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Krampus for Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game


Bailey Records is taking pre-orders through December 14th 2015 at 8AM EST for their new Krampus minifigure for use in Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown.  

Krampus is a dark-haired kaijin with cloven hooves, horns of a goat, and a long, pointed tail. Alpine region legends say that when Krampus finds a naughty child, he stuffs the child in his pack and carries the child away to his lair to devour for Christmas dinner. After the Rift, Krampus has occasionally appeared and is blamed for various disappearances and abductions.

Sculpted by Bryan K Borgman (aka Stratos) and produced by Acheson Creations, the piece stands about 1.65 inches in height.  Krampus will be available a variety of colors including: gamer gray, blood red, evergreen, purple, brown, Kickstarter yellow and snow white. He'll be available for $8.00 per figure plus $4.00 shipping USA ($14.00 for international)


The Oozeballs to invade Designer Con

Also appearing from Tru:Tek,and up for grabs at Skinner‘s Designer Con 2015 booth, there will be a number of small run Oozeball figures, including those shown below.

sunburst  2

The “Sunburst” Oozeball micro-run will be a limited edition of just 3 pieces. The ball has been produced in a non-squishy flesh tone soft vinyl this time around, coming with yellow, orange and purple sprays over a detail hugging rub. It's finished with hand painted detailing and a protective gloss coat. You'll be able to pick one up for $75.00.

bloody balls copy

The "Bloody Balls" Oozeballs - the first and quite possibly last fully painted run of Oozeballs from Man-E-Toys' resident blogger - has been produced in a flesh tone soft vinyl, coming with layers of crimson Monster Kolor sprays, rubs and hand painted detailing, and a glistening gloss finish. Limited to a run of just 6 pieces, it will be priced at $70.00.

garaballs 2

The “Garaball” Oozeball micro-run has been cast in a flesh vinyl, this time coming with metallic blue, teal and red sprays inspired by M1GO’s classic Blue Garamon colors. Limited to a run of 3 pieces, they'll be available for $75.00 each.

mother ooze one off

And there will be a number of Oozeball one-offs, including the pictured “Mother Ooze” (top) and “Arctic Ooze” (bottom). These will range in price from $75.00 to $90.00, with edition size still to be confirmed…

artic ooze one off

The Disarticulators‘ Lump O’ Oozeball



The second exclusive that Tru:Tek will have up for grabs at Designer Con 2015 (at Skinner's booth) is The Disarticulators‘ “Lump O’ Oozeball” sofubi. If you've been naughty this year, it's likely you couldn't find a better piece of coal than this Tru:Tek designed and Zectron sculpted figure. It's been produced in a squishy matte black soft vinyl, coming fitted with that all important squeaker on the underside.

This version is limited to an edition of just 15 pieces, with 1 in 5 being hand-painted by Tru:Tek. Each one comes packed in a deluxe linen drawstring coal sack with a handmade gift tag. You'll be able to purchase one for $50.00 each.

Warui Zonbis Designer Con Debut


Tru:Tek has announced the debut of Gory Hole's Warui Zonbis, which will be available at Skinner's Designer Con 2015 booth. This is the debut sofubi from Tru:Tek‘s Gory Hole imprint.

Inspired by MaBa’s 80’s toy line “Zombies” (ゾンビーズ), as well as cult horror flicks from the 80’s and 90’s, the first round of finger puppet-style figures feature 2 designs; “SS Wolfgang”, taken from the classic nazi dream sequence in American Werewolf in London, and “Selwyn”, the zombie baby seen in Peter Jackson’s early b-movie classic Dead Alive.

Measuring in at 3″ tall,both SS Wolfgang and Selwyn will be debuting in super-limited quantities in an unpainted yellow vinyl. Pricing for the set is still to be confirmed.


Joe Ledbetter’s Designer Con 2015 Releases


Joe Ledbetter will be attending DesignerCon 2015 with some special new releases...and a custom built J.Led booth. The Crazy-Catzilla, the last of the Fire-Cat figures, will make its debut at DCon. The 10-inch tall figure is a limited edition of only 75 pieces and will be available from the J.Led booth at Noon on Saturday, November 21st. If you can't make it to DCon, there will be 45 Crazy-Catzillas available via Joe Ledbetter's webstore on Tuesday, November 24th 2015 at 8AM Pacific Time. It will run $115.00.

Also available at the show will be Joe's latest giclee print - "The Tourist". Measuring in at 18"x24", this will be a limited edition of just 50 prints. Each archival print is signed by the artist, numbered and embossed. You'll be able to pick one up for $80.00.


Indiegogo: Dthulhu Bath Sculpture


The folks from Studio Fabulous (Berlin, Germany) are currently raising funds to create their Dthulhu Bath Sculpture via Indiegogo. Fans of Lovecraft and/or Rubber Duckies will likely be interested in their plans for a vinyl sculpture that will look great in your bathroom and will creep out anyone who steps into your tub. In addition to the Dthulhu duck, funding levels can receive items such as a limited edition art poster, a downloadable 3-D rendered poster, a downloadable paper sculpture of Dthulhu, and a desktop image.

The Dthulhu vinyl (it will squeak) will be available beginning at the $20.00 plus shipping funding level. This is a flexible funding campaign, which means they'll receive all of the funds...even if they don't reach their funding goal.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

Indiegogo: Dan Goodsell’s Irresponsibility Card Game


Dan Goodsell, of Mr Toast fame, is looking to raise funds to get his Irresponsibility card game produced. This family friendly card game for 2-4 players will see players taking turns either helping Mr Toast be irresponsible by playing fun Recreation cards or by saddling your opponents with Responsibility cards to keep Mr Toast from having fun. The game will feature plenty of Mr Toast's friends and contains lots of fun artwork.

It's currently available to back at Indiegogo. It's a Flexible Funding campaign, but that is somewhat moot because the goal has been doubled with several weeks left to raise funds. The plan is to get games shipped by February 2016. And the Irresponsibility card game is available at the $10.00 funding level (Early Bird - then $12.00).

One other aspect of the campaign is that Dan's Irresponsibility game is one of 5 finalists in Hasbro's Great Game Contest. Chosen from over 500 games, Irresponsibility is now vying with 4 other games to be the Grand Prize winner. The winner receives $10,000 and a trip to Hasbro headquarters for advice, mentoring and assistance. The success of this campaign will help Hasbro determine who wins the contest.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.