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I went to see MST3K Live and all I got was entertained…

There are very few things that a 7-year-old and a 39-year-old can agree upon. Just the other day, it took me an hour and a half to figure out where to get something to eat with my child, due to his picky tastes in fine cuisine. Peel and Eat Shrimp or Mac 'n' Cheese - I had to find one of those in the middle of a city I was unfamiliar with. We ended up eating at the hotel across the street from our hotel. On the way out of that fine dining establishment, a pleasant young lady proceeded to hock a loogie in the pathway of my impressionable child. So, why had we traveled two and a half hours away from quiet suburbia to the wrong side of town Richmond, VA? To see the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live! Watch Out For Snakes Tour! 

I spent way too much time in college, when I probably should have been studying, watching MST3K on Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel. For some reason, random pop culture references stick to my brain like Nietzsche never could. So I loved it when I would get a joke that flew over others' heads. Plus, I found it amazing that people were getting paid to do what people would tell me to shut up from doing.

So when I saw that Joel Hodgson was launching a Kickstarter campaign to attempt to fund three new episodes of the classic show, I was all about #BringBackMST3K. I backed without any trepidation. I supported it for really the same reason I run this toy news site - for a feeling of nostalgia and a glimpse at art being created. Flash forward a few months and Joel and company had raised close to $6 million, secured a deal with Netflix, and released 14 new episodes starring the likes of Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, Baron Vaughn, Hampton Yount, and Rebecca Hanson.

During this time, I had been watching Shout! Factory DVDs of old episodes and my sons got into the show. My youngest loves the robots and spaceship. My oldest laughs at the jokes. It's likely that 75% of the time he has no idea what he's laughing at. I'm pretty sure he's not getting those Spuds MacKenzie references and has no idea who Joe Don Baker is. But was he super excited to go see the new cast of the revived MST3K when I told him they were doing a Live Tour.

So I went all-out and sprung for the VIP package at the Richmond show. While they had riffed on the "classic" film Eegah! at most of their previous spots, we got to see the "Secret Surprise Film". And it was a surprise as I had no idea what it was until the opening credits started rolling (now that the tour is over, I feel okay saying it was a really bad Italian superhero film called Argoman the Fantastic Superman). My son and I got seats in the front row. There was a fairly intimate Q&A with creator Joel Hodgson before the show. And then we got to go up on stage and get our picture taken with some of the cast. I felt a sense that not only was this mind-blowing for the fans, but also for all of those connected to the show (since most of them were fans of the original show's run).

The show itself was excellent. There were some sound issues that I blame on the venue. But the live show was set up just like a regular episode, with sketch breaks taking place featuring Jonah, Crow, and Tom Servo aboard the Satellite of Love. There was also interaction with the crowd (like my son nearly getting a spit-take shower from Rebecca Hanson's Synthia character). And the movie featured an A+ riff. It likely would have been one of my top 5 favorite episodes if it had been included in the revival season (It's going to be tough to top Cry Wilderness). I'm sort of hoping they include it in Season 2 of the Netflix run. Speaking of a Season 2 (or 12), where's that announcement Netflix? 

But the best thing was that my son and I got to enjoy a laugh over the same thing. Nowadays, I don't get their cartoons. When I was a kid, cartoons were made by toy companies intent on selling you their toys. I understood that. However, when we went to see MST3K Live! Watch Out For Snakes! we were able to find mutual humor in a guy and two robots making fun of a 50 year old superhero-Eurospy film about a robe wearing playboy "fantastic superman". Who woulda thought...

Golden Treeson

Artist Bubi Au Yeung has announced a new version of her Treeson character in vinyl form. The Golden Treeson celebrates Treeson's 12th birthday. This special edition figure is limited to a run of 300 pieces worldwide. Each box comes numbered and signed by the artist - Bubi Au Yeung. At 5 inches in height, the vinyl figure with golden plating features movable arms and includes a tree branch.

You can pick one up now from Fluffy House for $65.00.

Kickstarter: Souls of the Abyss – The Tiburonera Tribe

Hollywood creature designer and filmmaker Sandy Collora has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to produce figures based on characters his short film - Shallow Water. This lost tribe of reptilian prehistoric sea creatures is called the Tiburonera - The Shark Hunters. The figures stand approximately 7.5 inches tall. The figures will be available in five different color patterns (matching those from the film) with the figures named Drones, the Scout, the Tracker, the Monarch, and the Shaman. The sculpt is the same for all of the figures except for the Monarch, who shows the age and battle damage he's sustained over the millennia.

Currently, an individual figure is available at the $35.00 funding level. There will be weapon packs available. And there's a variety of different packages you can choose from. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Tuesday, August 29th 2017 at 1:35AM ET.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back all Kickstarters with caution.

Devil’s Head Productions Triple Release – 8/5/17

Devil's Head Productions has a fairly significant figure drop taking place this Saturday - August 5th 2017.

Apalala is back in this microrun painted by sofubi customizer extraordinaire Hellopike. Half the run is on a pink vinyl base with tons of metallic colors and a bit of black, white and tan too. The other half is on white vinyl and features an earth tone paint rub with swampy green and blue tones complemented by hits of silver, purple and brown. They will be limited to one pice per person and sold blind bagged.
$150.00 each

Hellopike also threw down some paint on DHP's Jizo. Metallic tones are complemented by a splash of red and a splatter of black. Unlike Apalala X Hellopike, there is not a limit on this release.
$30.00 each

DHP has teamed up with Chinese vinyl maker Nomiwa for this mircorun of Hogada. This strange merging of Buddhist imagery and insectoid structure creates quite a presence with the lights on or off. Cast in blue GID vinyl, a pink rub has been applied with pink, black yellow, green and bronze paints overtop.
$125.00 each

Hot Toy’s 1/4th Scale The Joker (The Dark Knight)

Hot Toys has announced a new - much larger - version of The Joker from the film The Dark Knight. The all-new 1/4th scale The Joker collectible figure is crafted based on the likeness of Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight. The figure stands approximately one and a half feet tall, it features a stunningly detailed head sculpt of The Joker in full make-up, extremely elaborated costumes expertly tailored for the 1/4th scale body to maximize screen authenticity, and a whole bunch of weapons and accessories. Also, there is a Special Edition available that includes an additional interchangeable gradient dual-faced head sculpt based on the appearances of the actor Heath Ledger and his “transformation” into the Joker.

Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for this quarter scale figure. It's priced at $540.00 (or $505.00 for the non-exclusive version) and expected to begin shipping to those who pre-order around Q2 of 2018.

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Zica Toys’ latest Sectaurs Reveal – Mantor

The people of at Zica Toys have teased a new figure that will be a part of their highly-anticipated Sectaurs reboot line. Mantor - the Heroic Sectaur of the Shining Realm - is presented here in the announced 4-inch scale. I've seen some folks complain about the 1/18th scale, but I don't see any problems with it. I am wondering if Mantor (and the other Sectaurs) will include their bug counterparts or whether they will be sold separately. 

Hello Mello by Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington is releasing his “Hello Mello” sculpture - a miniature replica of the 12-foot Palm Tree sculpture Steve unveiled at the Strawberry Festival in Shanghai’s Expo Park. The 11-inch tall ABS plastic piece will be released on Friday July 21st 2017 at 3PM ET (via the above link). Hello Mello will be a limited edition of 200 pieces, with each one running $155.00 (shipping included).

SDCC17: Dumbrella Releases

Artist Andrew Bell will be at the Dumbrella Booth #1335 this week for San Diego Comic Con 2017. He will have a number of items available, including a few new things.

Enamel Pins in over 25 designs (including a few new ones) will range in price from $8.00 to $10.00 each. Making its debut at the show will be the 3-inch Summer 2017 "Watermelon" Android mini collectible figure. You'll be able to pick that one up for $10.00. (It will also be released online for Non-Con-Goers at the end of the month) From the O-No Food Company empire, you'll be able to get a special sneak peek preview sale of the upcoming "Single Servings" mini figure keychain series. They run $6.00 each (or buy a case of 24 with a discount). There are 20 variants of 8 different sculpts to find. And the newest member of the Android figure family is andy - a 4-inch tall vinyl figure that features articulated arms and head. Each figure includes a sticker sheet of emojis to decorate a tiny phone accessory. Another very limited quantity preview release, it will sell for $12.00 each.

SDCC17: Jermaine Rogers’ Releases

Jermaine Rogers will be attending San Diego Comic Con 2017, where he will be set up in Booth #4532. Amongst the items that will be available at his booth, you'll be able to pick up the:

Dero Creeping 'Spectre' - 50 pieces
Dero Trance Pin (Regular and Shadow)
Aleppin Sane Pin (Glam Edition)
Veil: East - 500 pieces
New resin cast - beLIEve
Veil: Specimen #72 - Dero-Skin - 125 pieces
Veil: Specimen #72 - Shadow - 300 pieces