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Thundermutt Minis

thundermutt figures

The folks at Thunderdog Studios have announced that they will soon be releasing their Thundermutt Minis line soon. These five figures have been designed by artist Mike Burnett. A release date and prices are still to be announced. I like the designs...but is that clamshell packaging?!?!

thundermutt packs
thundermutt package

Clutter Exclusive Billy Bananas


Thunderdog Studios has announced their first Billy Bananas colorway is now available online via the toy magazine - Clutter. The pink Billy is extra glossy and a limited edition of 150 pieces. The figure features 3 blind assortment accessories: 40 oz, anvil and dice. The 5" tall figure runs £24.99 each.

MIRF Vinyl


MIRF is the new vinyl tag designed by 1134 members MINT & SERF.  The toy merges both artists' styles into one piece.  More of a sculpture than a toy, the 9" long MIRF is rotary molded in soft-vinyl
and limited to 200 pieces per color.  The piece is produced by Thunderdog Studios and includes packaging that features a slide out box, silver foil and a two sided, flocked, blister tray.  It's available in both matte white and black. Look for it to retail around $80.  Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.


X Games Original


Tristan Eaton, of Thunderdog
, has teamed up with ESPN to create a
limited-edition, re-imagining of the ultimate X Games athlete

Transformed by gamma radiation from mere mortal action sports
competitor to a highly evolved super-athlete with perfectly honed
skills, the figure represents the unequalled progression of action
sports witnessed only at the X Games.  His sleek helmet is
coincidentally carved into the shape of an "X," but the real reason for
the aerodynamic design is known only to a secret group of athletes
given access to prototypical military sports gear.  As leader of the
group, our super athlete was last seen in the Mojave desert attempting
to olly off a top-secret defense missile, hence the band-aid and
stitches.  He will likely make an appearance at X Games 14, pending the
approval of the installation of radiation detectors throughout Los

Look for the 6" tall figure to retail around $50.  Wholesale inquiries can be directed to DKE Toys.

Murko from Thunderdog Studios


is releasing their first vinyl figure: MURKO.  The figure is designed by Scott Sasso and produced by Thunderdog Studios Inc.  Murko will be released in 2 colorways (Standard and Midnight Glow)  Each injection molded PVC figure is approximately 5" tall.  The Standard colorway is limited to 350 pieces, while the
Midnight Glow is limited to 225 pieces.