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Stitches and Glue’s Hector

SandG Hector 1

Stitches and Glue have announced another ToyConUK release. Hector, the lodger of a long standing barbershop in the East end of London, comes complete with his very own top hat, wind-up pocket watch and Cravat. Limited to just 2 pieces, the plush features high grade faux suede and fur with hand casted facial features and arm armature to allowing the monster to be posable. It will be available for £300.00 (around $500).

SandG Hector 2

Pierre from Stitches and Glue

Stitches Glue Pierre 2

Stitches and Glue has revealed their first exclusive piece for ToyconUk 2014Pierre is a 6.5" plush with a jointed head and resin facial elements. He also comes complete with engraved named dog tag and carry box.

With a limted run of just 8 piece, he'll be released on April 12th 2014. There will be 4 pieces on sale at Toycon and 4 pieces available online. You'll be able to purchase one for £125.00 (around $210).

Stitches Glue Pierre 1

Bubu from Stitches and Glue

Stitches and Glue Bubu 2

Stitches and Glue has released a ToyConUK exclusive via their site. So if you couldn't pick it up at the show, or weren't there, Bubu is now available to purchase. Limited to just 6 pieces, the "famous performing monkey" comes complete with cage, circus bunting, magnetized symbols, fez and poseable head.

The 13-inch tall piece features flocked ears and hands, a color cast face with hand painted detail, faux fur, faux suede pillow and beans in his bum to help him sit upright

You can pick one up for £375.00 (around $570) with the cage, or £345.00 (around $525) without it.

Stitches and Glue Bubu 1

Rowly from Stitches and Glue

Stitches And Glue Rowlys 1

Quite the confused fellow, who doesn’t take well to being startled. He loves to stare at his own reflection and finds it comforting to peacefully rest in his cage after being busy bouncing.

Paul Vincett and Stitches and Glue have released a new handmade plush - Rowly. The elasticated bouncing monster, with finger a loop, measures in at 7" in height. Each piece features a color cast face (choose a green or purple beak) with hand painted details, luxury faux fur, and faux suede. You can order one now for £55.00 (around $86), which includes a presentation box display.

What’s New from Stitches and Glue

SandG Wing Commander

Paul over at Stitches and Glue has been one busy person. Now available through their online shop, the Wing Commander Wallis stands in at 15" tall. The piece "comes complete with its very own mahogany plinth inscribed with the caption 'Man's Quest for Flight'." If you're interested, you can purchase it for £1,500.00 (about $2,393).

The second character is "the curious cabbage cruncher" called Patch. Limited to only 3 pieces this monster stands in at 14" tall with an arm span of 30" wide (he's fully poseable)...and he comes with a cabbage leaf. Pick one up for £180.00 (around $287).

SandG Patch

Lucky Monster Claws

Stitches Glue Claws

Stitches and Glue have launched a new range of Lucky Monster Claws from their Monster Workshop. "These exotic keep sakes are now available in a vibrant green tiger like luxury fur, with two tone black and white resin claws." Pick up one of these 3.5" x 1.7" claws for £15.00 (about $24).

Stitches and Glue New Releases and Discount Code

stitches glue nov

Stitches and Glue is offering readers of Plastic and Plush 10% Off their store through the end of November 2011. Just enter the discount code PLASTICANDPLUSH in the discount code box on the cart page at the Stitches and Glue collectable store.

stitches glue story teller

Oh...and Stitches and Glue has some new releases. The Story Teller is a one-off peice, never to be reproduced. It measures 26" tall, is fully posable, and includes a wooden staff and wisdom 'found' monicle. Pick it up for £350.00 (about $557).

stitches glue red boyn

And the new purple Boyn Au-burn Colourway (the elasticated bouncing monster, with finger loop) measures 5.5" tall and is a limited edition colorway  of 15 pieces. You can purchase one for £45.00 (about $72).

Purple Ice Boyn from Stitches and Glue

stitches and glue boyn 1

Stitches and Glue reveals Boyn - The Monster that Bounces. The 7" x 5.5" x 4" (excluding ears) plush is an "elasticated bouncing monster". This limited edition Purple Ice Boyn color way is limited to a run of only 15 pieces, running £45.00 each (about $71). Each plush includes a story print card and adoption pack.

This little fella can’t stop flapping his ears and bouncing about. He was found being quite a nuisance causing a clatter amongst the somber bells high up in a clock tower. He proved to be quite the handful to capture and his new owners need to be on their toes to keep up with this energetic little critter.

Large Luxury Monster Rug

sandg monster rug 1

Stitches and Glue is helping out the romantic in you. They've released this Large Luxury Monster Rug - the perfect finishing touch to any stylish home. This handmade one-off long-haired faux fur pelt measures in at 70" x 50". If you're looking to throw one down in front of your fireplace, you can pick up this piece for £1,100 (about $1,800).

sandg monster rug 2

Monster Workshop at Cockpit Arts

mw cockpit

This Friday, Cockpit Arts 25th summer open studio event begins in London. Monster Workshop will be in attendance with plenty of monsters in tow. Visit them in E2 for Cockpit exclusives, including their first ever Monster Litter and a super-sized monster rug.

The event takes place on Friday June 10th 2011 (6PM to 9PM) and Saturday June 11th 2011 (11AM to 6PM).