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Tonner’s Warm Bodies TCFs

Tonner Warm Bodies R 1
Tonner Warm Bodies R 2

Tonner Doll Company has revealed the Warm Bodies Dressed Tonner Character Figures that will be a part of their 2013 Mainline Release.

The R figure will be a limited edition of 1,000 pieces running $189.99. It features a Nicholas Hoult head sculpt on the 17" Matt O'Neill body. The Julie figure, also limited to 1,000 pieces, will be available for $179.99. It features a Teresa Palmer head sculpt on a 16" Tyler bending wrist body.

Tonner Warm Bodies Julie 1
Tonner Warm Bodies Julie 2

Tonner tackles Tron: Legacy

Tonner has revealed a trio of upcoming, new Dressed Tonner Character Figures based on the Tron: Legacy film license.

Tonner Gem 1
Tonner Gem 2

Gem features the Beau Garrett portrait head sculpt and stands in at 16″ tall. She sports a silver and white stretch faux leather bodysuit with gold trim, white faux leather shoes, a silver resin disc, and silver socks.
Limited edition of 500 pieces for $174.99 each. Expected to arrive July 20th 2012.

Tonner Sam Flynn 1

Sam Flynn features their Garrett Hedlund portrait head sculpt. The 17" tall figure includes a black Lycra bodysuit with black and white faux leather armor, black and white faux leather boots, black and white resin disc, and black resin accessories.
Limited edition of 500 pieces for $179.99 each. Arrival date TBD.

Tonner Quorra 1

Quorra features a portrait head sculpt of Olivia Wilde. The 16" tall Dressed Tonner Character Figure includes a black Lycra bodysuit with black and white faux leather armor, black faux leather skirt, black and white faux leather boots, and a resin disc.
Limited edition of 500 pieces for $174.99 each. Arrival date TBD.

Tonner’s Zombie Boy TCF

Tonner Zombie Boy

Tonner Doll Company has announced their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive and Special Guest: Rico the Zombie Boy. Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) will be at their booth on Friday July 13th 2012 at 11:00AM and 3:00PM for signings.

Also, the 17" tall Zombie Boy Character Figure will feature hand-painted details including a replica of Genest's intricate body art and his facial piercing. You can get the Zombie Boy Character Figure at the 2012 SDCC in Tonner's booth (#4149), as well as their website (in mid-July). He is a limited edition of 500 pieces.

Imperium Park

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park 1

Inspired by the fashions of Steampunk with a story that could have originated from the pen of Jules Verne himself - Wilde Imagination presents Imperium Park. Their newest line of dolls, fashions, and accessories, each designed by artist Robert Tonner, consists of the following characters and outfits:

Basic Phin - $99.00
Basic Thea - $99.00
Basic Imperium Park Collection - $169.00
Phineas Jules Bennett - $185.00
Theodora Curiosity Bennett - $165.00
Air Ship Escape (outfit only) - $140.00
Military Theory (outfit only) - $140.00
Air Ship Captain (outfit only) - $140.00
Clockwork Hypothesis (outfit only) - $140.00
Apothecary Case - $39.00
Imperium Park Collection - $975.00

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park 2