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2007 Toy Fair: Tonner Doll Co.

Tonner Doll Company's Toy Fair display was very impressive...even their press packet was top notch.  Supergirl and Wonder Woman were simply the beginning of their DC Stars line of Tonner Character Figures (TCF).  They displayed a prototype version of their 16" tall Batgirl figure.  The removable mask will be made from vinyl, and look for changes in the outfit (the bat logo won't be made of cloth).


They also had the newest character from the Harry Potter line - Dobby.  It looks very impressive, especially since the figure is not created from the standard body sculpt.


Tonner has also acquired the license for New Line Cinema's anticipated sci-fi film - The Last Mimzy (based on Lewis Padgett's short story - Mimzy Were The Borograves).  Emma is approximately 18" tall, while the plush Mimzy is around 9".  They will be producing a 14" (life-size) Mimzy plush.


With all of the Spider-Man 3 merchandise likely to hit the market, Tonner has produced one of the most realistic looking Peter Parker's (Tobey Maguire) ever.  Again, these figures are prototypes and subject to changes.  Spider-Man will be available as Peter Parker as well as in the Spider-Man outfit.


And look for more figures, such as Superman, in the near future.


REVIEW: Wonder Woman Tonner Character Figure



Whether your introduction to Wonder Woman was DC’s All Star Comics #8 (Dec. 1941) or Lynda Carter playing the character in the 1970’s television adaptation, you’re well aware of Diana Prince’s secret identity.  Wonder Woman was also included in the Justice League and Super Friends animated series, and there are plans for a live action movie.

The husband and wife team, William and Elizabeth Marston, created a female super hero as a role model for young girls.  In what was a predominantly male universe, Wonder Woman was an Amazonian armed with bulletproof bracelets and her Lasso of Truth.

Tonner Doll Company
has produced three figures based on Wonder Woman and her alter egos under their DC Stars collection: Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess and Office Savvy.



The figure is packaged in a fairly plain black box that is long enough to contain the 16” tall figure.  The DC Stars logo is emblazoned on the outside of the box.

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Angelic Dreamz Angel from Tonner


The Angelic Dreamz Angel dolls are inspired by the devastating effects of AIDS in America. 
The Angelic Dreamz organization will be donating a portion of the profits from the sale of the
doll to AIDS Rochester, Tonner Doll's local AIDS support organization.  The figure will be produced in two versions - Platinum and Brunette.  Each will be super limited editions of 100. The
Angelic Dreamz Angel wears a gown of white chiffon with silver straps; her wings
are made of real feathers and they are detachable.   The release date and special signing by Robert Tonner is set for April 7th, 2007 at Canandaigua, NY.

Super Girl and Wonder Woman Tonner Character Figures


Tonner Doll Company recently added to their Tonner Character Figures (TCF) with the DC Stars license. The 16" tall Super Girl and Wonder Woman figures were recently released in time for the holiday season.  Tonner has plans to reveal their Batman and Superman figures later in the year.

Each character is available in 3 super high-quality figures.  Super Girl is available in her Super Girl outfit, her Linda Lee secret identity and as Kara Zor-El in her Kryptonian garb.  Wonder Woman is available in her Wonder Woman outfit, her Diana Prince secret identity and in a costume from her Amazon origins.