Fashion Guggi SuperGuggi “Club” Edition

Superplastic has released the Fashion Guggi SuperGuggi “Club” Edition by artist Guggimon. Featuring Guggimon’s trademark skull mask, the figure also comes with his “CLUB” bat and a bag o’ cash. … Read More

Superplastic announces the Gorillaz 2D vinyl

Superplastic has dropped word that they will be releasing the first new Gorillaz figure in over 10 years. The Gorillaz 2D figure is based on artist Jamie Hewlett’s iconic Gorillaz … Read More

Gruesome Glow Gloomy SuperJanky by Mori Chack

Superplastic and has announced the pre-order of their Gruesome Glow Gloomy SuperJanky by artist Mori Chack. This is legendary Japanese street artist Mori Chack’s 3rd Gloomy. The 8-inch tall SuperJanky features glow-in-the-dark … Read More

White UberJanky from Superplastic

Superplastic has released a new collectible figure – the White UberJanky. This 15-inch tall UberJanky looks good enough to customize…or just set on your shelf (whichever you prefer). Shipping now, … Read More

Gloomy in Black SuperJanky by Mori Chack

Superplastic has announced the pre-order details for their Gloomy in Black SuperJanky figure from artist Mori Chack. This is Mori’s 2nd SuperJanky figure, featuring Gloomy dragging his caretaker-victim behind him. Gloomy … Read More

King Janky the 5.5 – General Janky’s Hot ‘N Sweaty Wings Edition

Superplastic has announced their latest Janky pre-order – the King Janky the 5.5 – General Janky’s Hot ‘N Sweaty Wings Edition. This ultra-spicy limited edition figure includes a sign, chili crown, … Read More

Fragil SuperJanky “Burnt AF” Edition

Superplastic has released the Fragil SuperJanky “Burnt AF” Edition from Lisbon-based street artist Add Fuel. Featuring a special high-gloss finish, and bold symmetric patterning that matches the artist’s famed azulejo … Read More

The Pink UberJanky

Superplastic is living’ large with their latest release – the Pink UberJanky. This 15-inch tall neon hot pink Janky is currently shipping. It’s limited to a run of only 300 … Read More

Hench “S.I.T.E.” Glow Edition by Pete Fowler

Superplastic has released their newest collectible – the Hench “S.I.T.E” Glow Edition by artist Pete Fowler. Standing in at 9 inches tall, this version of Fowler’s Hench character features glow-in-the-dark … Read More

Janky Series Two Comes to Kickstarter

Superplastic has announced that Janky Series Two will be launched on Kickstarter beginning tomorrow (May 7th 2019) at Noon ET. For early-bird Kickstarter backers, they will be given the chance … Read More

Fashion Guggi SuperJanky by Guggimon

Superplastic has announced their newest SuperJanky figure – the Fashion Guggi SuperJanky by Guggimon. Shipping in the Fall of 2019, this piece is designed by international hip hop horror icon Guggimon. … Read More

JankyFörtress SuperJanky

Superplastic has announced their newest SuperJanky release. Set to ship in Spring of 2019, the JankyFörtress SuperJanky figure is the second colorway to the extremely limited JankyTrooper SuperJanky collection, which … Read More