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Sideshow’s Leia as Boushh


I'm sure that I'm not the only person who is glad that Sideshow grabbed the 12" license for Star Wars.  After seeing the latest addition to the line - Leia as Boushh - I feel that more fans might take notice.  I'm all over these figures from the original trilogy...since those are the films I grew up watching.  And she comes with a thermal detonator!  The Sideshow Exclusive has already sold out, so you better jump on this one.

New Vinyl Collectible Dolls


Friday at Comic Con brought 2 new Pre-Orders from Sideshow Toys.  Sideshow distributes several of Medicom's lines...including their Vinyl Collectible Dolls (VCDs).  Two of the top Sci-Fi trilogies of all time (Star Wars and X-Men) are represented. 


The TIE Pilot VCD is 8" tall and the spitting image of the character from Star Wars: A New Hope (aka Star Wars).  The Wolverine VCD is based on the Marvel Comics character as opposed to the X-Men films.

SDCC Exclusive VSD Clone Trooper


One of Sideshow Toys’ SDCC exclusives comes from one of Medicom’s most unique Star Wars collectibles - the Japanese style vinyl super-deformed series (Vinyl Collectible Dolls).  The 501st Clone Trooper VSD stands roughly 8” in height, and the stylized caricature sculpture captures the menace, but cuteness, of the Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Clone design perfectly. The figure is highly poseable, and includes blaster. This exclusive Clone Trooper is decorated in the blue markings characteristic of the 501st Legion, Vader's Fist, the spec ops team that followed Darth Vader in the assault on the Jedi Temple.  It runs $59.99 for Comic Con attendees.


REVIEW: Sideshow Toys’ Vampire Spike



Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the few films that made a successful transition to the small screen.  The television series ran over 7 seasons and is still a cult favorite.  Sideshow Toys snagged the 12” license for the Buffy toy line, which stands at over 20 figures.

One of those figures is Vampire SpikeJames Marsters took the role of Spike (supposed to be the villain of the week).  By the 4th season, Spike was a show regular and, ironically, in love with Buffy.


The packaging is your normal 12” Sideshow box.  It’s loaded with pictures from the show, pictures of the figure, and information.  The front flap would allow you to display the figure in box…if you prefer that route.


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REVIEW: Sideshow’s Talking Tony Montana


Over the past few years, Sideshow Toys has expanded their line from prop replicas and 12” figures to distribution, premium format figures and a load of amazing licenses.  In my opinion, their bread and butter is still the 12” figure line.

A recent license addition has been the cult classic film – Scarface.  There are currently 3 Scarface products available through Sideshow – talking Tony Montana (12”), Final Battle Scarface (12”) and the Premium Format Tony Montana.  All of these figures are of Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana aka Scarface.


The 1983 film follows Montana (Pacino) and his path from a Cuban refugee to running a powerful Miami based drug cartel.  You are there to witness his downfall - due to his power, enemies and paranoia.  Over the years, it has become an urban cult-classic and is still as popular now as it was years ago.

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