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Amelia Whistle-Wickham Ghastly


Wilde Imagination has released the newest doll from their Evangeline Ghastly line. The Amelia Whistle-Wickham Ghastly is a limited edition of 225 pieces, retailing for $225.00 each.

And while I could attempt to describe the doll, the folks over at Tonner use all sorts of adjectives that aren't in my lexicon. 

Apparitions have never been as fashionable as Evangeline’s ghostly Great-Great Grandmother, Amelia Whistle-Wickham Ghastly. Her dearly departed doppelganger has returned and is on a mission to help her. Her removable wig is a subdued blend of lavender and silver stylishly pulled back with a blue faux floral décor which matches the trim along her waist. Her big grey eyes offset her grey shantung bodice and the crinkle chiffon and sequin lace of her ethereal dress and bodice overlay. Matching satin shoes ensure that she is a true vision to behold! Alabaster skin tone.


SDCC14: Tonner Doll Co. Exclusives

Tonner will be at San Diego Comic Con 2014 in Booth #4149. They'll be bringing a pair of 2014 exclusives with them.

Tonner SDCC Sheldon Cooper

The Sheldon Cooper - Special Edition dressed Tonner character figure is a limited edition run of 100 pieces. It features Jim Parsons' portrait sculpt with a Green Lantern t-shirt with red sleeves. It's priced at $169.00.

Tonner SDCC Vintage Wonder Woman

And the Vintage Wonder Woman dressed Tonner character figure will also be a limited edition run of 100 pieces. This figure features a resin head sculpt and a resin body. It will be available at the show for $475.00.

Any remaining exclusives will be made available on the Tonner site on July 31st 2014.

Amy Farrah Fowler Tonner Character Figure

Tonner TBBT Amy Farrah Fowler 1

Tonner Doll Company has revealed details (and photos) of their Amy Farrah Fowler dressed Tonner character figure from The Big Bang Theory license. The 15" tall doll features the sculpted portrait of Mayim Bialik as Amy Farrah Fowler. The limited edition run of 500 pieces will run $149.99 each.

The Amy Farrah Fowler dressed Tonner character figure includes:

• Floral chiffon long sleeve bodysuit
• Green cotton knit bodysuit
• Tan cotton skirt
• Grey and blue stripe cardigan
• Black cotton knit tights
• Brown faux leather shoes
• Brown glasses
• Figure stand

Tonner TBBT Amy Farrah Fowler 2
Tonner TBBT Amy Farrah Fowler 3

Tonner’s Lady Action Figure

Tonner Lady Action 1

Tonner Doll Company has revealed a full-length photo of their Lady Action Tonner Character Figure. The 16" tall doll features their Tyler 2.0 head sculpt with a blue lycra body suit, black faux leather skirt, tights, black boots, belt, signature hat, serrated sword, gun, and holster. This figure will be a limited edition of 250 pieces.

Also, Tonner introduced their Tonner Exclusive Wonder Woman Outfit. This limited edition of 150 pieces will make the perfect costume change for Lady Action.

Tonner Lady Action 2

Tonner’s Batman 1966

Tonner Batman 1966 1

It seems like more folks are getting the license to produce Batman figures based on the classic 1966 Batman television series featuring Adam West as the caped crusader. Tonner has announced the Batman 1966 Dressed Tonner Character Figure is now available to pre-order.

The 17" tall figure features their Matt O'Neill body with an Adam West portrait sculpt. It includes molded hair, a grey and black lycra bodysuit with bat symbol, grey lycra pants, blue vinyl gauntlets, blue vinyl cape, blue faux leather boots, gold faux leather belt with a gold embossed buckle, a stand, and of course the Batman mask.

Limited to a run of 500 pieces, you can pre-order one now for 

Tonner Batman 1966 2
Tonner Batman 1966 3

Tonner Doll’s Catwoman 1966

Tonner Catwoman 1966 1

Fans of the classic Batman television series can now get their own Julie Newmar...sort of. Tonner Doll Company has introduced the 1966 Catwoman Tonner Character Figure

The figure features the 16" Starlet body with brown rooted saran hair. It includes a mask, black/silver glitter knit bodysuit with foot straps, a nude footed under-bodysuit, black ribbon headband with attached ears, a gold necklace, a gold belt, black gauntlets, black faux leather boots, and a stand.

The 1966 Catwoman is a limited edition of 500 pieces and sells for $199.99.

Tonner Catwoman 1966 2
Tonner Catwoman 1966 3

Tonner – The Avatar Collection

Tonner Avatar

Tonner Doll Company has released the final details regarding The Avatar Collection (Neytiri and Jake). Available and shipping on December 9th 2013. Only 20 of these will be available to ship before the holidays, with the balance shipping in January 2014.

The figures are constructed of resin, these hand-painted pieces are ball-jointed and stand approximately 22" in height.  You'll be able to purchase the Avatar Collection for $1,500.00, or each will be sold separately (LE 150 pieces) for $799.99.

Tonner previews Lady Action

Tonner Lady Action

Captain Action Enterprises is teaming up with Tonner Doll Company to release a new Lady Action 16-inch collectible doll.

Lady Action was introduced in 2007 as part of the Captain Action line. The British super-spy is in reality Niki Sinclair, daughter of an adventurer and now part of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Directorate international spy organization. She is scheduled to appear in the upcoming Captain Action comic series, Codename:Action, published by Dynamite Entertainment and Captain Action: The Animated Series, currently in development with Gang of Seven Animation.

The doll will be made available in comic shops nationwide, online retailers and in May 2014.