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T+CP’s Tara McPherson Sofubi Prototype

Shinji from Tomenosuke has posted the above photograph of the prototype of Tara Mcpherson' sofubi has been completed. Last year around this time, he had posted about how the figure had taken two years to develop...well, three years total and we have a prototype. This piece will apparently be a joint effort with Circus Posterus under the T+CP brand. And while the above - head-on - shot might be difficult to depict at first. Couple it with the drawing below and you can see what the sofubi is slated to look like.

Tomenosuke Blaster 2049 Stunt Model Kit

Tomenosuke is showing off all of these amazing shots of their upcoming Tomenosuke Blaster 2049 Stunt Model Kit. They'll be releasing more details about availability soon, but if it's anything like their recent Tomenosuke Blasters, this one is sure to be super-popular. But it will be launched next week and a lot of 100 pieces will begin shipping the week of July 24th 2017. Just in time to go hunt down some replicants.

Tomenosuke’s Phantom of the Paradise Mask Progress

Tomenosuke is making progress on their Phantom of the Paradise Mask. In cooperation with High Brothers Production, the right eye of the mask will feature a transparent acrylic lens and there will be a hinge to attach the mask to the helmet.

Now...if you've never seen Brian De Palma's Phantom of the really need to. It's a 1970's cult film loosely based on Phantom of the Opera, Faust, and The Portrait of Dorian Gray with the music of Paul Williams. And the film is known as the influence for Daft Punk, and their unique outfits.

Gigantic Crab Kaiju Tomenosuke Exclusive

Tomenosuke has announced details of their Tomenosuke Exclusive Gigantic Crab Kaiju Geosesarma version designed by JUBI and produced by Unbox Industries. The detailed hand-painted finish lives up to expectations, measuring 13-inch across. This edition is limited to a run of 50 pieces. It will go on sale beginning at 11AM JST on May 13th 2017 (10PM ET on May 12th). For international orders, check out Tomenosuke's international site. The figure is listed at ¥14,800 (about $136).

Piranha Prop Replica Model

Tomenosuke is bringing back the killer fish, created by two of the greatest monster makers - Rob Bottin who worked on “The Thing” (1982) and ”RoboCop” (1987), and Phil Tippett on the “Jurassic Park” (1993) and “Starship Troopers” (1997) - for a low-budget (and now cult) film “Piranha” (1978).

Under the supervision by the legendary Japanese producer, Chako Vanleeuwen, the Japanese monster maker Higa Brothers cast the real piranha prop model and have handcrafted each and every piece to authentically reproduce the original creature –the Piranha Prop Replica Model.

There are two version available. The Latex Version (faithfully reproduction even the texture of the actual prop) is an edition size of 50 pieces and priced 69,800JPY (about $628). The Fiberglass Version is also an edition size 50 pieces and is priced at 53,440JPY (about $480).Both versions come with a walnut display stand and are signed by Chako Vanleeuwen.

Tomenosuke's international shopping site (which would include the US) can be found here.

La Planete Sauvage “Tiva” Eyeline Version


Tomenosuke will be releasing the La Planete Sauvage “Tiva” Eyeline Version - a Tomenosuke Exclusive - via three different ways. The first release (10 pieces) will take place at the Tomenosuke booth at Taipei Toy Festival 2016 at Noon on October 9th 2016. The second release (20 pieces) will take place through Tomenosuke's website on October 30th 2016 at 11AM. The third release (20 pieces) will take place at the Tomenosuke booth of the Tokyo Comic Convention 2016 on December 3rd 2016 at Noon. The figure will be priced at JPY8,640 ($79.00).



Pink GID Swirl Stingy Jack and Calliope Jackalope

Artists Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas have designed the Pink GID Swirl Stingy Jack and Calliope Jackalope for the 10th anniversary of Tomenosuke. As a limited edition, the number of pieces for these versions are the the fewest in the T+CP history. Only 32 pieces of each figure have been made, and Tomenosuke is planning to release about 20 pieces each to the collectors not located in North America. In addition, 5 pieces each will be sold at TTF beginning on October 8th at noon.

The release date will be September 10th 2016 at 11AM JST.
Pink GID Swirl Stingy Jack (edition size 32) is 12,800JPY (about $123)
Pink GID Swirl Calliope Jackalope (edition size 32) is 13,800JPY (about $133)


Tomenosuke’s Microbus: To The Medetai Island Release


Tomenosuke will be releasing a new Microbus version on Tuesday June 28th 2016 at 10PM ET (that's the 29th at 11AM in Japan). The Microbus: To The Medetai Island by Kakeda Aya is done in gold glitter vinyl with individually painted faces. It measures 7 inches long by 6 inches tall. This edition is a limited edition of 30 pieces and priced at 12,800JPY (about $125) and will only be available via Tomenosuke's online store (for international orders).