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SDCC 2013 Exclusive: Hellboy Qee

Dark Horse SDCC Hellboy Qee

In conjunction with the anticipated release of the all-new 5" vinyl figures based on Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Dark Horse presents this special San Diego Comic Con 2103 variant edition. This version of Toy2R's interpretation of the popular character comes dressed in an officially licensed Comic-Con logo t-shirt and stands 5.5" tall. 

Available at the Dark Horse booth, this version of the Hellboy Qee is a limited edition of 350 pieces selling for $20.00 each.

NYCC Exclusive Blue Pandaimyo

Tenacious JPK

Tenacious Toys has released details of their New York Comic Con Exclusive Blue Pandaimyo 5-inch Mini Qee designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser and produced by Toy2R. Limited to 300 pieces in this colorway, the Blue Pandaimyo is one of four colorways of this JPK Mini Qee design. You'll be able to pick up a Blue Pandaimyo at the Tenacious Toys NYCC booth #3121 for $28.00 and get it signed by Jon-Paul Kaiser (who will be signing at the booth).

Scott Tolleson’s Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee Release

Tenacious Toys Tolleson Argh

If you didn't get in on their Kickstarter campaign, Tenacious Toys will be releasing their exclusive colorway of Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee beginning on Wednesday, September 19th 2012 at 9:00AM ET. The figure is limited to a run of 500 pieces, with about half of them going to Kickstarter backers. (No word on pricing, but I'm assuming the $30.00 the were va Kcikstarter) Also, the Argh Noirs will be available at the Tenacious Toys booth #3121 at the New York Comic Con starting on October 11th 2012.

Toy2R USA Ceases Operations

Well...this is an interesting shift from Toy2R. We received an email this morning regarding the fate of Toy2R USA. I have posted, in part, the press release below.

Any thoughts on this move? Personally, I was a fan of the USA site because it was easier to maneuver and find the information you wanted. 

Toy2R - USA Division Closing - August 2012

While the Qeevolution continues, It is with deep regret that Toy2R USA is ending operations on August 2012. The decision for closure has been a logistical and unavoidable reasons. We venture to bring to your kind notice that Toy2R USA will be unable to provide further support for the USA base of operations.

Toy2R (Hong Kong) Limited will continue to provide its services to all its clients and evolving the Qee brand and launching several new and exciting projects direct from its base of operations in Hong Kong.

Several amazing artist projects are planned for release in 2012/2013 as well as other new licensing programs taking Toy2R to the next stage in its ever growing profile of designer art toy collaborations.

Pandaimyo ‘Spirit Clan’ Edition Mini Qee

Toy2R Pandaimyo Bear Spirit Edition

Destiny is bringing the warrior clans together. The original Dark Mist Clan has shown itself and while we await the Fire Clan, the Royal Clan, the Bamboo Clan and the Mountain Clan to make their presence known, the mysterious Spirit Clan make their first appearance bringing honor as well as death. What does fate have in store for these mighty warriors?

Toy2R has announced the impending arrival of Jon-Paul Kaiser’s 5-inch Pandaimyo ‘Spirit Clan’ edition Mini Qee. This limited edition variant will be available in August 2012 and sell around $28.00.

Tobacco Pete Mini Qee

Toy2R MiniQee pocketwookie

In 1867, the Marquess of Queensberry rules of boxing were drafted by John Chambers, forever changing the sport. One fighter who refused to change with those rules was a south paw fighter known as Tobacco Pete. A scruffy and rough man, whose eventual claim to fame would come from his challenge to fight any man, any beast, any time! Truly a man to reckon with considering he was hailed as the King of the Ring!

Artist Pocketwookie will be teaming up with Toy2R on this new Artist Mini Qee design. Using the Mini Qee Mon platform, Tobacco Pete is slated to begin shipping in August 2012 with an SRP of $28.00.

Mr. Pinkerton Mini Qee

Toy2R Qee Mr Pinkerton Bunee

Preston T. Pinkerton, or just Mr. Pinkerton to his close friends, is the most intelligent and lovable hare in all the forest. He enjoys wearing his lucky pair of magic spectacles while skipping about on his many adventures. Wind him up and watch him hop and your joy for Mr. Pinkerton will never stop.

Toy2R introduces the latest Mini Qee figure from artist Scott Tolleson. Mr. Pinkerton will be released in late July 2012 and retail around $28.00.