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REVIEW: Milk and Cheese

Background sent us two of the baddest dairy products around. The Milk and Cheese rotocast vinyl figures are based on the comic book series of the same name. Artist Evan Dorkin teamed up with Monkey Fun Toys to bring...

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2006 Toy Fair, Monkey Fun Toys

2006 Toy Fair: Monkey Fun Toys

Monkey Fun Toys is a division of Slave Labor Graphics. Filler Bunny, Spooky and the new Z? Mug have all been created by Jhonen Vasquez. The new, guitar-rocking Mummy figure was designed by Eric Jones. Our 2006 Toy Fair sponsor,...

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Monkey Fun Toys

Monkey Fun Toys Reveals 2006 Lines

In celebration of five years in the toy business, Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing announced an ambitious toy program for the first half of 2006 for its division - Monkey Fun Toys. Products range from vinyl and plastic toys, plush...

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