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Pirates of the Caribbean Key Dog


The Key Dog is the newest vinyl figure designed and produced by Span of Sunset. The piece memorializes one of the key figures from Disney's Pirates of the
ride.  I'm sure you remember the pirates locked in a cell...trying to lure the dog using a bone.

The 9" tall figure features
articulation in all 4 legs and his head, and comes with a removable
key ring and a bone to tempt him with. These are now available through Chuckwa for $59.99 each.


“The Ring” Cheshire Cat


The latest Span of Sunset x Disney creation has arrived...just in time for the Lakers parade in Los Angeles. The Parade Ring Cheshire Cat has officially
pounced on LA and is already warming up to prep for next season's
journey. The 8" tall figure will be a limited edition and should retail around $60. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

Cheshire Cat – Halo Edition


Chuckwa has released their exclusive "Halo" edition Cheshire Cat from Span of Sunset. This version of Disney's Alice in Wonderland character reimagines the cat for a specific group of SoCal baseball fans whose team has changed their name several times over the past 20 years. The "Halo" Cheshire Cat is available both in-store and via Chuckwa's website for $59.99.

Opening Day aka Mannymania


Baseball season has begun, and the latest in the Span of Sunset, Inc. x Disney Cheshire Cat collaborations is the "Opening Day aka Mannymania" colorway. The Cheshire Cat measures 8", features a GID mouth and eyes, and comes in its own white/blue stripe themed box. Hot Dogs and season tickets are not included. The figure is now available via Span of Sunset for $60. (This nearly doesn't bother me as much as if my team hadn't beaten the Dodgers on their way to the World Series Championship last year)


Goth Cheshire Cat


The newest Span of Sunset, Inc. and Disney collaboration has been unveiled with the release of their latest Cheshire Cat colorway - Goth. The Cheshire Cat vinyl figure is based upon Lewis Carroll's character from Alice in Wonderland, here reborn into a 3D form by Span of Sunset, Inc. This Cheshire Cat picks up inspiration from goth music and lifestyle, representing it in a stylish all black color with vivid purple stripes. This piece stands 8" tall, features a GID mouth, and comes in its own custom themed box.


Angry Youth Comix: Loady and Sinus

Loady mcgee
Sinus ogynus

Span of Sunset, Inc. and Johnny Ryan have teamed up to bring Ryan's Angry Youth Comix characters to action figure form. These dolls are based on the popular characters Loady McGee and Sinus

Loady McGee is the
spikey-haired, zit-faced jerk who loves watching snuff movies and
eating teddy grahams. Sinus O'Gynus is America's #1 wimp and Loady's
favorite punching bag. The Loady McGee doll comes with a broken bottle,
a baseball bat with a nail in it, and a dead fish. The Sinus O'Gynus
doll comes with a knife, a paddle ball game, and a dead fish. Sinus
also has a REAL bloody slit on his back for real back-stabbing fun.

figures ship in dirty outhouse themed boxes, with a magnetic door for the "private" business. They're currently available indvidually ($49.95 ea.) or as a set ($90).

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