.00 each.

Mini Spike and Melting Toyers

Toy2R Mini Qee Spike Toyer

Yesterday, we saw the Bear collection. Today, you can get a glimpse at Toy2R's 5-inch Mini Qee Spike Toyer and 5-inch Mini Qee Melting Toyer collections.

Like the Bear Mini Qees, these will be offered in four colors: Classic DIY White, Hong Kong Black, Fiery Red and Hot Pink. Look for them to retail around $20.00 each.

Toy2R Mini Qee Melting Toyer