Mutant Bearos and BEAROSMAN

GOCCODO is showing off their “Mutant Bearos” collaboration with REALHEAD. They will be released at the Wonder Festival 2012 Summer later this month. The Mutant Bearos will be released in … Read More

Onell x RxH Enforcer Sarvos

Onell Design has announced the upcoming release of the Enforcer Sarvos. This collaboration with Mori Katsura and RxH is a limited edition vinyl figure. It will be available on Wednesday … Read More

Chaos Trooper Pre-Order

Real x Head has announced their initial Chaos Trooper pre-order. The painted releases come in Basic Black & White, Commander Cody Orange, Captain Scarlet Maroon, and Captain Dinosaur Blue. Each … Read More

VegiBrain and BubbleVein

Onell Design has announced that a new round of RxH Pheyaos vinyl figures will hit their shop this week. VegiBrain features a yellow base with pink and green sprays. BubbleVein … Read More

Armored Pheyaos and Nibbler Reality Biter Release – Tonight

RealXHead x Tarantulas x Onell Design have combined three characters – Chaos, The Nibbler and Pheyden – into two configurations – the Armored Pheyaos and the Nibbler Reality Biter. Both … Read More

Real x Nibbler

Real x Nibbler is a collaboration between Onell Design, Real x Head and The Tarantulas. The Nibbler is a character from Chris Burt – the man behind The Tarantulas. The … Read More

Shinto Gangu On-Demand

Real x Head has introduced “Shinto Gangu On-Demand” – a pre-order system for micro-releases. Mori has selected four recent colorways of the Chaosmen – Chaosman #1 (Chaos), Chaosman #2 (Fly … Read More

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