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Choices ‘Fur’ Flocked Edition


Today - Tuesday April 7th 2015 at 3PM ET - Jermaine Rogers will be releasing the new Choices 'Fur' Flocked Edition figure. This variant vinyl figure sports a flocking, adding a layer of gentle 'fur' on the surface of the figure. The 8-inch tall knife-wielding figure is a limited edition of 125 pieces worldwide. The Choice Fur Flocked Edition will run $80.00 plus shipping.

They'll also be releasing the Choices art print - a regular print edition is limited to only 100 signed and numbered pieces, but there will be some rare variants printed on foil stock, as well. The 30-inch x 19-inch screen-printed poster is printed on French speckletone gallery stock. Each piece is signed and numbered by Jermaine Rogers. It will be available for $50.00 plus shipping.


REVIEW: Rise of the Beasts


From a time before time, the villains of myth and the heroes of legend have returned to continue a savage battle that will determine the future of humanity.

With barbaric kingdoms, led by power hungry animals in the form of men preparing to conquer the earth, mankind must place it's hope in the lion Thufur Asa'Yid, The Sword of Krix!

As ancient armies equipped with advanced science and technology erupt from underneath the earth all over the world who can stop ..

The Rise Of The Beasts!

The Rise of the Beasts is a new line of 1980’s inspired mini figures in the same vein as Battle Beasts. And like several other contemporary lines that have been influenced by Battle Beasts, these feature Onell Design’s Glyos joints. That means you can switch out all of the parts and pieces with other toy lines that similarly feature the Glyos joints.


To date, there have been two characters released – the African Rhinoceros and the Emperor Scorpion. Depending on the paint and color scheme, the character has a different name. And in addition to painted versions of these two guys, there are also a few unpainted ones that nearly cut the price in half.


Speaking of price, they sell for $7.00 per painted figure and $4.00 per unpainted. I’d probably go the painted route as the added personality you get from one of the painted figures far outweighs the $3.00 extra you’ll need to pony up.

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The Black Swordsman Guts 1/6th Scale Statue


Gecco has announced a new figure - the Berserk / Guts 1/6th scale statue - Lost Children Arc, The Black Swordsman Version. That's a mouthful. The 1/6th scale figure will be released in September 2015 and should retail at $339.00.

The Black Swordsman "Guts" includes his giant sword "Dragonslayer" resting on his shoulder...with a base made of a pile of slain bodies. There are two heads included, capturing both "glaring" and "sneering" portraits, and "The Brand of Sacrifice" is carved into the back of his neck.

Berserk is a dark fantasy comic created by Kentaro Miura and tells the revenge story of the one-eyed and one-armed swordsman, "Guts," who wields a giant sword measuring almost his height. The popular title has been adapted into a variety of different media, from TV anime series, to films, trading cards and more. It won the prestigious comics excellence award of 6th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2002. This statue captures the motif of Guts' fierce battles against the demons in "Retribution Arc: Lost Children." 

REVIEW: reddit’s Snoo


Even if you’re not a frequent user, most people have likely visited Likely you’ve checked out one of the celebrity AMAs (Ask Me Anything). And if you’ve seen the site, you’re probably familiar with reddit’s logo – a little black and white alien.


At some point in time, that little reddit alien was actually given a name – Snoo. Of course, someone would hear the name and say “Hey! What’s Snoo?” And then they’d get caught up in an Abbott ad Costello routine for ten or so minutes.

Actually, the creators of reddit intended to name the site Snoo for that very exact reason…but someone already had that URL…they didn’t have the money to purchase the domain name…and the rest is history.


With reddit celebrating their 10th anniversary, they’ve revealed Snoovatars for reddit gold folks (basically a customizable Snoo avatar). More importantly for collectors, they’ve released a few toys based on the character. The first toy, a collaboration with Pretty In Plastic, is the official vinyl Snoo in both OG and DIY colorways.


Each 3-inch tall rotocast vinyl Snoo features a single point of articulation at the neck. The difference between the two versions is that one has a painted mouth, antenna, and eyes…and the other is blank white waiting for your (un)artistic touch.

Both vinyl figures retail at $8.99 each. Snce the box states Series 1, I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be a Series 2 out at some point. Possibly wishful thinking, but with the amount of customized and special event Snoo artwork out there…I think they could pluck enough designs to maybe fill out a blind box series.

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