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Viktor Krum Tonner Character Figure

tonner viktor krum 1

Tonner Doll Co. has revealed photos of their Viktor Krum Tonner Character Figure. From their Harry Potter series, this 19" tall figure is a limited edition of 300 pieces. It's currently available to reserve for $249.99.

tonner viktor krum 2
tonner viktor krum 3

Robert Tonner discusses the Avatar license

In the above video, Robert Tonner discusses Tonner Doll Company's Avatar license and the upcoming line of figures. So what are our thoughts? Do you think there is still demand for Avatar related merchandise? Robert says that we're still about two months away from seeing photos. But his description of these figures sounds like collectors might finally get the high-end articulated Avatar collectibles they've been looking for.

Tonner’s Alice and The Mad Hatter

tonner alice 1
tonner alice 2

Tonner has released a pair of new figures based on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film. Both the Alice Kingsley and Tarrant - The Mad Hatter - figures measure 8" in height. This line uses the Tiny Betsy Body. Alice will be limited to 500 pieces, selling for $99.99. And The Mad Hatter will be limited to 500 pieces at $159.99.

tonner hatter 1
tonner hatter 2

Donna Troy Tonner Character Figure

tonner donna troy 1

Tonner has announced the pre-release of the Donna Troy Tonner Character Figure. A limited edition of only 300 pieces, this figure is slated to be released on October 24th 2011. You can currently order the Donna Troy figure for $149.99. Each figure includes a stand, gold belt and lasso, silver bracers, black boots and gold stud earrings.

tonner donna troy 2

Jean Grey – Phoenix – Tonner Character Figure

tonner jean grey 1

Tonner Doll Company will be releasing their Jean Grey, Phoenix, TCF from their Marvel Comics license. With the figure limited to only 300 pieces, the figure can be purchased for $149.99. The Phoenix figure includes a display stand, gold boots, gold sash and gold gloves. Look for this figure to begin shipping on October 1st 2011.

tonner jean grey 2

Emma Frost Dressed Tonner Character Figure

tonner emma frost 1

Tonner has announced their Emma Frost Dressed Tonner Character Figure. This figure is limited to a run of only 300 pieces, and is currently available for $149.99. The Marvel Comics character includes a white cape, white boots, and a display stand. Look for it to begin shipping on October 1st 2011.

tonner emma frost 2

Tonner Doll’s Ms. Marvel

tonner ms marvel 1

Tonner Doll Company has released their newest Dressed Tonner Character Figure from the Marvel license - Ms. Marvel. Expected to begin shipping around September 2nd 2011, this figure is a limited edition of 300 pieces. You can currently order one for $149.99.

tonner ms marvel 2

Tonner’s Jane – Twilight

tonner twilight jane

Tonner Doll Company has announced a new addition to their Twilight series of Dressed Tonner Character Figures. Jane, featuring a Dakota Fanning head sculpt, is slated to begin shipping on August 25th 2011. Limited to a run of only 500 pieces, she's currently available to order for $179.99.

Tonner’s Exclusive Dark Phoenix Availble Today

tonner dark phoenix

Tonner Doll Company has announced that their 2011 SDCC Exclusive Dark Phoenix TCF will be available for purchase on today (Friday July 29th 2011) beginning at 2:00PM EDT. Dark Phoenix will be available for $187.50 (use promo code SDCC2011 and enjoy 20% off that price and free shipping). Purchases will be limited to one per person, so if you missed it at Comic Con...this is your chance.

Tonner’s Dark Phoenix SDCC Exclusive

tonner dark phoenix 1

Dark Phoenix, Marvel's iconic dark incarnation of Jean Grey/Phoenix, will be Tonner Doll Company's 2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. Located at Booth #4149, this figure will be limited to only 150 pieces.

Dark Phoenix will feature mirrored eyes and rooted saran hair. She uses the recently enhanced 16" high-quality vinyl and hard plastic body with 13-points-of-articulation for dynamic poses. Dark Phoenix's costume consists of a red bodysuit with metallic "Phoenix" emblem, attached gloves, thigh-high faux leather boots, and a matching gold sash with "Phoenix" charm. A display stand is also included.

tonner dark phoenix 2