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Mondo’s Waiting for My J Man Statue

Mondo has announced a new Harley Quinn polystone statue. Based on the poster and 7-inch vinyl record sleeve by Matt Taylor, the Waiting for My J Man statue features a lovelorn Harley Quinn relaxing on a swanky shag carpet and listening to her favorite tunes as she waits for a certain someone to come home.

The 9.25-inch tall statue currently available to pre-order in two versions. Both are expected to ship beginning in Q3 of 2017. The Mondo Exclusive (shown below right) features seven double-sided mini records, six featuring record sleeves found in the original poster, and one featuring new art by Matt Taylor. This version runs $260.00 and is available to pre-order through Saturday January 28th 2017 at Noon CST. (The regular version runs $250.00)


Mondo Christmas Ornaments (Madballs and Phantasm)

Mondo is celebrating the holiday season with the folks at Middle of Beyond to bring you ornaments inspired by two awesome properties: PHANTASM and Madballs. Though they don't expect to ship out orders until January you might have to hold out to put them up on the tree next season.

Introduced in the 1979 horror classic PHANTASM, the Sentinel Sphere is the signature weapon of supernatural undertaker, The Tall Man. The flying silver orb is used to drill into the brain of his victims and drain their head-nog. The PHANTASM Sentinel Sphere Ornament is available for $15.00.

Those lovely, gross Madballs can also adorn your Christmas tree. Each disgusting glass ornament is 3 inches around and ready to hang in your tree...and make your family gag. Horn Head, Slobulus, Dust Brain, and Skull Face are each limited to 100 pieces and sell for $10.00 each or $35.00 for the set.

Gremlins Mondo Tee-Kis


Mondo has introduced their Mondo Tee-kis - a line of pop culture-inspired Tiki Mugs. The Gremlins Mondo Tee-Kis, designed by Michael Bonanno and sculpted by Ramirez Studios, will have four different glazeways available. Each ceramic piece measures 6.25 inches in height.

There is a Brown mug available exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse theaters. The Green mug - the general release version - sells for $25.00. The Candy Cane mug is a limited edition of 250 pieces and sells for $35.00. And the Microwave Melt mug is a limited edition of 100 pieces and sells for $45.00. They're expected to begin shipping in Q1 of 2017.



Mondo’s Batman Red Rain Statue


Mondo has announced the Batman Red Rain Statue by Francesco Francavilla. Batman Red Rain is a DC Comics Elseworlds tale, in which the Dark Knight battles the infamous Dracula, ultimately becomes a vampire himself in the process. Inspired by Francesco Francavilla's poster of the same name, the Batman: Red Rain statue depicts Batman as a vampire stalking the night and hunting his own kind, while attempting to stave off his own hunger for blood.

The polystone statue measures approximately 15 inches in height. The figure is available in a Mondo Exclusive version for $255.00 until Friday October 14th 2016 at Noon CST. The Mondo Exclusive features an interchangeable right arm, holding a wooden stake. The Regular Version sells for $250.00. They're expected to begin shipping in Q2 of 2017.

Marceline Abadeer the Vampire Queen Statue


Straight from the Land of Ooo - and Mondo - comes Marceline Abadeer the Vampire Queen. Floating in the air, playing her Axe Bass, and littering the floor with some of her favorite snacks, Marceline is content just hanging out and playing sweet tunes. The 9-inch tall Marceline the Vampire Queen Statue is made of polystone and includes a mini copy of the hit film Heat Signature.

Expected to ship in Q1 of 2017, you can pre-order the Marceline the Vampire Queen Statue in one of two versions. In addition to the regular version ($100.00), the Mondo website exclusive version ($105.00) includes a mini statue of Marceline's favorite childhood doll, Hambo. The Exclusive Version will be available through Friday August 12th 2016 at Noon CST.


Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure


Mondo has announced the Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure, from the Scott Pilgrim comic series. The figure is based on the art of creator Bryan Lee O'Malley, featuring 7 points of articulation and a number of accessories.

"An American expatriate, ninja delivery girl, and traverser of subspace, Ramona is the object of Scott Pilgrim's love. Too bad she's got seven evil exes he must defeat.

The Ramona Flowers accessories include:

  • Titanium Baseball Bat
  • Large Hammer
  • Subspace Suitcase & Strap
  • Two Interchangeable Right Arms

The Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure stands in at about 8.75 inches in height. There will be a Mondo Exclusive version (pictured below) that includes an additional interchangeable 'Scott Pilgrim in Subspace Suitcase' accessory. That exclusive will only be available to pre-order through Noon CT on Friday July 1st 2016. The Mondo Exclusive version runs $55.00, while the regular version will be $50.00. Look for both to begin shipping in Q1 of 2017.


Mondo’s 1/6th scale Alfred Hitchcock


After previously teasing their 1/6th scale Alfred Hitchcock figure, Mondo will be opening up pre-orders for the figure today (May 26th 2016) beginning at Noon CST. There will be a Mondo exclusive version, which will include an additional Seagull accessory, that will only be available through Saturday May 28th at Noon CST. The regular version retails for $185.00, while the Mondo Exclusive will run $190.00. Both versions are expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2016.


The 1/6th scale Alfred Hitchcock figure features the following:

  • Director's Chair
  • 2 Cigars (1 lit & 1 unlit)
  • Raven
  • Clapboard
  • Butcher Knife
  • Four Interchangeable Hands
  • Mondo Exclusive: Seagull


The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure – Shadow Variant


Mondo has introduced the new version of everyone's favorite big ferrous friend - The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure - Shadow Variant. The figure measures in around 16 inches in height, featuring 30+ points of articulation The figure includes a pair of interchangeable heads with light-up eyes, a magnetic "S" that be detached from a Seafood signed, a War Arm, and a Hogarth mini figure. The Iron Giant also features a sound feature with quotes from the film. This version is an edition of 150 pieces and can be ordered for $300.00

Mondo’s 1/6th scale TMNT Mousers 2-pack


Mondo has released the next figure from their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/6th Scale Collectible Series - the Mousers 2-pack. Their website exclusive version, which includes a trio of rat accessories (crawling, standing, and dead), is available only until Noon CST on Wednesday April 6th 2016. The Mousers stand approximately 4 inches in height and have 20 points of articulation.


In the original Eastman and Laird Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, the Mousers were created by inventor Baxter Stockman to rid New York City of its rat problem. Stockman, however, plans to use an army of the bipedal robots to eat away the foundations of buildings, causing them to topple, and hold the city ransom. His assistant, April O'Neil, discovers his plan, and Stockman sends a horde of Mousers after her. Just as she's about to face her end in the jaws of the mechanical terrors, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles swoop in to save her, and thus their famous friendship began!

The Mousers 2-pack is expected to ship in Q4 of 2016. The regular set is available for $50.00, while the Mondo Exclusive set can be pre-ordered for $55.00.


Mondo’s TMNT 1/6th Scale Raphael Figure


Mondo Tees has announced the pre-order release of their 1/6th Scale Raphael Figure, based on the original Eastman and Laird comic book. Featuring over 25 points of articulation, interchangeable heads and hands, plus weapons and accessories taken right from the pages of the comic'll be able to add Raphael to the other 1/6th scale Mondo-made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the figure available to pre-order for $149.99. It's expected to begin shipping in Q3 of 2016.

The 1/6th scale Raphael figure includes the following:

  • Classic Comic Red Mask Head
  • Unmasked Head
  • Two Sai
  • Set of C-Grip Hands
  • Set of Climbing Claw Hands
  • "Clenched Fist of Untamed Aggression" Hand
  • Two Four-Point Shuriken
  • TwoEight-Point Shuriken
  • Grappling Hook and Cord
  • Triceraton Blaster
  • Belt
  • Utrom Lieutenant (the one that looks like Krang)
  • TCRI Canister
  • Pre-Mutation Baby Raphael