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REVIEW: NBA OYO Minifigures

The 2017-18 NBA regular season opens in a little over a month. And if you’re not able to contain your excitement, you can always bide your time by putting together your own OYO fantasy squad. OYO Sports has 1.6-inch tall minifigures from all 30 National Basketball Association teams.

Thanks to the folks from OYO, we’re going to taking a look at three OYO NBA figuresAnthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans), Victor Oladipo (Oklahoma City Thunder), and Steven Adams (Thunder). Of course, Oladipo has since been traded to the Pacers.

Each player includes a base with the team’s logo on it. There’s also a pair of red headphones, a grey water bottle, and the ever-important basketball. That basketball has a hole in it so that the OYO figure can realistically hold the rock.

As can be seen from the variety of players in this review, OYO has figures with both painted on hair as well as a separate sculpted piece. I prefer the sculpted piece, just because there’s a weird unpainted nub that sticks up from the center of the OYO’s cranium. And while they were able to get a realistic representation of Steven Adams’ ponytail, I sort of wish we could have seen a sculpted version of his iconic mane.

I was surprised that they were able to achieve such a recognizable look with Davis and Adams. Davis has his signature unibrow and a goatee, while Adams is rocking the ‘stache and stubble he’s been known for. But minifigures aren’t often thought to have realistic likenesses of individuals. Some of the more recognizable players definitely have similarly recognizable OYO heads.

We’ve featured several OYO lines in reviews on the site, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB series. And while I still think the football figures are my favorite, OYO’s NBA collectibles are right up there. You can put them in action poses (even though I didn’t do that in my photos) and the basketball is a perfect accessory for these guys.

As far as pricing, you’re looking at $9.99 each. (Oladipo for the Thunder is limited and available for $4.99, because he’s been dealt) OYO also has: NBA ATVs for $19.99; Team Locker Rooms for $19.99; Team Display Plates - $9.99; Team Shootout Sets - $29.99.

The Facts

OYO Sports - NBA
Series: NBA
Manufacturer: OYO Sports
Material: Plastic minifigures
Dimensions: Approximately 1.6 inches tall
Points of Articulation: 11 (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees)
Designs: Anthony Davis, Victor Oladipo, and Steven Adams
Accessories: Basketball, Water Bottle, Headphones, and Base
Pricing: $9.99 each

REVIEW: OYO Sports – NHL Line

NHL free agency season just started today. So that means a lot of movement, a lot of excitement, and new faces on new teams. For a company like OYO Sports, I’m guessing it means a lot of work as well. They produce their OYO minifigures based on the teams that players are currently on. So when big-name players change jerseys, they’ll be following with updated OYO figures.

For this review, OYO provided us with both the Carolina Hurricanes Gametime Rink as well as a Cam Ward home version minifigure.

The Gametime Rink comes in all different team themes. We just happened to get the Hurricanes (if you follow @plasticandplush on Twitter, you likely know I tweet a lot about Carolina hockey). The Rink is made up of 681 pieces. It’s very similar to putting together a LEGO set. The directions are very easy to follow. And you end up with a 22.5-inch long by 15-inch wide hockey rink.
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REVIEW: OYO Sports NFL Minifigures

OYO Sports has released their 2017 line of NFL minifigures and buildables. And they were nice enough to send us a pair of Carolina Panthers players as well as an All-Terrain Vehicle with their mascot (yes, his name is Sir Purr).

I actually own some of what might just be the first generation NFL OYO figures (they’re from 2014), and the company has made several advancements, specifically in the players’ facial features and the overall sturdiness of the figures. OYO Sports has figures and buildable sets for all 32 NFL teams. They also have a handful of those players available in their college uniforms. And there are some alternate jerseys and classic players (I need a Buffalo Bills Doug Flutie).

For this review, we were sent the two most recognizable Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly. Each figure is wearing his black jersey and includes a helmet, headphones, football, and a personalized stand. The stand has the team image as well as the players’ number on it.

As far at the All-Terrain Vehicle with Sir Purr, if you’ve ever followed LEGO instructions, these are very similar. It was easy to put together, and the final vehicle allowed you to choose from a number of different sticker decorating options. Plus, it came with the Panthers mascot – Sir Purr. Of course, I haven’t seen the vehicle since these photos were taken, as one of my children stole it…so it’s likely broken apart and underneath a bed somewhere.

The NFL series is one of my favorite OYO Sports lines because the minifigures just work in this scale. You can get some natural poses with that extra knee joint in the leg. So both offensive and defensive players can be posed and displayed. And the figures just look sharp with their jersey and helmet. (I’m assuming

I’m much more bullish on the NFL figures than any of the mascots. I think it’s hard to convey a mascot, which often has weird appendages (nose, ears, beak, etc.) shooting out of its head, in a one-size-fits-all minifigure.

In addition to the figures, which retail for $9.99 each, and the ATV, OYO Sports carries a Team Locker Room Set, and Endzone Set, and a Gametime Field Set for every team.

The Facts

OYO Sports - NFL
Manufacturer: OYO Sports
Material: Plastic block minifigures
Points of Articulation: 11 points (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees)
Designs: Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, and ATV with Mascot
Accessories: Figures include football and headphones
Pricing: Figures - $9.99 each; ATV w/Mascot - $19.99

You can pick them up at the following: $9.99 - $79.99

OYOsports introduces IndyCar Minifigures

The OYOsports team has announced a new series of collectible mini-figures based on IndyCar IRL drivers. Each figure includes an authentic team fire suit with team and sponsor branding as well as a water bottle. There are currently 15 different drivers available. You can pick them up for $9.99 each.

Kickstarter: OYOme Personalized Minifigures

The folks from OYO are looking to expand their OYOme line, which currently allows you to go online to personalize one of their MLB licensed minifigures. Their plan is to create and upload face/other features so you can build your own avatar. From there, you'll be able to pick your outfit from an ever-expanding list of creative outfit designs. Lastly, pick the style of your package and the messaging. On each package, the software will upload the image of your avatar and the messaging you created. Maybe you want to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or Funky Monkey Pink Unicorn. Its up to you, just have fun and inspire a smile.

So they've taken this project to Kickstarter. Currently, you can get a personalized OYO beginning at the $25.00 funding level. At the $100.00 early bird level, you'll be able to grab 5 personalized OYO minifigures as well as a Brick Cap ( can display your figures on your head). Plus, there are many other funding levels and various goals (like $100k would allow tooling for lacrosse players). 

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

REVIEW: OYOme MLB Minifigure

OYO Sports has introduced a new way to customize their OYO building block style minifigure. The OYOme minifigures are a new series of personalized Major League Baseball figures available for all 30 MLB teams.

OYOme is currently only available for the MLB license. So even though OYO has NHL, NBA, and NFL figures, you can only customize baseball figures.

The folks from OYO gave me a chance to customize my very own OYO figure, so I went all out. While I’m a lifelong Phillies fan, I decided to go with a Padres jersey. My excuse - I already have a handful of Phillies OYO figures and wanted to check out a different jersey for this review.

Let’s break down the process. Via the online OYOme Creator, you can select one of twenty-four faces (I went with beard and glasses). Next up, you select one of three skin tones (I went with the pastiest white available). Then you select one of the thirty MLB teams (I’ve already told you I went with the Padres). Finally, you enter in your Last Name (for the back of your jersey), your Jersey Number, your full name for the package, and your Position.

I went with Catcher, thinking maybe you get some extra gear, but catchers come with the same accessories as other players. I thought it was a little weird that they labeled catcher – CA. At first, I was reading it as California. Plus, even though I’m listed as a catcher, the illustrated picture on the front is the one OYO uses for infielders. But it’s cool that all of your selections are reflected on the packaging.

The figure’s accessories include a team appropriate hat, baseball glove, baseball, baseball bat, a pair of headphones, and a stand shaped like home plate. I feel like OYO’s MLB figures include the largest number of accessories. That gives you a number of different display options (if you’re not throwing this to the wolves that are your children).

You can get some decent poses with the OYO minfigure, including one where it has both hands on the baseball bat. Or you can attempt to pose the little guy in a number of various pitching windups. The leg kick is optional.

As far as pricing goes, the OYOme figure runs $24.99. A regular OYO MLB figure will cost you $9.99. It’s not a huge upcharge to get a personalized figure. Imagine being a kid and getting your very own baseball player with your name on it. I know that would have blown my 7-year-old mind. Heck, it blows my thirty-something year old mind.

The Facts

Manufacturer: OYO Sports
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 1.6 inches tall
Points of Articulation: 11 (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees)
Accessories: Baseball hat; Baseball Glove; Baseball; Baseball bat; Headphones; Home plate stand
Pricing: $24.99

You can pick one up at the following: $24.99

2015 NFL Draft First Round Pick OYO Minifigures


OYO Sports has released their Special Edition 2015 NFL Draft First Round Pick OYO minifigures. There will be limited quantities produced,  with the draft players only available for a limited time (through May 31st 2015). Each 2015 Draft mini figure includes their new team uniform, team helmet, face mask, water bottle, 2015 draft hat, football, and stand with Draft logo and OYO DNA Number. You can pick them up for $12.99 each.

OYO Sports – MLS Fans



OYO Sports has announced their first MLS collaboration - MLS Fans. Featuring fans from all 20 MLS teams, the fans are packaged blindly - a mystery fan. Each team has three different fans you can pull and each mystery fan run you $9.99. So you are able to choose the just don't know which fan you'll get.

REVIEW: OYO – National Football League



In addition to the NHL and MLB, OYO Sports has a series of officially licensed National Football League OYO minifigures from all 32 NFL teams. There are also approximately 43 NCAA teams represented by either players or team Endzone Sets.

The Endzone Set includes 64 total pieces, including a trio of figures (two team figures and a referee) and an 5-inch by 10-inch Endzone and 3.5-inch tall Field Goal. There’s also the Game Time Set, which includes eleven team figures, a referee, and a full size field. The OYOs are compatible with other notable building block toys like Lego, K'nex, Mega Blocks and more.

For purposes of this review, we were able to get our hands on the Philadelphia Eagles Endzone Set.


The Facts

NFL OYO Minifigures Endzone Set
Manufacturer: OYO Sports
Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: About 2” tall
Points of Articulation: 11 (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, and knees)
Designs: Players from all 32 NFL teams
Accessories: 64 total pieces – 2 OYO team character minifigures (with team helmets); OYO referee minifigure; Football; Water bottle; 59 blocks to build end zone
Pricing: $29.99


The Philadelphia Eagles Endzone Set comes packaged in a large rectangular box. The front and back of the box feature images of the figures and the included end zone (completely put together). Inside, there are three bags with the field, field goal post, and figures. You’ll also get the all-important instructions in there.


Our Opinion

The figures included in the Endzone Set are a little different than your individual OYO minifigure. While the individual minifigures you can purchase feature a slight likeness of the player along with the appropriate jersey name and number, the Endzone Set includes what are essentially “generic” football players with the number 00 on their front and back.


Those two Eagles figures – one white and one black - have a much more stylized look. They sport a large goatee, gritting teeth, eye black, squinting eyes, and large eyebrows. There’s also an OYO referee minifigure included. And accessories include a football and water bottle.


The field includes the end zone, up to the 25 yard line. The end zone features the team’s logo across multiple pieces. The field is a little difficult to put together, so I’d suggest a table – preferably a LEGO table. As you can tell from the photo above, I messed up the 20 yard marker. There’s also the yellow goal post that you can practice putting the included OYO football through.

As far as the Endzone Set, I see it as more of a display option or an item for children who don’t care about specific players. Since OYO produces plenty of those individual minifigures, I think most collectors and fans will likely go that route.

To pick one up, check out the following:

OYO Sports: $29.99



REVIEW: OYO – National Hockey League



We’re a little over one-quarter of the way through the 2014-15 National Hockey League season. It’s a season that generally runs from October into June. Since I live in a hockey town, I get out to a lot of games. But if you’ve been to a hockey game recently, you might have run into the NHL OYO Minifigures.

Featuring skaters, goalies, and Zambonis from all 30 NHL teams, OYO Sports has one of the most popular hockey collectibles. You’ll find OYO minifigures made of all of today’s top players. Heck, they even have some 3rd Line and Checking Line guys. And not only are OYOs collectibles, but they’re are also compatible with other notable building block toys such as Lego, K'nex, Mega Bloks, and more…for added playability.

For this review, OYO Sports sent along three NHL OYO Minifigures: Claude Giroux, Jordan Staal, and Cam Ward (from the newly released Goalie Series).


The Facts

NHL OYO Minifigures
Series: National Hockey League Generation 1
Manufacturer: OYO Sports
Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: About 2” tall
Points of Articulation: 11 (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, and knees)
Designs: Players from all 30 NHL teams
Accessories: Skaters – Skates, Puck, Player Accurate Stick Configuration, Helmet with Removable Shield, Stand; Goalies – Leg Pads with built-in Skates, Blocker, Glove, Stick, Puck, Water Bottle, Helmet with Cage, Stand
Edition Size: Limited Edition
Pricing: Skaters - $12.99; Goalies - $14.99


The packaging for the NHL OYO Minifigure series is similar to that of other OYO figures. It features an outer sleeve as well as a plastic tray where the figure and accessories are held.

The outer packaging on the skaters and goalies differs slightly. While both feature illustrated versions of the figure on the front of the box, the goalie packaging lacks the window cutout.


Our Opinion

I’ll start off by saying that the NHL OYO series is the one I’ve really been looking forward to reviewing. I’m a fairly big hockey fan, which could have been difficult when relocating from the Northeast to down South.

Luckily, we have a local team. And I’ve had season tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes for several years now. That’s why you’re seeing a couple of Canes figures in this review.


I’ve seen this OYO Sports line sold at the various merchandise stands around PNC Arena. And while they only had three player representatives from the team last year, it’s now up to 13 guys and a Zamboni.

So I’ve actually bought a few OYO figures from the aforementioned arena shops. You try to go into a store, where there are little LEGO looking figures, with a 4-year-old and not get pressured into buying that kid a toy.

The actual OYO figures are much like your basic LEGO minifigure. There’s a little more articulation with an OYO, with an extra point at the elbows and knees.

Each skater comes with a pair of grey skates that attach to the bottom of the figure’s feet. Those skates can then slide into a groove on the display base, but be careful as I’ve come across some skates that are a little loose.


Also included with each figure is a team-specific helmet with a detachable visor. You’ll get a basic white hockey stick with a puck. That stick is sculpted so that the puck can be attached to it. And they’ve taken into account the shooting side of each skater, so you’ll get the correct stick.

OYO Sports goes full out authentic by adorning the Captain and Alternate Captains with their jersey patches (as you can see with both Staal and Giroux). While a little less authentic, the series features a handful of heads with various facial hair patterns and colors. So these aren’t going to be authorized likenesses, folks.


The one question I had for a while was why no goalies. But that was answered when OYO Sports released their highly anticipated goalies series last month.

The base goalie figure is the same as the skaters (minus any hands). Additions include a team-specific goalie mask and cage (none of the personalized art, which would likely be impossible to do at this scale), glove (on the player accurate glove hand), blocker, leg pads with built-in skates, goalie stick, puck, and water bottle.


Overall, the figures are great. This will likely be my favorite sport covered by OYO Sports. Some of it has to do with me liking hockey, but there’s also the fact that each figure includes a boatload of accessories. And OYO Sports is constantly adding new players to their lineup, including swapping out players involved in big trades, surprise players, rookies, etc.

You can pick these up at the following:

OYO Sports: Skaters - $12.99 Goalies - $14.99