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Plaseebo 2009 Halloween Night Gamer Release


As you may recall from last October in Manhattan, the Night Gamers discovered that while traversing the 30 second time shift from their parallel universe to ours, the molecular structure of their bodies had become flexible, thus giving them this new ability with which they are delighted. Halloween became Wilber and Orvil's most favorite holiday, a shape shifters dream come true.

This Halloween is no exception, they have been morphing from one costume character to another every four or five seconds for two weeks and will continue to do so till midnight on the 31st.

This years ultra limited edition of only 10 Halloween Night Gamers is a collaboration between Plaseebo and Dax of Crystal Glow Chrome. Dax did the beautiful hand painting depicting Wilber and Orvil as if frozen in the the moment of a shape shifting transition from one form to another. Each figure is unique. The 6.5" tall figures are rotocast in orange vinyl and have a motion activated color changing LED unit inside the head.

These will available exclusively through the Plaseebo website store on Thursday, October 22nd around midnight for $150 plus shipping.


Plaseebo’s Ghost Girl Custom


Bob Conge
and Plaseebo will be taking part in the Halloween Massacre Show at Monstock Gallery in Tokyo. Earlier today we showed you the first of their creepy customs...but this one make take the cake for creepiness.

Creepy Custom #2 is entitled Ghost Girl. This one of a kind, signed custom figure is inspired by a Japanese tale of a thousand ghosts. The piece features a vinyl head with rooted hair on a hand cast resin Octobase with a color-changing LED unit. Wow...creeps me out!


Plaseebo’s Specimen No.X-50U2 Custom


Plaseebo has been invited to create some creepy customs for the Halloween Massacre Show, curated by Ricky Wilson of Velocitron, which opens on October 30th at the Monstock Gallery in Tokyo.

This first piece was found on October 31st 1986, inside a rusty metal box that was buried under the floor boards of a woodshed behind a house in Springwater Arizona that was owned in the 1950's by Lt Col Hatfield, US Army Air force, who was stationed in Area 51 at the time of the incident.

Creepy Custom #1 is Specimen No.X-50U2, a one of a kind signed glow in the dark green vinyl piece. It features a paint wash, yellow cat eye inserts, two spiders and lots of icky black flies nicely
stuffed in a glass canning jar. I would not open up that mason jar. I'm guessing that what's inside is definitely pickled.


“Cosmic Camouflage” Skulloctopus Edition


Plaseebo Custom has announced the upcoming release of their "Cosmic Camouflage" Skulloctopus Edition. This is a collaborative (hand painted by Dax from Crystalglowchrome) ultra limited edition of only 5 pieces. Each custom uses a clear green
Japan-made vinyl Skulloctopus, with each piece having a unique paint pattern, swirled glass eye inserts and color-gel brain inserts that are illuminated by a motion activated
color changing LED unit in the head.

These will be available exclusively through the Plaseebo web store for $110 each. They will go up on sale on Friday September 11th at Noon EST. Remember...only 5 of them!


Plaseebo’s Ghost Condor Dokugan


Bob Conge of Plaseebo Custom was invited to create a custom figure for
the Blobpus Custom Art Show that was recently shown off at The Ghetto 100 Gallery
in Tokyo.

My custom "Ghost Condor Dokugan" is a one of a kind mash up and hand
paint on a glow in the dark vinyl Blobpus Dokugan figure using some
parts from a Velocitron Larvagon. It has red glass eye inserts, a
clear vinyl head with GID DX insert and a motion activated LED unit
inside the head.


Plaseebo’s Frigiscare


Plaseebo will debut a new "Great American Kaiju" figure in the
"Toy Karma 2" show at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago opening on September

The "Frigiscare" monster (Kaiju) is a
custom one of a kind color-way hand roto-cast resin prototype from an
original sculpt by Bob Conge. The figure is 9" high with a
removable head that reveals a compartment containing a switched color
changing led unit that illuminates the entire figure in a darkened
room. the Frigiscare monster also has a refrigerator imbedded in his
chest with an opening door.

For the background story and more photos...keep reading.

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Plaseebo + Blobpus = Love at First Sight


The Plaseebo and Blobpus collaboration brings the Dokopus together with the Skulloctopus. The "Love at First Sight" set will be offered for purchase on the Plaseebo website store this Friday, August 14th priced at $150 plus shipping.

This is an ultra limited US edition of 15 sets,  hand painted by Bob Conge. Each set will contain a Plaseebo "Skulloctopus" figure in clear green vinyl with inset glass eyes and an internal color-changing LED unit with its on/off switch mounted on the outside of the skull. In a darkened room, the LED will illuminate the color gel and glow in the dark brain parts inside the skull.

The set also contains one Blobpus "Dokupus" figure in black vinyl with a clear purple head that has glow in the dark red vinyl brain inside, as well as a glow in the dark skull in his hand and a yellow eye insert. This figure also has an internal color-changing LED unit that illuminates the brain in a darkened room.


Mongler Panzer


Bob Conge's newest figure is called the Mongler Panzer. The ultra limited figure (only 5 pieces) will be available from the Plaseebo web store next Wednesday - June 3rd. Each piece is hand painted, signed and numbered by Bob.

The figure is constructed of a hand cast resin Mongler head with red glass eye inserts and an internal switched color changing LED unit over a hyper detailed plastic panzer. The head turret is poseable and the tracks turn. Each Mongler Panzer measures 3" wide by 6" long by 4.5" high and are priced at $275.


Bob Conge’s Custom Pharos


Bob Conge of Plaseebo Custom has been invited to customize a Pharos vinyl figure by Imiri Sakabashira for the show of his works at the Kaiju Blue Gallery in Tokyo. The event opens on May 14th. Another killer custom piece by Mr. Conge.