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DCON18: Tomenosuke Exclusives

Tomenosuke will be making the trip from Japan to sling some exclusives at Designer Con 2018. You'll be able to grab the following exclusive toys at their Booth #2232. Also, they will have limited edition toys, prop replica, Blade Runner related items (Blaster resin kit, 1/6 miniature Blaster and 1/5 Pins) and more.

KillKat "Too Much Sake" by Andrew Bell
This figure is an edition size of 150 pieces. (100 were sold out at STGCC and their online store in September. There remaining 50 will be sold at DCon.)
$50.00 each

Devilman Flesh Version by Mike Sutfin
Unbox Industries produced for Tomenosuke a vinyl version of this famous Japanese manga character created by Go Nagai.
Edition size is 100 pieces
$130.00 each

"MIMI The Cannibal Girl Mondo Green Edition" by Utomaru
This new exclusive colorway of Tomenosuke's popular Sofubi is from Japanese illustrator Yuko, who was inspired by the Italian horror movie "Cannibal Holocaust".
Edition size is 60 pieces (But Tomenosuke brought only 10 of them.)
$140.00 each

"BLADE RUNNER 2049" Rick Deckard's Gun Green Laser Sight Ver.
Rick Deckard's Gun aka the Tomenosuke Blaster was actually used in a movie "BLADE RUNNER 2049" as a stage gun. Tomenosuke installed a special made Green Laser Sight on it.
Only 1 piece available.

“MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Candy Pink Edition (Pink GID Swirl)

Tomenosuke has announced the newest edition of their MIMI The Cannibal Girl based on the infamous scene from the 1980's horror flick - Cannibal Holocaust. The "MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Candy Pink Edition (Pink GID Swirl) is limited to a run of 50 pieces. There will be 30 pieces available as a 3DRetro Exclusive (sold to art toy fans throughout the world, excluding Asia). And the remaining 20 pieces will be sold to Japanese and Asian fans via Tomenosuke.

The Japanese sofubi figure, which stands 7.5 inches tall (11.5 inches tall with the spear) will be released on Halloween - October 31st 2018. It will retail for $160.00 or 17.500JPY - available via the above links.

3DRetro Exclusive “MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Candy Pink Edition

Tomenosuke has announced the 3DRetro Exclusive "MIMI The Cannibal Girl" Candy Pink Edition. It will be the first coloring version, using spray mask, in the MIMI The Cannibal Girl series. All we are getting now, information-wise, is the above teaser image. But this one was designed for 3DRetro and will be available from them at a later date.

Fright Night – Vampire Skull Skeleton White Edition Pre-Order

Tomenosuke will be releasing their latest prop replica - the Vampire Skull from the 1985 horror classic Fright Night (by Steve Johnson). The pre-order starts today - October 24th 2018 - at 11:59PM JST (Japan) or 10:59AM ET. Measuring in at 11.8 inches long, and weighing 4.85 lbs, each Vampire Skull includes a certificate of authenticity signed by FX man Steve Johnson.

The Skeleton White Edition is limited to a run of 30 pieces. And if that version sells out, Tomenosuke is planning on producing a Burnt Black Edition (also of 30 pieces).

It's currently priced at ¥64,800 (a little less than $580.00). If you're in Japan, you can order from this site. International orders can be place at this site.

Blade Runner 2049 Deckard’s Gun – Harrison Ford Signature Edition

Tomenosuke has announced that the Rick Deckard's Gun - from Blade Runner 2049 - the Harrison Ford Signature Edition will be launched today - October 16th 2018 - at 11:00PM ET. Limited to 75 pieces, the customized Tomenosuke blasters for the "Harrison Ford Signature Edition" will are slated to be reproductions of the Deckard Blaster used for the firing prop model in the movie "Blade Runner 2049". The firing model prop blaster was made at the firearm specialty studio, ISS (Independent Studio Services) in Hollywood, which combines the real Charter Arms Bulldog and the receivers of the Steyr Mannlicher Rifle into the Tomenosuke blaster. Only three of these blasters were made for the shooting scene in the film.

These have bee custom made with the help of original Tomenosuke blaster gunsmith, Nobutaka Toku, and a custom gun craftsman, Toshihiko Sato. The brass plaque, each autographed by Harrison Ford, is screwed inside of a commemorative wooden case handmade by Hida Takayama's wood craft workshop, which contains a special custom blaster and wooden blaster stand together.

You'll be able to pick these up at the Hollywood Collector's Gallery Web Store.

MIMI The Cannibal Girl Toxic Green Edition Release

Tomenosuke will be releasing their MIMI The Cannibal Girl - Toxic Green Edition on Friday October 12th 2018 at 10:59AM ET. Designed by artist Utomaru, and based on the classic horror film Cannibal Holocaust, the spear in this Toxic Green Edition glows in the dark. Since MIMI is translucent, you can vie the glowing stick through the sofubi vinyl.

The spear measures about 11.5 inches tall, while the vinyl MIMI is about 7.5 inches in height. This color variant is limited to a release of 30 pieces. It will run 13,500 JPY (about $120.00).

MIMI The Cannibal Girl Toxic Green Edition

Tomenosuke has revealed the MIMI The Cannibal Girl Toxic Green Edition by Utomaru. This Toxic Green Edition will features a clear green body where you can see the spear piercing the heart of MIMI's body. Similar to the previous two editions, only 30 pieces will be made for sale. The release date will be announced soon.

“MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Crazy Purple Edition Release

Tomenosuke has announced the release details for "MIMI The Cannibal Girl" Crazy Purple Edition. The sofubi vinyl figure will go up for sale beginning at 23:59 JST on September 21st 2018 (that's 10:59AM ET on September 21st). The Crazy Purple Edition, by utomaru, features hand-sprayed purple on the head and lower half of the green cast body. Also, there's a thin layer of silver metallic sprayed on top of that.

As with the previous edition, the run will be limited to 30 pieces. Each one includes a metal display stand, and comes inside a window box printed with the artist's artwork. If you're outside of Japan, you'll need to head to Tomenosuke's International Store.

MIMI The Cannibal Girl Crazy Purple Edition

Tomenosuke has revealed the newest colorway of their MIMI The Cannibal Girl. The MIMI The Cannibal Girl Crazy Purple Edition by Utomaru will be the second version of the figure to be released. While a few pieces were available at STGCC 2018, this past weekend, details of the general sale will be announced in the near future.

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