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Mutant Bearos and BEAROSMAN

goccodo realhead bearos

GOCCODO is showing off their “Mutant Bearos” collaboration with REALHEAD. They will be released at the Wonder Festival 2012 Summer later this month. The Mutant Bearos will be released in three colors...and while they aren't painted in the above photo, they will be when they're sold.

They're also premiering a new prototype of the “BEAROSMAN” head, which will be attached to the body of REALHEAD's CHAOSMAN. BEAROSMAN is basically the MutantBearos evolved.

goccodo realhead bearosman

Chaos Trooper Pre-Order

realxhead chaos trooper

Real x Head has announced their initial Chaos Trooper pre-order. The painted releases come in Basic Black & White, Commander Cody Orange, Captain Scarlet Maroon, and Captain Dinosaur Blue. Each unique figure is hand-rubbed and wiped by Master Goto. There will also be a DIY blank white, each featuring a random eye color.

The pre-order window is open until July 17th 2011 at 9:00PM ET. There are no limits to the number of Troopers you can order. The painted versions are available for $79.00 each, while the DIY version can be picked up for $59.00. Prices include shipping worldwide via EMS from Japan. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

realxhead DIY trooper

VegiBrain and BubbleVein

onell Pheyaos Twins

Onell Design has announced that a new round of RxH Pheyaos vinyl figures will hit their shop this week. VegiBrain features a yellow base with pink and green sprays. BubbleVein is a neon pink vinyl with blue and red spray work (All spray work done by Goto-san).

Both Pheyaos vinyl figures will be available this Wednesday night - June 29th 2011 - at 9:00PM EDT. They'll be limited to one of each style per customer, and sell for $35.00 each.

Armored Pheyaos and Nibbler Reality Biter Release – Tonight

onell armored pheyaos reality biter

RealXHead x Tarantulas x Onell Design have combined three characters - Chaos, The Nibbler and Pheyden - into two configurations - the Armored Pheyaos and the Nibbler Reality Biter. Both of these figures will be available tonight, May 26th 2011, at 9PM EST.

The Armored Pheyaos will run $40.00, while the Nibbler will be $35.00. They'll be limited to one of each item per customer order. Oh...and, as always, be on the lookout for a surprise during this release.

Real x Nibbler


Real x Nibbler is a collaboration between Onell Design, Real x Head and The Tarantulas. The Nibbler is a character from Chris Burt - the man behind The Tarantulas. The original design was interpreted into RxH style by Mori and produced in Japan by Real x Head.

This debut release will be unpainted with vinyl cut eye decals. The figure will measure 4.25" in height with articulated arms, waist and head. The two colors that will be released are Molten Pink with White eyes (Mutagenesis #1) and Anti-Matter Black with Mirror eyes (Mutagenesis #2). They'll be priced at £25 plus shipping (about $40).

These will only be sold through The Tarantulas Big Cartel store on Friday February 25th 2011 (time yet to be determined).

Shinto Gangu On-Demand

realxhead chaosman 01
realxhead chaosman 02

Real x Head has introduced “Shinto Gangu On-Demand” - a pre-order system for micro-releases. Mori has selected four recent colorways of the Chaosmen - Chaosman #1 (Chaos), Chaosman #2 (Fly Guy), Chaosman #3 (The Owl) and Chaosman X.

You'll have an opportunity to pre-order one of each figure (open until 11PM EST on Friday February 11th 2011). These are on-demand, so please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. They're currently available for $70.00 each.

realxhead chaosman 0x
realxhead chaosman 03