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2009 NYCC: Go Hero


Go Hero was sharing a NY Comic Con booth with Plaseebo Customs as well as Executive Replicas. Go Hero had one of the craziest displays at the show.  Among the upcoming 1:6 scale products being shown off were the Buck Rogers (in three different versions), Larry "Buster" Crabbe as Flash Gordon, and Commando Cody.


There was also Buck Rogers' Atomic Disintentegrator and several Ray Harryhausen pieces including: Sinbad the Sailor, the Skeleton and the enormous Cyclops.


And one of the big news release item was that they'll release a 1:6 scale Keir Dullea as the Discovery Astronaut from 2001: A Space well as the light up EVA Pod.


Plaseebo had a number of custom pieces, including the Stonewalker, Diablo Mummy, Skulloctopus, Son of Sum and various custom Night Gamers.


And Executive Replicas had a boatload of 1:6 scale B Horror movie including Zacherley, character from Night of the Living Dead and Boris Karloff.



Plaseebo’s Stone Walker


PLASEEBO, and artist Bob Conge, will debut the prototype of a new figure at the 2009 NYCC next week. The Stone Walker is from their Great American Kaiju series. Bob describes the background of the figure below:

The story and 8" sculpt was inspired by the land I am fortunate to live on
in Upstate New York. Though good soil is not abundant, nothing grows
well here but potatoes, the land however is rich in geologic history. I
live on top of the remnants of a terminal moraine left by the last
North American Ice Age. At 2000 feet it is a rolling landscape of green
covered rock and gravel pushed down from the far north dotted
with beautiful lakes carved and filled by the retreating ice sheet ten
thousand years ago. This past Summer, on my daily walk, I saw the foreign stones as the raw material with which I might create a new Kaiju / story and the Stone
Walker was born.


Skulloctopus Header Card Art‏


Pictured above is the header card packaging art for the new Plaseebo "Skulloctopus from Outer Space" figure. Bob Conge's artowork shows the Skulloctopus ICE version-1 slithering away from the 1960's Soviet landing craft on the red planet.

who purchase the clear hand cast urethane figure at the 2009 NYCC will
also receive a signed giclee print of this image. Available from the Go
Hero Booth #956

Skulloctopus from Outer Space


Bob Conge's newest figure from Plaseebo, the "Skulloctopus from Outer Space - ICE version-1", will be released as a NY Comic Con Exclusive.  The piece will be available at the Go Hero Booth #956 from February 6th through the 8th. This is a signed, limited (10 pieces worldwide) hand cast clear urethane edition with cobalt blue glass eye inserts and a new switched internal battery operated color changing LED unit that projects the colors up through the clear head and body.  It will run $120 each.


PLASEEBO – The Awakening Diorama


Bob Conge of Plaseebo will have a new piece in the up-coming Kaiju Monster Invasion show that takes place at the Art Center of South Florida, during Art Basel in Miami Beach.   The show opens on December 3rd 2008 and runs through January 4th 2009.

The title this piece is PLASEEBO - The Awakening and is a one of a kind shadow-box diorama built in a hand crafted 8" X 13"X 21" wooden case (with a glass front designed to hang on a wall).  The glow in the dark vinyl figures have glass inset eyes and four of them have LED lights inside that are switched
from the outside of the case.


Bank America from Plaseebo


Plaseebo Custom's Bank America (come suckle on the tit of credit) was was inspired by the blatant greed, unfair loan-shark type fees and interest rates charged by American banks.

With this piece, [Bob Conge] want[ed] to express the true image of the bank beneath the placid mask of business as usual. The bank takes your money and then shits on your dreams (the accessory is a green dump on a glass hart).

The 12" long by 6" tall by 4.5" wide cast urethane figure has glass inset eyes, rubber baby bottle nipples and red glass hart with "dump" accessory.  This extremely limited piece will be available soon from the Plaseebo website.


Bob Conge’s Customs Up For Auction


Bob Conge, of Plaseebo Customs, will have three pieces in the auction that's taking place at Phillips de Pury & Co. in NY this Saturday (online on page 9 of listings).

  • Electro-Jujube is a Zagoran vinyl filled with what looks like glowing candies.
  • This version of NightGamer has clear marbles in his head, which glow when the motion-activated LEDs are triggered.
  • Sum and Son of Sum are two trash heaps full of all sorts of fun.


Halloween Night Gamers


Just in time for Halloween, Plaseebo is offering up a collection of one of a kind custom Night Gamers.  This 2008 collection is comprised of 6 unique hand customized and painted expressions by Bob Conge.   Each of the 8" vinyl
also have a motion activated color-changing LED unit inside its head and is hand signed by Bob.

The 6 custom figures include, from left to right: Mickeygamer, Frankengamer, Jack O Lantern #2Voodoo, Nightzilla and Jack O Lantern #1.  They will be available from the Plaseebo online store on Thursday October 9th.

Autumn finds the Night Gamers, Wilber and Orvil still enjoying evenings
in Manhattan. At 4 AM or so while navigating the streets a few feet
above human eye level in early October they discovered the Halloween
window display at Forbidden Planet on Broadway and 13th. They were
ecstatic, zipping back and forth in front of the glass like giant
bumble bees pausing for an instant in front of each one of the dozens
of masks. A bewildering mix of gruesome and fun expressions in an
endless variety of rubbery goodness, Frankenstein, Godzilla, Mickey,
T2, Bill Clinton, goblins, ghosts and carved pumpkins galore . In the
excitement of their find our travelers both began to glow with the
color changing effects they normally exhibit when engrossed in gaming.
And then the real discovery was revealed to them by their reflections
in the window. Wilber and Orvil's faces morfed into the face of each
mask they were thinking of, as many as ten different masks a minute. It
would seem while traversing the 30 second time shift from their
parallel universe to ours, the molecular structure of their bodies has
become flexible, thus giving them this new ability with which they are
delighted. Halloween became Wilber and Orvil's most favorite holiday, a
shape shifters dream come true.


Eyezon MEETS Night Gamer


Here is a wonderful meeting of the minds (and art styles)...Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co and Bob Conge of Plaseebo will release a joint custom set - Eyezon MEETS Night Gamer - today.  It's a limited edition of 10 sets.  Mark hand painted 10 Plaseebo Night Gamers and Bob hand painted 10 Max Toy Co Eyezons. 


The Nagata custom Night Gamer is 7" tall in white glow in the dark vinyl with fumed red glass inset eyes and is signed and numbered by Mr. Nagata.


The Conge custom Eyezon is 10" tall in clear vinyl with numerous inset plastic eyes and is signed and numbered by Bob.

Both the Eyezon and Night Gamer have a motion activated color changing LED unit inside.  These figures will be offered on a first come, first served basis as a set of the 2 figures (1 Eyezon and 1 Night Gamer). The set is priced at $620 shipped. And those purchasing the set of 2 figures will also receive a signed limited edition 16" by 18" color giclee print of Conge's Eyezon drawing.


To order, send an email to Bob or visit the website.

Plaseebo’s War Invades New York


Plaseebo Custom's WAR figure will be in the Kaiju Invades New York exhibition at The Showroom Gallery in NYC, opening this Saturday, April 19th from 8PM until 11PM.

Bob Conge says: This sculpt is somewhat of a departure for me, in that it is my intent to use the "art toy" form as a vehicle to express a powerful sociopolitical statement.  "War is the ultimate monster" I wanted to create an image that would make the viewer feel the horror of war and perhaps move them to take a stand against its ravages of life and land.  The Dick Cheney smile on the skull is no accident.


The WAR figure is a one-up hand-cast urethane from Bob's original sculpt.  It is 10" high by 6" wide with glass inset eyes.  The body and feet of the WAR figure are made up of the dead bodies of solders, crashed airplanes, blown up tanks, barrels of oil, etc and his legs are the trunks from burned and broken trees.  You already know the back-story.  As inspired by, "I am become Death,The shatterer of Worlds", from The Bhagavad-Gita.