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Monstrehero’s Axeface Warchief

Monstrehero Axeface Warchiefs

Axeface, the Scourge of Pre-History, has enlisted his brethren to combat their arch-foes, the skeletal Skullminions! The disparate Axeface clans have sent the Warchiefs in response to his call. The Warchiefs combine ruthless cunning and wizardry with countless years of experience. Each of their War Swords is unique, forged from the blood and ashes of their vanquished foes and tempered with rage and magic. Their cloaks denote their rank in Axeface society and tell a story of their feats.

Monstrehero will be released their resin Axeface Warchief figures today (November 1st 2013) at Noon ET. Each one is completely unique and comes with a removable cloak and War Sword. They stand 4" tall and feature articulation at the arms and waist. And you'll be able to pick one up for $85.00.

Monstrehero’s Leechface

Monstrehero Leechface 1

Monstrehero is showing off their recently completed collaboration with Real x Head - Leechface. This RxH adult-sized body features cast resin hands and a rotocast resin head, painted and glossed with Monster Kolor. There are three versions available: regular edition (middle) and two one-off pieces.

Make sure to follow @monstresean and @monstrecliff on Twitter and Instagram for location updates, as they will be at San Diego Comic Con with some figures. Meet up with them and pick up some Monstrehero toys.

Monstrehero Leechface 2

Monstrehero 2012 Lucky Bags

Monstrehero luckybags

Today (February 13th 2012), Monstrehero will be releasing their 2012 Lucky Bags. Each bag gets you at least three full-sized figures and an assortment of minis, smaller works, odds and ends, and more.

"Almost every sculpt and character in the Monstrehero canon is represented, PLUS never-before-seen sculpts, unreleased colorways, prototypes, one-offs and art show pieces will be randomly included. This is a great jumping on point for new MH collectors and a fantastic supplement to any existing collection.

ALSO, for the first time ever, we introduce MONSTRE-POINTS! These first issue one-of-a-kind coins feature the visage of one of our most near-and-dear creations, the venerable VICTIM #1, and will be redeemable for exclusive MONSTRE-SWAG in the future."