Flaunting Fury Glampyre

Toy Art Gallery has released a new edition of Martin Ontiveros’ Glampyre – the Flaunting Fury Glampyre. This edition features a truly outrageous feather boa and mixed parts pink and … Read More

DCON20: Toy Art Gallery Releases

Toy Art Gallery will be participating in Designer Con 2020 online. They’ll be online Friday, Saturday and Sunday at popshop.live/toyartgallery (You can also use the code TAGTOY in the app … Read More

Aurora Cadaver Balls by Splurrt!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Aurora Cadaver Balls by Splurrt! The Cadaver Balls feature 4 separate interchangeable heads, posable arms, and stand 3 inches tall. Produced by Toy … Read More

Toy Art Gallery presents Baphomania

Toy Art Gallery has announced Baphomania – new handpaints of the Baphomaniac figure by artist Martin Ontiveros. The 8-inch tall Baphomaniac has been transformed into three dimension by David Arshawsky of … Read More

Toy Art Gallery – Scream ‘O’ Ween 2020

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Scream ‘O’ Ween 2020. Starting today, they have dropped a number of new collectibles from a handful of artists. They include the following: … Read More

Frank Kozik x TAG Poison Pup Lottery

Toy Art Gallery will run a little lottery for the Frank Kozik x TAG Poison Pup collectibles. The 14-inch long sofubi vinyl figures were last seen in the wild three … Read More

TAGTOYS presents Takhonfest by RecycleC

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the Takhonfest by artist RecycleC. Takhon is inspired by the Thai Ghost Festival “Phi Ta Khon”, known for its dancing and elaborate face … Read More

Plague Doctor by Grizlli Atom

Toy Art Gallery has announced the release of The PLAGUE DOCTOR by artist GRIZZLI ATOM. This drop features six colorways of the frightening physician. Each 5-inch tall vinyl figure includes a … Read More

TAGTOYS presents Wolf Thing Bat Mother

Toy Art Gallery presents WOLF THING BAT MOTHER from Joseph Harmon. This new summer release sees the Wolf Thing Bat Mother in multiple new editions and special homage one-offs. The 5-inch … Read More

B.C Blasters Bonanza

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present B.C Blasters Bonanza. Designed by artist James Groman and produced by Toy Art Gallery, the B.C. Blasters are Tanklasaurus, Pteranajet, Jurassic Shark, Strike-asaur, … Read More

Mini Miscreants Madness 2020

Toy Art Gallery has announced Mini Miscreants Madness 2020, which will take place on Friday July 17th 2020 at Noon PT. The Mini Miscreants – by Miscreation Toys – include six … Read More

Mini Mischief Mania 2020

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Mini Mischief Mania 2020. This collection of Naoto Hattori’s curious cuties stand 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide and feature his signature … Read More