Tonner Doll’s Ms. Marvel

Tonner Doll Company has released their newest Dressed Tonner Character Figure from the Marvel license – Ms. Marvel. Expected to begin shipping around September 2nd 2011, this figure is a … Read More

Tonner’s Jane – Twilight

Tonner Doll Company has announced a new addition to their Twilight series of Dressed Tonner Character Figures. Jane, featuring a Dakota Fanning head sculpt, is slated to begin shipping on … Read More

Tonner’s Exclusive Dark Phoenix Availble Today

Tonner Doll Company has announced that their 2011 SDCC Exclusive Dark Phoenix TCF will be available for purchase on today (Friday July 29th 2011) beginning at 2:00PM EDT. Dark … Read More

Tonner’s Dark Phoenix SDCC Exclusive

Dark Phoenix, Marvel’s iconic dark incarnation of Jean Grey/Phoenix, will be Tonner Doll Company’s 2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. Located at Booth #4149, this figure will be limited to … Read More

REVIEW: Albus Dumbledore Tonner Character Figure

Background Tonner Doll Company is re-releasing their Harry Potter line of Tonner Character Figures in a 12” series. Since that’s the standard scale for many collectibles, it makes sense that … Read More

Tonner’s Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier

Tonner has released the Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier, 2011 20th Anniversary Convention Exclusive. This version commemorates Captain America’s 70th anniversary, and features his Golden Age costume and original triangular shield from … Read More

REVIEW: Perseus Tonner Character Figure

Background The 2010 fantasy film Clash of the Titans might be best known for the cheesy commercial featuring Liam Neeson, as Zeus, shouting “Release the Kacken!”. It’s a remake of … Read More

REVIEW: Firefly – Zoe Washburne

Background Last year, Tonner Doll Company announced that they’d be releasing Tonner Character Figures based on Joss Whedon’s 2002 television series – Firefly. To date, they have released three figures … Read More

REVIEW: Firefly – Malcolm Reynolds

Background Even though Joss Whedon’s Firefly television series was canceled back in 2002 (into its first season), it still has a huge cult following. The show (and subsequent film) revolved … Read More

DC Stars: Black Canary, Starfire and Dove

Yesterday, we revealed three of the new DC Stars figures from Tonner Doll Company. Well…there are three more characters that will be made available throughout the course of 2011. Black … Read More

It’s A Small World

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears…or so they say. Tonner revealed at Toy Fair that they’ll be releasing a series of 10″ tall figures based on characters … Read More

Tonner’s Disney Princesses 2011

Tonner Doll Company will be releasing a pair of new Disney Princesses in 2011. These will include Ariel (pictured above) from The Little Mermaid. She’ll feature an all new head sculpt. … Read More