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T+CP: Kathie Olivas – Clementine Release


The newest figure release from the Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus  partnership (T+CP) is Kathie Olivas’s Clementine sofubi. The Japan-made vinyl will be a limited edition of 100 pieces. Half of them will be available from Tomenosuke for worldwide customers (excluding North America) and the other half will be available from Circus Posterus (North America only).

Clementine will go on sale from Tomenosuke beginning on Saturday July 18th 2015 beginning at 11AM Japan Time. They will be priced at 9,770JYN (around $80). There's no word yet as to when the Circus Posterus allotment will go on sale for North American customers.


Amanda Louise Spayd’s “Rococo” Snowshoe


From the Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus partnership comes a special edition of Amanda Louise Spayd’s Snowshoe sofubi from the Pocket Sideshow series. The "Rococo" Snowshoe colorway is an edition of 40 pieces. Half of these (only 20 pieces) will be sold through Tomenosuke and can be bought from all over the world, excluding North America. Circus Posterus will have the remaining 20 pieces available to North America customers.

"Rococo" will go on sale from Tomenosuke on Wednesday February 18th 2015 beginning at 11AM Japan Time. You'll (hopefully) be able to pick one up for $30.00.

“To The Candy Kaijyu Planet” Microbus


Tomenosuke has announced the third colorway of  Aya Kakeda's Microbus. The glow-in-the-dark "To The Candy Kaijyu Planet" Microbus sofubi has been created through hand-coating, without the use of a spray mask. This version is limited to an edition run of 30 pieces. It goes on sale at 11AM JST on Valentine's Day (Saturday February 14th 2015) - that's 9PM ET on February 13th. You can pick up the To The Candy Kaijyu Planet Microbus for $118.00.


Microbus – To The Yeti Mountain


Tomenosuke is set to release the second colorway - electric blue - of Aya Kakeda's Microbus sofubi vinyl. The "To The Yeti Mountain" Microbus is slated to be released on Christmas Day (December 25th 2014) at the above link. This is an edition of 30 pieces and will retail for $99.00.

Working to get the right shot



Also, they plan to give away the original artwork, which the header card is based upon, to one collector from those who have purchased all of the first Microbus version ("To The Mystic Mushroom Forest", "To The Yeti Mountain" and the third colorway).


REVIEW: T+CP Pocket Sideshow Series



The T+CP venture, the collaboration between Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus, has produced some of the best sofubi vinyl figures of the past few years. Among those is a new series of pocket-sized sofubi figures that go by the name - Pocket Sideshow.

The Pocket Sideshow series features four figures, with each design from a different Circus Posterus artist. There’s Otto from Brandt Peters, Penelope from Kathie Olivas, Sproot from Chris Ryniak, and Snowshoe from Amanda Louise Spayd. 

Thanks to Tomenosuke, we’ve been able to get our hands on the first Pocket Sideshow colorway. It’s soft black vinyl painted with shades of orange. Also, there’s a limited run of unpainted black figures…if that’s your thing.


The Facts

Pocket Sideshow
Manufacturer: T+CP (Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus)
Artists: Amanda Louise Spayd, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, and Kathie Olivas
Material: Sofubi (soft vinyl - Japan)
Dimensions: About 3” tall
Points of Articulation: One each (neck)
Designs: Otto (Brandt Peters); Penelope (Kathie Olivas); Sproot (Chris Ryniak); Snowshoe (Amanda Louise Spayd)
Edition Size: Painted – 100 pieces; Unpainted – 60 pieces
Pricing: ¥4,650 ($40.00) per 2-pack


These came poly-bagged without being carded. That’s fine for me, as it’s not likely they would stay trapped in those baggy confines for very long. So there’s not much to talk about here.


Our Opinion

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Pocket Sideshow: Winter Colorway


On Wednesday December 10th 2014, the newest series of the T+CP Pocket Sideshow figures will be released. The Pocket Sideshow: Winter Colorway is colored in a nice and Christmas-y white and red. All four figures will be available from Tomenosuke (for worldwide customers except US and Canada locations) beginning at 11AM Japan Standard Time. North American residents can check out Circus Posterus, who have announced they will list their allotment of figures online on the same day.

The figures will be available in a painted version (100 total pieces) and an unpainted white version (60 total pieces). Those pieces will be split between Tomenosuke and Circus Posterus. Tomenosuke has the set of four figures listed for $95.00 for the painted version and $150.00 for both the painted and unpainted versions (8 total figures).