Superplastic x Gorillaz Song Machine Vinyl Figures

The brand-new Superplastic x Gorillaz Song Machine vinyl figures are now available to pre-order from Superplastic. The members of the band – 2D, Noodle, Murdoc, and Russel – are available to … Read More

Black UberJanky

Superplastic has dropped a new UberJanky collectible – the Black UberJanky. Released this past Friday, maybe if you order the 15-inch tall pitch black vinyl now – you’d get it … Read More

Rico Nasty – Nightmare Vacation SuperJanky

Superplastic has announced their latest figure drop. This one is the Nightmare Vacation SuperJanky by DMV rapper, producer, and singer (and artist) Rico Nasty. This is the first of two announced … Read More

Garth Real Tree SuperJanky

Superplastic has announced their latest SuperJanky collectible – the Garth Real Tree SuperJanky by artist Ricardo Cavolo. Set to ship in November 2020, the 8-inch tall vinyl figure features a … Read More

OH-NO! Classic UberJanky by McBess

Superplastic has announced a brand-spanking-new UberJanky that’s now available to pre-order (shipping in May 2021). The OH-NO! Classic UberJanky is designed by legendary French illustrator McBess in this tattoo-riddled sepia … Read More

Shroomie SuperJanky Drop

For over a decade now, I’ve been mesmerized by Thomas Han’s artwork and his use of trippy colors. And now, Superplastic has just dropped their Shroomie SuperJanky 8-inch tall vinyl collectible … Read More

Purple UberJanky

Superplastic has released the fifth installment in their UberJanky Series – the Purple UberJanky. This 15-inch tall 🍆 vinyl collectible can currently be picked up for $150.00.

Janky Series Three

Superplastic has announced their Janky Series Three and placed them up for pre-order over at their website. They’re currently expected to begin shipping in December 2020 and run $12.00 per … Read More

Sket One – Ultra-Flat Black SuperKranky

Superplastic has released their latest collaboration with artist Sket One. The Ultra-Flat Black SuperKranky is the 9th piece in the SuperKranky Series. It features a removable cap, fat nozzle, and iconic … Read More


Superplastic has released the GLOW-IN-THE-DARK NOPALITO SUPERJANKY by Mexican artist El Grand Chamaco. The 8-inch tall glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl figure is limited to a run of 500 pieces. You can pick … Read More

“Never Cry” SuperJanky by TADO

Superplastic is currently taking pre-orders for their latest SuperJanky figure – the “Never Cry” SuperJanky by TADO.  Limited to a run of 1,500 pieces, the “Never Cry” SuperJanky includes a … Read More

Treason SuperJanky by Bubi Au Yeung

One of my favorite characters – Bubi Au Yeung’s Treeson – has made its way to SuperJanky form. Not the first collaboration between the artist and Superplastic, the Treeson SuperJanky … Read More