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New Vinyl From James Jarvis


James Jarvis’ Illustrated Yod Special Edition is a special, very limited colorway of The Illustrated Yod.  The tan colorway includes a special version of the new Selected Drawings book by James Jarvis.


Also from Jarvis is his Wrestling Elves set.  This limited edition vinyl figure set was produced by Hong Kong lifestyle label Silly Thing, for Juno's 5th album release.  They’re wrestling…I swear!

Both are only available in the U.S. from STRANGEco.  The Special Edition Yod sells for $99.99, while the Wrestling Elves set runs $139.99.

Pete Fowler’s Van Orlax


Pete Fowler's Van
giant vinyl figure is the latest addition to Monsterism Island.  The towering 20" tall vinyl figure is a limited edition of 100.  This brown version is available in the
U.S. through STRANGEco, with only 20 available pieces.  It runs $239.99 and limited to one per customer.

TOUMA’s Slighter Vinyl


Two versions of TOUMA’s Slither, a new vinyl produced by Japan's Headlock Studio, is currently available exclusively from STRANGEco (in the US). The Red version was made for UK store Neon Martian, while the Yellow was made for Japan store Spanky.   The 7” long figure will run $47.99 each.

STRANGEco Presents Bob Dob’s Luey


STRANGEco has announced the impending release of Luey from the SoCal based artist Bob Dob.  The 5" tall vinyl figures might look a little familiar.  You might have seen them in Bob Dob's paintings...or maybe you saw the SDCC exclusive grayscale set. 

Luey, otherwise known as the
"Universal Bad Habit", is one of the most iconic
characters weaved throughout Dob's visual
narratives. As minions of the devil, there are many
Lueys around and they are always up to some form
of no good. "Bob Dob's paintings are filled with great,
fully rendered character design," states Jim Crawford,
co-founder of STRANGEco. "We're happy to begin
showcasing his great work in vinyl form with Luey,
the most recognizable irreverent design of them all."

The Raging, Smoking and Drinking Luey figures will each sell for about $19.99 and should begin hitting retailers in October.

SDCC 2007: STRANGEco (Booth #4729)


STRANGEco debuted several of the hottest new vinyl figures at San Diego Comic Con.  Their SDCC exclusive grayscale Luey figure set (by Bob Dob) was a personal favorite.  And the upcoming Vivisect Playset is going to include some of the biggest artists out there.


It was nice to see a new line of Pete Fowler figures - Monsterism Pets and Owners.  And Touma's Slither was another impressive piece on display.

2007 SDCC coverage sponsored by Max Toy Co



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STRANGEco Booth Schedule


STRANGEco has revealed one of their previously secret Comic Con Exclusives - Dean Bradley's exclusive Mainframe figure.  They also have let it known what their signing schedule will look like.  So, if you are into getting your items endorsed by some of today's to artists...check out the following list:

Thursday - Noon to 1PM - Simone Legno of tokidoki
His first signing for the show, featuring an exclusive toy set from STRANGEco!

Friday - Noon to 1PM - Dean Bradley
The world premiere of his iconic MAINFRAME vinyl figures, including a special release of the "Night Rider" camo edition.

Saturday - Noon to 1PM - Bob Dob

So Cal Artist Bob Dob will be signing the new LUEY vinyl figure, which
is making a bit of a splash hither and yon. They'll also have a special
limited-edition print, too.

STRANGEco holds court at Comic Con 07

STRANGEco will be showcasing a variety of upcoming products at San Diego Comic ConBooth 4729 will have figures that are due to hit retailers throughout the year, as well as a full lineup of exclusive and special edition toys for Comic Con.

Luey - Grayscale Edition
By Bob Dob (100 pieces each)


Mr. Bumper - Grayscale Edition
By Jim Woodring (100 pieces)


Shikito - Glow Edition
By Superdeux (50 pieces)


Minitreehouse Arkski's Toddlers
By Nathan Jurevicius (unknown)


Plus a few other surprises...


Adios and Ciao Ciao Release Party


STRANGEco is celebrating the release of Simone Legno's Adios and Ciao Ciao figures, along with the artist, at Munky King Melrose.

Thursday, June 21 2007 from 7PM to 11PM

Munky King Melrose
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

This event is Free to All Ages and Open to the Public.

The I.W.G. Rocketship Launches From S.F.


If you're in the San Francisco area tonight, you'll want to join
STRANGEco and Rocket World for the official release of the I.W.G.
Rocketship playsets
.  They will have all three color versions (silver, green and black) of this brand
new mutated animal warcraft. The release party is at Rocket World's own
gallery, a prominent section of one of the coolest boutique stores in
S.F.  Artist Patrick Ma will be in attendance.  If you can make it, look out for special
editions, giveaways and a peek at the new I.W.G. Special Ops Mission
pack sets.

Friday, March 9, 2007, 6-8 pm

Rocket World Gallery

660 22nd Street (at Third)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 318-8258

REVIEW: I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship



We were lucky enough to get our paws on one of Rocket World’s I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ships.  With 3 versions available – Classic Galactic Silver, Future Eco-Green and Covert Black Limited Edition – you’ll need to pick one up for your mini I.W.G. figures.  Produced by STRANGEco, the official Launch Party will take place March 9th at the Rocket World Gallery in San Francisco.

The story behind the rocket ship goes something like this:  The Astral Overseers gave the Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo a fleet of rocket ships to help fight the bad human poachers.  The rockets are fueled on ordinary garbage (with zero-pollutant emission…Al Gore would be proud).  Each of the rockets hold at least one mini figure (as well as human bones).



One word describes the box each and every I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship is packaged in: retro.  From the font to the drawings to the style of the box…everything screams retro.

The rocket and mini figure are packaged in a plastic tray within the heavy cardboard box.  It does a good job protecting what is a somewhat delicate piece.

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