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Plaseebo’s Delirious Night Gamer

On Wednesday, November 25th 2015Plaseebo (Bob Conge) will be offering up the Delirious Night Gamer, a one of a kind custom that's been hand-painted with a variety of monster Kolor paints and finished off with a color change flake and high gloss finish by Michael Devera aka obsessed panda. This 8-inch tall vinyl also comes with cushion swirled eyes and a matching custom Night Gamer vinyl brain. It's signed and dated 2015 and will only be available from the Plaseebo Web-shop.

Plaseebo’s Gnaw-X 8 OOAK Custom

Bob Conge (Plaseebo) has announced a new one-of-a-kind custom vinyl - Gnaw-X 8 - which features the Plaseebo “Gnaw” head on a Skull Head Butt “X” body with clear glass eyes. The 8-inch tall figure has various Monster Kolor sprays and gold metal leaf over a silver sparkle infused clear vinyl and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries.

Gnaw-X 8 comes signed by Bob and dated 2015. The Gnaw-X 8 custom It will be available on Wednesday November 18th 2015 from the Plaseebo web-shop for $350.00.

The Mummy YouZha with Sarcophagus


Plaseebo (Bob Conge) has announced the second piece in a series of one of a kind custom YouZha figures to be released over the next few months. The Mummy YouZha with Sarcophagus is a collaboration with Kearjun, the China-based artist who created the 8-inch tall vinyl YouZha figure. The main piece has two red glass eye inserts and is wrapped in mummy cloth. He also has a motion activated color-changing LED unit inside the body and comes with a 9-inch tall reddish/brown vinyl sarcophagus.

The “Mummy YouZha” custom will be available from the Plaseebo web-shop on Friday November 13th 2015. It will be signed and available to purchase for $350.00.

Plaseebo’s Halloween Releases

Bob Conge's favorite holiday is almost here...and Plaseebo will be releasing a handful go creepy, new customs to celebrate Halloween. The creatures will be available on Saturday October 31st 2015 at 12AM EST from the Plaseebo web-shop (linked above). 

Never More - a one of a kind custom mash up using a resin Plaseebo human raven head that has inset eyes. It stands in at 8 inches tall and will be signed and dated 2015.

The Pumpkinhead Night Gamer is inspired by one of Bob's favorite monsters from the 1988 film - Pumpkinhead. This one of a kind 10-inch tall vinyl mash-up uses a Plaseebo Night Gamer head and hand cast resin arms on a Guumon Diagomi lower body. He has orange swirled glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. It will also be signed and dated 2015.

Finally, the Mickey Baby Mummy Rat is a one of a kind 10-inch tall mash-up that has a Plaseebo hand cast resin Mickey Baby head with pink inset eyes and a posable tail in there. It comes wrapped in mummy cloth and is signed and dated 2015.

10th Anniversary Plaseebo Mummy # 2


In celebration of Plaseebo's 10 year anniversary, artist Bob Conge will be releasing the special edition, one-of-a-kind, 10th Anniversary Plaseebo Mummy # 2. This second custom set (Plaseebo Mummy and Sarcophagus) is cast in a never before offered glow in the dark green vinyl with a green wash. The 7-inch (standing) Mummy has swirled orange glass inset eyes and is wraped in mummy cloth. The figure also has an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit. The 9-inch tall Sarcophagus has a gold metal leaf accents on a black base. This is a unique one of a kind set, signed and dated 2015.

This 10th Anniversary Plaseebo Mummy # 2 set will be available on Friday October 23rd 2015 from the Plaseebo Web Shop

Plaseebos’ King Kong Night Gamer


In celebration of the New York Comic Con and New York City's greatest monster of all time...Plaseebo will be offering the King Kong Night Gamer - a one of a kind custom vinyl mash-up of a Plaseebo Night Gamer head on a Siccaluna Koubo Ape body. Standing in at 9-inches tall with red glass eye inserts and an internal motion activated LED unit, the custom holds a bi-plane grabbed from the air while atop the Empire State building. The King Kong Night Gamer will be available on Sunday October 11th 2015 from the Plaseebo web-shop.

Plaseebo’s Electric Uncle Custom


Bob Conge (Plaseebo Customs) was one of the artists to be invited to create a custom Marshmallow Uncle figure for the Angel Abby x Black Seed Marshmallow Uncle Custom Show at Wrong Gallery in Taipei Taiwan. The show opens on October 8th 2015. Bob's submission is the one of a kind Electric Uncle. This glow-in-the-dark vinyl features red glass eye inserts and space junk inside of the clear vinyl Chest Burster. He also has an internal motion activated color-changing Led he glows in two ways.