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Garbage Pail Kids: Super Snot Shots


Steve Jackson Games and Topps have partnered to create a pair of games based on Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. The Garbage Pail Kids: Super Snot Shots is a limited-edition dexterity game that’s as gross as it sounds. While some were released at NYCC, 2015 will see the full release of the game. The game uses classic Garbage Pail Kids art, has custom dice, and will be released in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards.

Can We Afford This Much Despair?


Adam Quesnell - a comedian on Stand Up! Records - is celebrating the recent release of his album "Can We Afford This Much Despair?" with the release of a toy. Stand Up! Records has teamed up with illustrator Terence Brown II, the sculpting team at October Toys, and Tru:Tek of Disart Toylabs, to bring you the 3" rtall ubber toy of your saddest nightmares - Despair.

There will be several colorways released and the big release will happen on Halloween. No word yet on pricing.

The Despair Story:

Despair is a demon from the 10th Circle of Hell; the level where people who make bad cinematic adaptations of classic toy properties are flayed for eternity. Not your average demon, Despair suffers from severe anxiety disorder and crippling depression.

Satan himself banished Despair from Hell for being a major bummer.

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Kickstarter: Yoga Joes


Dan Abramson of is taking his newest project to Kickstarter in order to raise funds to produce his Yoga Joes series of inaction figures. These peaceful action figures are designed to inspire children, men, and military veterans to try yoga.

I made Yoga Joes in the spirit of getting more people to try yoga. In order to make Yoga Joes a toy that people can easily afford, I need funding to create a metal mold, so that the figures can be made through plastic injection. This is an expensive upfront cost, and so this idea needs to be supported by a community of yoga fans who believe that it deserves to exist.

The figures include: Downward-facing dog, Warrior Two, Cobra Pose, Child's Pose, Meditation Pose, and Headstand. Stretch goals include: Warrior One, Crow Pose, and Tree Pose.

A complete set of six Yoga Joes can be picked up at the $20.00 pledge level ($10.00 for active military or veterans). This project will only be funded if at least $40,000 is pledged by Friday, October 10th 2014 at 5:23PM ET.

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TETRIS: Tetrimino Light Sculptures


If you've ever though, "Hey! I wish I had some really big Tetris piece shaped lights", then TriForce has you covered. They've announced the officially licensed TETRIS: Tetrimino Light Sculptures. The Tetrimino is the actual name of all of those little pieces. Each Tetrimino light sculpture measures (depending on the shape) over 12 inches in length, width, or height, features working LED effects, and is water proof - I guess some folks play giant light Tetris in the shower. Each of the seven different designs is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. Also, each light sculpture piece runs $225.00...making this version of the game much more expensive than it was on my GameBoy.


Joe Ledbetter’s Fire-Catzilla Release


Joe Ledbetter will be releasing his latest vinyl figure Fire-Catzilla this Friday, September 26th 2014 at 8AM PT. Fire-Catzilla features newly sculpted fins, a tail, and an electric flame with the Japanese word for "rawr" printed across in neon pink. The 11-inch tall vinyl is a limited edition of 300 pieces and features five points of articulation. You'll be able to pick one up for $110.00 plus shipping.


He’s A Pinball…Zombie


If you just came into some money that's burning a hole in your pocket - or you're looking for an early Christmas gift for me - Stern Pinball, Inc. has announced the availability of its Pro and Limited Edition models of AMC’s The Walking Dead pinball machine. In the game, "players fight to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside series icon, Sheriff Rick Grimes, by battling zombies and completing various game missions."

 The Pro Model will run $5,995.00, while the The Limited Edition version, offers unique special effects such as a fish tank with illuminated sculpted zombie heads and a motorized crossbow assembly that allows players to launch the ball anywhere in the game, will set you back $8,595.00.

Patrick Wong’s J-Dilla Custom Run


Patrick Wong is set to release his hand-crafted designer toy commemorating the late hip hop producer/emcee J-Dilla on Tuesday September 16th 2014 at 9:00AM PT. The release is based on the legendary Detroit producer/emcee of Slum Village who had produced a series of memorable tracks for artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Busta Rhymes, Mos Def among others before dying at the age of 32.

It includes a mini record crate accessory featuring a Bobby Caldwell LP. The extremely limited edition - part-resin and part-vinyl Madl - measures 7 inches tall. There will only be 10 pieces available worldwide. The figure will be available to order at Patrick's webshop and will be priced at $150.00 plus trackable shipping.