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MIMI The Cannibal Girl Crazy Purple Edition

Tomenosuke has revealed the newest colorway of their MIMI The Cannibal Girl. The MIMI The Cannibal Girl Crazy Purple Edition by Utomaru will be the second version of the figure to be released. While a few pieces were available at STGCC 2018, this past weekend, details of the general sale will be announced in the near future.

REVIEW: Tomenosuke Resin Cast Piranha Replica Kit

Tomenosuke teases Fright Night Vampire Skull

Tomenosuke has dropped this photo of the paint test version of their upcoming prop replica release - the Vampire Skull from "Fright Night". For those unawares...Fright Night is a cult classic horror film from 1985. It's also one of the few horror films from that decade to be critically appreciated and acclaimed. I love that Tomenosuke is producing these replicas for those of us still in love with classic (ugh...1970's and 80's are now classic) cinema.

KillKat “Too Much Sake” Tomenosuke Exclusive

Tomenosuke has released a few new details about their KillKat "Too Much Sake" Tomenosuke Exclusive. Fans of artist Andrew Bell will be able to get their hands on this exclusive piece at STGCC 2018 (50 of the 150 pieces will be brought there). On September 12th 2018, sales will begin simultaneously in Tomenosuke Stores for Japan and Tomenosuke International for overseas. A small amount will also be reserved for DCon in November 2018 and Tokyo Comic Con in December 2018. 

1/5 Scale Tomenosuke Blaster Pin

Tomenosuke has announced that their 1/5 Tomenosuke Blaster Pin Set is currently available to order. Designed by Jakob Stærmose, the set includes a left and right version (so two pins). Measuring approximately 2 inches in length, the pin sets are a limited edition go 150 pieces.
You can currently pick them up for ¥1,600 (about $14.00).

KillKat “Too Much Sake” Tomenosuke Exclusive

Tomenosuke has dropped word of the KillKat "Too Much Sake" Tomenosuke Exclusive by artist Andrew Bell. The "Too Much Sake" edition will be a limited release of only 150 units. After going on sale at STGCC 2018 (September 8th 2018), it will be sold via Tomenosuke's online store beginning on September 12th.

Devilman Flesh Version – Tomenosuke Exclusive

Tomenosuke has announced the Devilman Flesh Version - Tomenosuke Exclusive, which is designed by Mike Sutfin and produced by Unbox Industries. The figure will be limited to a run of 100 pieces and will be available to purchase at three different points in time: the first will be at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (and via the Tomenosuke online shop) in September 2018; the second will be DCon in Anaheim, CA (and online) in November 2018; the final chance will be at Tokyo Comic Con (and online) in December 2018.

MIMI The Cannibal Girl – Next Colorway

Tomenosuke is teasing the colorway for the next batch of MIMI The Cannibal Girl. This gradient color pattern goes from purple to green to pink. No word yet on when this sofubi figure will go up for sale, but keep an eye out for an announcement.

“MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Blood Red Edition

Tomenosuke is returning with another collectible based on a 1980's cult classic film. The MIMI The Cannibal Girl Blood Red Edition will be released on Friday June 8th 2018 at 11AM JST (10PM ET on June 7th). Based on the everlasting and ever-shocking image from the 1985 Italian horror film Cannibal Holocaust (kids...don't go Googling this), and designed by artist Utomaru, the vinyl figure stands close to a foot tall. This color version is limited to a run of 30 pieces, selling for 12,960JPY (about $120). You can pick one up at the link above...but you can never unsee the movie.

Tomenosuke: Sofubi Flesh Gordon Pistol OG Color

Tomenosuke has another release that will please fans of 1970's cult classic films - this one being from 1974's Flesh Gordon (no...not Flash Gordon). The new sofubi Flesh Gordon Pistol OG Colorway will be released on Friday June 1st 2018 at 11:00am JST (May 31st at 10pm ET). The 8-inch long weapon (?) will be an edition size of 80 pieces in this color version. It will retail for 9,980JPY (about $90).