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Devil’s Head Productions Valentine’s Day Release

Devil's Head Productions will be celebrating Valentine's Day in style...with two new releases taking place on Thursday February 14th 2019.

At first blush you may think this is the same toy that was released back in 2017...but it's NOT! This neon pink opaque vinyl has a special surprise this year. Not only does the 2019 Be Mine Apalala have orange glass eyes but the whole toy actually glows orange when the lights are out! BOOM! Comes with a matching Jizo-Anarcho OMAKE and a 3 inch diecut Pink Crawlah Apalala sticker as a bonus. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.
$130.00 each

Riding hot off the heels of the DCON Wolfpack, another Shirahama X DHP collaboration runs wild. Soft pink vinyl with pink, red, gold, tan, lavender and dark purple paints. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.
$60.00 each

Obsidian Black FrankenMerrick Pre-Order

Miscreation Toys has announced the limited edition pre-order window for their Obsidian Black FrankenMerrick figure. A bizarre mash-up between Frankenstein's monster and the Elephant Man is "miscreated" as "FrankenMerrick: The Incurable Man". Standing at 12 inches tall, FrankenMerrick has 7 points of articulation, includes a loin cloth to cover his unmentionables, and comes with a metal chain accessory shackled to his wrist. This limited release is poured in black vinyl and made in Japan.

Available beginning on Friday February 1st 2019 at 3PM ET, this preorder is limited to only 25 pieces and will run until February 12th or until sold out. Orders are estimated to ship in mid to late March 2019. Also, each order will ship out with a lotto ticket that enters you into a contest to win a 1-off custom by Miscreation chosen by random.

The Self In A Cup Of Tea

Lunartik has released his new The Self In A Cup Of Tea piece. Limited to a run of 30 pieces, this 2.5-inch tall mini tea includes a 3D-printed head and brush. Each one come signed and numbered by the artist - Matt Jones. You can pick one up now for £30.00 plus shipping (about $38).

Big Trouble by FLABSLAB and Richard Page

The Big Trouble figure from FLABSLAB and (sculpted by) Richard Page is currently available to purchase. Priced at $130.00, the piece features The Legend that is Gerald Okamura cast in resin. Measuring in at 7.5 inches in height, this figure is limited to a run of 20 pieces. If you missed out of any of the recently release Gerald Okamura - Big Trouble in Little China inspired figures...this is one that you'll want to pick up.

DHP: Buttercup Apalala and Crawlah Apalala Releases

Devils Head Productions has announced a pair of new Apalala releases for you to be aware of.

Paul Kaiju has finished these up and they will all be sold via lottery. You'll need to head to Paul's site to fill out a lottery form, which will go online beginning on Sunday, January 20th 2019 at 8AM PT. Entries will stop being accepted after 12 hours (8PM PT). Winners will be drawn randomly from all entries, and notified within 4 days after raffle closing. Upon selection, the Buttercup Apalala will run $200.00 (Includes U.S. shipping and taxes - international shipping via EMS add $65.00). Not intended for youngsters.

On sale on Saturday January 26th 2019 via the DHP Webshop, this is an official Apalala collaboration with the Crawlah Club. Crawlah Club owner Eric Adams has provided the illustration that has been used to make the 5" x 7" print and 4" x 4" sticker that both come with this release (shown below). This minty green opaque vinyl has green glitter embedded throughout. The colors used in the print actually mimic the toy while the sticker is just a wild colorway bonus. Apalala comes with a matching Jizo-Anarcho OMAKE for $130.00 each. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.

Big Trouble…Coming Soon…

Apparently, there's some big trouble coming soon from the folks at FLABSLAB. As in the Big Trouble figure (pictured above) featuring the likeness of actor Gerald Okamura in the cult classic film - Big Trouble In Little China. No word yet on when - or how much - this piece will be released (for).

Bloody Hell Bruzzy Lottery

Zukaty has announced the first Bruzzy release of 2019 - a collaboration with @figure_fx. Available via lottery, the Bloody Hell Bruzzy will be available in Red and Purple editions (2 of each). The Bruzzy stands 7 inches tall with 5 points articulation (neck, arms and legs) and comes packed in a bag with a header card, stickers, and a mini omake Bruzzy head. The figure will run $150.00 plus shipping ($10.00 for UK, $25.00 rest of the world).

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday January 9th 2019 at Midnight GMT (7PM ET), email to winners will go out on Thursday 10th.To enter, email with the subject "Red Bloody Hell" or "Purple Bloody Hell" or both of you want a set, and include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Paypal
  • Instagram ID

Micro Brawlers Wave 2 Bundle

Pro Wrestling Tees is releasing another round of their Micro Brawler figures. The Micro Brawlers Wave 2 Bundle includes 11 new ("custom made, never before seen") figures. Pre-orders for this wave start on December 14th 2018 at Noon CT. The figures are then anticipated to begin shipping in late-March 2019. Measuring about 3 inches in height, you'll be able to get the entire 11 figure wave for $113.96.

Beasts of the Mesozoic: New Raptors available for Pre-Order

David Silva, the man behind Creative Beast Studio and the Beasts of the Mesozoic series, has announced some additions of the Raptor Series flock. The next set of Raptor Series action figures has already begun production (without the need for crowdfunding) and are now being offered for the first time to pre-order at a special reduced price. These figures will remain available to pre-order until they are in-stock, which is estimated to be late March or early April 2019.

Those figures now available for pre-order include the following:

  • Velociraptor mongoliensis (2nd release) - $46.99
  • Dromaeosaurus albertensis (2nd release) - $46.99
  • Sauronitholestes sullivani (runner) - $46.99
  • Velociraptor mongoliensis (black) - $46.99
  • Velociraptor osmolskae 'Alpha' (shared exclusive) - $46.99
  • White Nestlings 3-Pack - $28.99
  • Western 2-Pack- Buitreraptor g. and young Stenonychosaurus i. - $42.99
  • Eastern 2-pack- Mircoraptor g.and Mononykus o. - $42.99

Factory Entertainment introduces their REVOs line

REVOs (pronounced rē-vōs) are the new vinyl figure line from Factory Entertainment. The REVO line incorporates Factory Entertainment’s special “spin” movement, which allows the figure to revolve, rock and wobble. Collectors can face their favorite characters off against each other in head to head REVO battles and/or build a pop-culture army that’s always on the move. 

Currently, there are two assortments available to purchase - the Jurassic Park Assortment 1 (Alan Grant, Raptor, and Ian Malcom) and the Warner Bros. Assortment 1 (Pennywise, Freddy, and Bettlejuice) - for $39.00 for each trio.