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The Andretti Family OYO Collector Set

If you're a racing fan or you grew up where I did (Bethlehem, PA - I remember seeing Mario cruising around in his red Lambo many-a-time), then you're familiar with the Andretti family. Well, OYO has released The Andretti Family Collector Set, featuring 3 minifigures celebrating the legacy of the Andretti family in Indy Car racing history. The set includes Mario Andretti (featured in his 1969 Indy 500 winning firesuit), Michael Andretti (featured in his black Andretti Motorsport firesuit), and Marco Andretti (featured in his new Andretti Motorsport / US Concrete #98 firesuit). It's available to purchase for $29.99.

OYOToys American Pride

OYOToys is getting into the political sphere with their American Pride minifigure line. (In this day and age, I only see this ending badly) They're currently offering up 12 different U.S. Presidents (retailing for $9.99 each): Lincoln, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump. There's also an American Pride Display Plate ($9.99) and Tic Tac Toyo set featuring Democrats vs. Republicans ($19.99). There's also a Ruth Bader Ginsburg mini figure as part of their Supreme Court Justices lineup (yeah...a Brett Kavanuagh figure is in the works - no word on PJ or Squee). And they've launched a 2020 Candidates line with Beto O'Rourke (with plenty of others to come).

Bruce Lee “Scratches” OYO Minifigure

OYO Sports has partnered with the Bruce Lee Family Estate to make a series of minifigures that capture the iconic Bruce Lee style in minifigure form. The second minifigure in the series is the Bruce Lee “Scratches” OYO. Available exclusively on, the 1.5-inch tall figure can currently be ordered for $12.95.

Alliance of American Football OYO Sports

Beginning February 9th 2019, the Alliance of American Football is bringing a new look to football. The AAF features players with local ties to the league's eight teams, new technology that brings fans closer to these players, their stats, and in game experience. OYO Sports has teamed up with the AAF to release 2019 Inaugural minifigures. The first AAF OYO minifigure for each team, features the 2019 Inaugural patch, and the #1 on each jersey. You can pick up these figures for $12.99 each.

New Major League Baseball OYO Figures

OYO Sports is keeping up with all of the movement going on during the Major League Baseball offseason. They have updated their site with a number of new players...some guys who have been traded...big free agent signings...and they even have updated those Marlins jerseys.

OYO celebrates MLB Players Weekend

MLB Players Weekend (for 2018) takes place August 24-26. This special weekend of games features players in unique uniforms, each with a special hat and the player's hand selected nickname on the back of the jersey. OYO is honoring this unique look with a small-run series of minifigures made specifically for this event. This is the first series of Players Weekend minifigures they have produced. Every minifigure made for this series is a special edition, with various limits depending on the player. You can pick them up for $12.99 each.

(I'd pick up the "Big Fella" Rhys Hoskins minifig)

OYO Floss Dancer

OYOToys has announced another new minifigure - maybe this one is for the kids - The Floss Dancer. Learn to swing your arms and hips...and do a dance no one out of their teenage years can handle. This minifigure features a backpack and the OYO Floss Dancer logo on his t-shirt. He comes with a pair of headphones and a stand for posing. You can pick one up now for $9.99.

OYO Sports celebrates the MLB All-Star Game

OYO Sports is currently taking orders for the limited edition 2018 MLB All Star Game minifigures. Produced in their 2018 All-Star Game Work Out uniforms, each one is sequentially numbered, and available while supplies last (quantities range from 75-600 pieces) for $12.99 each.

And since the MLB All-Star Game is being played in DC, OYO is releasing a special set of The Racing Presidents (a highlight of Nationals Games). This special set of 4 Presidential mascot minifigures features them in their special All-Star Game Uniforms. The set is only available until July 18th 2018 and can be picked up for $29.99.

Elvis Presley American Eagle OYO

OYO has teamed up with (Shop-Elvis, not Sho-Pelvis) to release the Elvis Presley American Eagle OYO Minifigure. The 1.5-inch tall figure features a pair of facial expressions with Elvis sporting his classic American Eagles Jumpsuit. You can currently pick one up for $9.95.

Infinite Optimism OYO Minifigure

OYO Toys has teamed up with the Bruce Lee Family Store for an exclusive release. The Infinite Optimism OYO Minifigure measures in at 1.5 inches in height and features bendable knees and poseable arms. The figure includes two facial expressions for you to choose from. Also, it includes a custom printed stand for displaying. You can pick one up now for $12.95.