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Buildman Alternate Head


Onell Design released the above photo of the newest head design for their upcoming Buildman figure.  This one is fashioned like a visor (similar to Master Chief) and should work well with customs.

REVIEW: New Pheyden and Exellis Colorways



Onell Design has released several new Pheyden and Exellis colorway designs from their Glyos System series.  Among the characters that we’ll be looking at are the Eclipse Pheyden, Cosmic Wave Pheyden and Andromeda Pheyden (all pictured above).  We’ll also be taking a peek at the new Pulse Pheyden (purple and pink) and the Empire Exellis (black and white).



Each figure comes individually packaged in a small rectangular box.  The piece is secured in a plastic tray and visible through the plastic window front.  Also included in the box is a short informational comic and a card containing several Glyos System characters.

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NYCC 2008: Onell Design


Onell Design set up shop at the Rocket North booth in the small press area of NY Comic Con.  It was sort of a last minute thing, so if you didn't make it to their missed out.  They launched two new Glyos figures - Pulse Version Pheyden (clear red and purple) and Empire Version Exellis (black and white).


In addition to the already released figures and colorways, there were some other designs on display including Buildman Ranic, Gobon and several others.  We can't wait to see them released!


REVIEW: Glyos System – Crayboth



Onell Design recently released the newest character from their Glyos System series line…Crayboth.  The new mini figure is available in 10 different colorways, being sold in 5 separate two packs.  The character joins Exellis and Pheyden as the first three designs made available, but what do we know about the Crayboth?

Inhabitants of the Sporian Planet Alcray, the creatures collectively known as the Crayboth use their energy disrupting abilities and advanced psychic communication to protect themselves from off world invaders.



The Crayboth are sold as a set of two figures.  They are packed in the same box, one on top of the other.  The box has a window front with a pullout plastic tray.  Each pair is packaged with a photo card of the series and small pamphlet that details the character.

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Three New Pheydens


Onell Design is showing off the latest round of Pheyden variants.  Fix your eyes on the three newest versions: Andromeda Pheyden (orange/glow), Eclipse Pheyden (black/white) and Cosmic Wave Pheyden (clear blue/clear).  The trio is currently available now through the Onell shop.  Don't wait on these.

Buildman Ranic


Onell Design has released photos of their newest creation.  Buildman Ranic is a figure
"designed to build with, having no dead end parts."  Look for him to drop sometime this summer. 

Ranic is sporting the Phase Arm in a few of these pics.
His arms and lower legs are designed to have slightly different
aesthetics on each side(kind of like Kikaider) so that more
combinations can be created with multiple figures of the same
character. If you have two figures, you can create two symmetrical
looking styles. With connector points on the bottoms of his feet,
middle of his back, back of his head and even his fist holes, Ranic
should be fun to tinker with.


We can't wait for this and the Pheyden and Exellis colorways that will drop later this month.