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MIRF Vinyl


MIRF is the new vinyl tag designed by 1134 members MINT & SERF.  The toy merges both artists' styles into one piece.  More of a sculpture than a toy, the 9" long MIRF is rotary molded in soft-vinyl and limited to 200 pieces per color.  The piece is produced by Thunderdog Studios and includes packaging that features a slide out box, silver foil and a two sided, flocked, blister tray.  It's available in both matte white and black. Look for it to retail around $80.  Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.


X Games Original


Tristan Eaton, of Thunderdog Studios, has teamed up with ESPN to create a limited-edition, re-imagining of the ultimate X Games athlete

Transformed by gamma radiation from mere mortal action sports competitor to a highly evolved super-athlete with perfectly honed skills, the figure represents the unequalled progression of action sports witnessed only at the X Games.  His sleek helmet is coincidentally carved into the shape of an "X," but the real reason for the aerodynamic design is known only to a secret group of athletes given access to prototypical military sports gear.  As leader of the group, our super athlete was last seen in the Mojave desert attempting to olly off a top-secret defense missile, hence the band-aid and stitches.  He will likely make an appearance at X Games 14, pending the approval of the installation of radiation detectors throughout Los Angeles.

Look for the 6" tall figure to retail around $50.  Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.