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REVIEW: Mutant Mania



Mutant Mania is a new series of mix and match wrestler toys from Australia-based Moose Toys. The figure is made up of four pieces – the head, torso, legs, and a band that connects them together. Each figure features a funny name and is available in a solid or translucent version.

The Mutant Mania characters can fall into one of seven categories: Astro Mutants, Brutal Beasts, Evil Zomboidz, Insect-A-Zoids, Mutant Men, Reptiles of Rage, or Robo Mutants. Each class of characters has a slightly different look. And the Reptiles of Rage actually glow in the dark. Also, individual figures are rated Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Special Edition, or Limited Edition. In all, the packaging claims “Over 120 to Collect” and the ability to “Build Millions of Combos”.

We received a Mutant Mania 8-pack to check out for this review.


The Facts

Mutant Mania
Manufacturer: Moose Toys
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: About 1.5” tall
Points of Articulation: 2 (neck and waist)
Designs: Over 120 designs
Pricing: $7.77/8-pack


While I wasn’t able to take a photo of the exterior packaging – my kids got ahold of it before I did – the 8-pack comes carded in a plastic bubble. Inside, there’s a nice little Mutantade soda can that opens up and acts as a storage container. And the packaging includes a checklist of all of the available figures and their names.


Our Opinion

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No-Face (Kaonashi) Smokey Set



Flawtoys has has announced the release of their No-Face (Kaonashi) Smokey Set. You might remember seeing a version of these figures previously released...or maybe you just remember seeing the character in Spirited Away. The set includes a smokey red and green No-face and is limited to 12 sets worldwide. The sets (each figure measuring at 3.8-inches tall) will be available on Tuesday February 3rd 2015 at 11AM ET and run €50.00 (about $57).

Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi + Chris Ryniak = Figgle Bits


Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi have announced release details about the Figgle Bits. Designed and sculpted by artist Chris Ryniak, the Figgle Bits are a series of 2.875-inch rotocast vinyl figures made up of three characters: Gubble, Fibbly, and Plopp. They'll be available from Rotofugi (link above) beginning on Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 at 10:59AM ET in an edition of 350 pieces of each character in this rich orange colorway (more colorways to come). You can pick them up for $12.95 each.

Drizzleshits Pre-Order Info


Drizzleshits is an out of this world ninja assassin from the Planet Brodarr. He uses his sharp talons to slice and dice (shhhh, don't say dice too loud), and his honey dripper to slow his prey down, and depending on the virtues of the outer shell, let's say human skin for instance, melt what it comes in contact with. The honey dripper goo is a little spicy.

Bwana Spoons - via - is accepting pre-orders for his Drizzleshits Naked Glow version. It's currently available for $40.00, and if you get your order in before Friday, you'll get a signed and numbered Eyebora mascot. (Eyebora is a little two piece vinyl. He's somewhere between a micro and a mini in size.)

And here is how Bwana explains future releases of the Drizzleshits figure:

So this will work like a game where you can capture different Suns of Brodarr. We'll start with glow. Once we get 40 glow Drizzz orders. Rootbeer Drizzz will be unlocked. At 50 Orders, Glow Mystery Skinner figure will be unlocked (Yep, we are making a skinner figure. We will talk more about this in week two.), at 75 total pieces, Rootbeer Skinner figure is unlocked, and at 100 pieces we will unlock The Comet Debris figure in both Rootbeer and glow.


The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure Pre-Sale


Mondo has announced that The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure pre-sale will begin today - January 22nd 2015. After obtaining the digital files used in the film, they were able to create the most accurate and detailed Iron Giant figure to date. The figure features over 30 points of articulation and a variety of accessories, including two interchangeable heads with light-up eyes, a magnetic “S” that can be detached from a Seafood sign and attached to his chest, switch-out “War Arm”, a Hogarth mini-figure, and a girder. Also, the figure includes a sound feature with "favorite Iron Giant quotes from the film". There will also be a special limited edition version from Mondo that includes the "Hand Under Foot" accessory.

The figure is slated to run $300.00, with  the version with the exclusive accessory going for $315.00. It's expected to ship in the 3rd Quarter of 2015.