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Plaseebo in Deft Group Show

face of War2

Plaseebo artist Bob Conge will be part of the "deft" group show at the C Emerson Gallery in St Petersburg, Florida. The show opens this Friday - February 26th, 2010 - from 7PM until 10 PM and runs through April 17th, 2010.

sum p 2

Bob has two new figures and two large limited edition prints in the show. "The Face Of War" (pictured at the top) is an 8" long, one-of-a-kind custom in vinyl and plastic with red glass eye inserts and a LED unit built into the head. "SUM" (pictured above) is a 9" long by 8" custom on-of-a-kind hand cast resin figure. "Poolside With Picasso" (below left) is a signed and numbered (1/38.) 26" x 34" image on a 32" x 42" archival sheet. "Poolside With Soutine" (below right) is a signed and numbered (2/38) 26" x 34" image on a 32" x 42" archival sheet.

poolside picasso
poolside soudine

Saint Valentines Day Massacre Celebration Skulloctopus

st valentn skullo 10

The Saint Valentines Day Massacre Celebration Skulloctopus will be available this Friday (February 12th, 2010) from the Plaseebo web store. This is an Utra Limited edition of just 10 pieces.

The SVDC Skulloctopus is a clear vinyl figure made in Japan, with a custom blood wash over glow-in-the-dark paint, plastic eye inserts, an externally switched internal color changing LED unit and brain inserts visible in the see-through area of the head. The figure is hand painted, signed and numbered by Bob Conge. All available for $110.

skull 1
skull gid

Valentine’s Day Skulloctopus

st valentn skullo 10 baklit

Coming from Bob Conge and Plaseebo...just in time for The Valentines Day Massacre! Keep your eyes peeled for the Valentine's Day Skulloctopus. It's all painted up in a pink hue...and - of course - has some funky light-up action.

Plaseebo’s ICFSB2 Custom

wuu tank 2

Plaseebo is pleased to have a new custom in the "It Came From Skullbrain 2" show at Super 7 in San Francisco. The show's opening is set for January 16th (starting at 7PM), where you'll be able to see this amazing Wuu Tank one-off custom piece from the one and only Bob Conge.

wuu tank
wuu tank led

Dead Pre$idents’ Skulloctopus

m walker skulo a
m walker skulo btm

Starting this Friday (December 18th), Plaseebo is offering an ultra limited Skulloctopus collaboration featuring the work of Matt Walker (Dead Pre$idents). Using high end specialty automotive paints, Matt has put his own spin on the Skulloctopus figure.

Matt's paint work on this edition, in which he lays down multiple transparent tones, is nothing short of MAGICAL. These figures also feature a "Special" ultra fine holographic mini flake embedded into the clear coat that gives off a prism effect in different lighting conditions.

m walker skulo g
m walker skulo c

The clear vinyl Skulloctopus is hand signed by Matt, and has swirled glass eyes, glow in the dark brain inserts and an internal motion activated color changing LED unit that illuminates Matt's crystal like paint work in the dark.

The Dead Pre$idents Ultra Limited Skulloctopus edition of 10 pieces will be priced at $110 each and only available through the PLASEEBO web shop.

walker skulo led a3

Plaseebo Multiversal Custom

plaseebo coneboy
plaseebo coneboy 2

Plaseebo Custom has announced that they will have a pair of custom figures in the MULTIVERSAL Group Show. That event will take place at Art Basel Miami, which runs from December 3rd thru the 6th.

Yet again, another set of killer customs from Bob Conge and the Plaseebo crew.

plaseebo reactor
plaseebo reactor 2

Happy Thanksgiving from Plaseebo

deathpanzer tday parade med

Bob Conge from Plaseebo Custom has sent along the following holiday greetings.

I would like to be able to build this custom piece as a 50 foot inflatable to fly in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC.

Perhaps if people were confronted with a less heroic vision of the reality of War, we might find a solution to conflict more worthy of our position at the top of the food chain. Or are we destined to always be little more than well equipped Neanderthals?

Happy Thanksgiving from Plaseebo.

Bob Conge’s Death Panzer

death panzer a JPG
death panzer d JPG

Bob Conge, of Plaseebo Custom, has finished a new custom that he built to reflect the horror of WAR. The Death Panzer custom is made of hand cast resin and plastic and include an internal color changing LED unit. The figure measures 8 inches long by 5.5 inches tall.

death monger led d JPG
death panzer led a JPG
death panzer led b JPG
death panzer led e JPG

Plaseebo’s Larvopus


Plaseebo will be releasing their newest figure - the Larvopus - on Tuesday November 17th through their website store. This ultra limited edition of 4 custom hand-painted pieces by Bob Conge is a collaboration with Velocitron/Japan.

The 5.5 inch tall figure is a combination of clear vinyl and a hand cast resin Octo base. It also has a switched, color changing LED unit mounted underneath the base that projects color throughout the clear vinyl body. These figures will be signed and numbered and priced at $250 each.

Larvopus led a
Larvopus led b

Plaseebo 2009 Halloween Night Gamer Release


As you may recall from last October in Manhattan, the Night Gamers discovered that while traversing the 30 second time shift from their parallel universe to ours, the molecular structure of their bodies had become flexible, thus giving them this new ability with which they are delighted. Halloween became Wilber and Orvil's most favorite holiday, a shape shifters dream come true.

This Halloween is no exception, they have been morphing from one costume character to another every four or five seconds for two weeks and will continue to do so till midnight on the 31st.

This years ultra limited edition of only 10 Halloween Night Gamers is a collaboration between Plaseebo and Dax of Crystal Glow Chrome. Dax did the beautiful hand painting depicting Wilber and Orvil as if frozen in the the moment of a shape shifting transition from one form to another. Each figure is unique. The 6.5" tall figures are rotocast in orange vinyl and have a motion activated color changing LED unit inside the head.

These will available exclusively through the Plaseebo website store on Thursday, October 22nd around midnight for $150 plus shipping.