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The GodBeast’s Wave 21 Super DX Build

The GodBeast will be dropping his Wave 21 Super DX Build tomorrow (Friday July 7th 2017) at 8PM CST. The Standard Kabuto Mushi builders (pictured above) will sell for $12.00 each. The colorways are as follows: Standard Evolver Beetorian; Reverse Evolver Beetorian; Standard Rock Beetorian; Reverse Rock Beetorian.


There are also a pair of Super DX Crawler Build Kits, available for $65.00 each. The Stone Crawler and Flora Crawler will be extremely limited, so you'll want to act quickly on them. Finally, there will be a Bio Master's "SlitherHook" accessories set ($5.00) and an Onell Design Glyos "Axis Joint" accessories set ($4.00) available.

Wave 12 Kabuto Mushi Release – Tonight


The GodBeast will be releasing Wave 12 of his Kabuto Mushi figure tonight (Sunday December 20th 2015) at 9PM ET. Amongst those that will be available to order are - in order of pictured - the Instar X Mushi ($15.00),  KTX Mushi ($16.00), Unpainted KTX Mushi (25 pieces - $12.00), Titan Rider Mushi ($16.00), and Unpainted Titan Rider Mushi (25 pieces - $12.00).

Kabuto Mushi Release from The Godbeast


Today (October 23rd 2015) at 9PM ET, The Godbeast will be releasing a number of new color versions of his Kabuto Mushi figure. Of course, there's the above pictured Hallobuto all done up in Halloween colors. In addition, you have the Chelonian Mushi (resembles a TMNT), the Metros Mushi (with GID pieces), the Blood Mushi, and the unpainted MUSCLE Mushi. They'll all be able to purchase beginning at 9PM ET.

Kabuto Mushi MKII Wave III

Kabuto Mushi

Marty Hansen (aka The GodBeast) has announced a tentative release date of June 1st 2014 (at 8PM CT) for the Kabuto Mushi MKII Wave III. The above pictured duo are only two of the six figures that will be made available during the sale.

Kabuto Mushi MKII Release Details

GodBeast Kabuto Mushi MKII 1

Marty Hansen (The GodBeast) will be bringing his Kabuto Mushi MKII to the 2014 Kansas City Planet Comic Con (March 14th to 16th) and Chicago's C2E2 (April 25th to 27th) These will be split between the Cons and a scheduled online release (which will have 3 additional colorways) on March 18th 2014 at 8PM CT. Each figure will include a mini-Mushi for $12.00 each.

GodBeast Kabuto Mushi MKII 2

Stabilized Andur at 481Universe

481 Andur 1

The Stabilized Andur figure will be available on Friday January 31st 2014 beginning at 9PM ET over at These Glyos compatible figures are pink and blue PVC with light green paint apps. Look for them to sell for $10.00 each.

481 Andur 2

NYCC13: The Mystical Warriors of the Ring Wave 1


The Mystical Warriors of the Ring Wave 1 (the PVC figures) will be available at New York Comic Con 2013. Widowmaker, Kayin Kungaa, and Sheldon Sabre will be released at the Onell Design Booth #102. There will be two versions available (Candy Apple Red and Flesh) selling for $9.00 per 3 pack.


Onell’s Special Sunday Release

Onell Gatekeepers

Onell Design has announced that a Traveler from the past will return this Sunday, September 8th 2013, at 9:30PM ET. There will be a whole lineup of new releases posted on Onell's website over the next few the anticipation of the big drop.

Onell Design Mini Anniversary Release

Onell The Original Duo

Onell Design will be celebrating a couple of important anniversaries with a very special release this Sunday, July 28th 2013 at 9:30PM ET.

After more than a decade since their original designs were doodled by two goofs in a Saturn dealership, Noboto and Gobon will finally be available as a duo -in their Monsters VS Robots "Standard" colors from Michelle's original 2007 Sidrick comic to boot!

There will be 6 different figures available during the sale - the Noboto and Gobon shown above are obviously two of them. So program that date and time into your Palm Pilot or whatever you kids are using nowadays...because you won't want to miss it.

Kabuto Mushi MKII Prototype

TGB Kabuto Mushi MKII 1

Marty Hansen (aka TheGodBeast) has revealed photos (and details) about the Kabuto Mushi MKII prototypes. This is the UV resistant urethane metallic green/gold iridescent Kabuto Mushi MKII prototype (there are photos of the gray resin high polish Kabuto Mushi MKII prototype on Marty's blog - linked above). This was a collab with Matt Doughty from Onell Design.

TGB Kabuto Mushi MKII 2