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REVIEW: 12″ Sideshow Angel



Buffy the Vampire Slayer
fans will always remember Angel (played by David Boreanaz) as the former vampire Angelus, not to mention the love interest of Buffy Summers.  He was a cursed demon who had to leave happiness, and Sunnydale, or risk returning to his evil vampire form. 

Once in Los Angeles (and on his own spin-off show), Angel formed Angel Investigations with a staff of human demon fighters.  The group was dedicated to fighting evil, while Angel attempted to make up for the sins of his past.

This is the 3rd 12” Angel figure that Sideshow Toys has produced.  However, it’s the first of their Angel line, based on the episode – City of Angels



It’s tough to find any complaints with the packaging for Sideshow’s 12” collectible figure line.  The box is loaded with a number of product photos, plenty of background reading, and live-action photos from the Angel television show.  The front panel opens to reveal the figure and accessories behind a plastic window, giving collectors a choice in displaying options.

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Clone Trooper From Medicom


Sideshow is pleased to announce that Medicom Toy
has granted 1,000 pcs of the 12-inch RAH Clone Trooper
figure for the US market.  The figure is highly authentic and film
accurate, and ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that
you desire.  Medicom Toy's RAH body is one of the most articulated
12-inch figure bodies available, capable of nearly any pose that the
human (or superhero) body can achieve.

Each Clone Trooper figure includes interchangeable hands
and a display base, and comes packaged in a beautiful window display
box.  They run $149.99 each.

Yoda VCD from Medicom


Yoda is the latest character in the line of Vinyl Collectible Dolls from Medicom ToysSideshow Collectibles is the distributor, and they currently have the limited edition figure up for pre-order.  Yoda stands at roughly 5" tall and comes with several accessories.  The figure is selling for $59.99 and is set to ship in the 1st quarter 2007.

New 12″ Sideshow Figures


Sideshow Toys has introduced 2 new 12" figures to 2 of their most populat licenses - Star Wars and The Terminator.  The 12" Plo Koon figure (from Star Wars) is the latest addition of the Order of the Jedi line.  The Sideshow exclusive version has already sold out.  The Sarah Connor Sideshow Exclusive (from Terminator 2: Judgement Day) is currently available.  The exclusive version includes a black hat.

Sideshow’s Leia as Boushh


I'm sure that I'm not the only person who is glad that Sideshow grabbed the 12" license for Star Wars.  After seeing the latest addition to the line - Leia as Boushh - I feel that more fans might take notice.  I'm all over these figures from the original trilogy...since those are the films I grew up watching.  And she comes with a thermal detonator!  The Sideshow Exclusive has already sold out, so you better jump on this one.

New Vinyl Collectible Dolls


Friday at Comic Con brought 2 new Pre-Orders from Sideshow Toys.  Sideshow distributes several of Medicom's lines...including their Vinyl Collectible Dolls (VCDs).  Two of the top Sci-Fi trilogies of all time (Star Wars and X-Men) are represented. 


The TIE Pilot VCD is 8" tall and the spitting image of the character from Star Wars: A New Hope (aka Star Wars).  The Wolverine VCD is based on the Marvel Comics character as opposed to the X-Men films.

Sideshow’s Boromir – Son of Denethor


Could there have been a better toy company to get The Lord of the Rings 12" figure license?  Sideshow Toys is producing some amazing figures...the latest being Boromir, Son of Denethor.  We all remember that Boromir was the heir to the stewardship of Gondor, became obsessed with the one Ring, and was ultimately killed in battle.


Wolverine – X-Men: The Last Stand


Sideshow Toys is celebrating the launch of the latest X-Men film – X-Men: The Last Stand – by offering Medicom’s 12-inch Wolverine figure from the film.  This figure is selling for $99.99 and is set to ship 4th quarter of this year.


Zombies! Run!


Check out one of the latest licenses from Sideshow Toys.  It's The Dead 12-inch fiigures...and this figure is the Subject 5 - Security Guard.  He's a limited edition of 1,000 pieces and is a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.  The attendee edition will retail for $44.99.


Sideshow’s Freddy – Dream Warriors


Sideshow Toys has released photos of their 12" Freddy figure from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.  They have also made the figure available for pre-order...for Comic Con attendees.  The figure is limited to 1,500 pieces and sells for $44.99.  The "Chest of Souls" accessory does look pretty cool.