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The Masked Diggler V3


Joe from Splurrt and Toby from DHP are at it again with a spooky, fun, and freaky Halloween treat for your eyeballs. The Masked Diggler V3 are cast in red vinyl and the Alavaka masks are GID/red marbled vinyl. Half are painted by Joe and the other half by Toby. They're being sold at random, so you get what you get (and there may be a few chase figs mixed in there too). They'll run $75.00 each and be available from the DevilsHeadquarters Shop (limited to one per customer).


Bōzu “Kitsune Edition”


Planet 3 Toys is very excited to announce a collaboration with のれそれ (noresore) to create the Bōzu "Kitsune Edition".

This very limited edition (only 4 sets) includes one Bōzu, which stands at approx. 3.5 inches tall and is cast in pure white sofubi, and one Bōzu themed Kitsune sofubi mask designed and hand painted by のれそれ (noresore).

Due to the very limited quantities, the Bōzu "Kitsune Edition" will be sold via a lottery.

Here's how to enter:

Email with your name, shipping address, and PayPal email address.
The lottery is open from through Sunday October 30th 2016
Winners will be selected on Halloween and will have 24 hours to purchase, or another winner will be selected.
If picked, each set will retail for $50.00 plus shipping.


Kickstarter: Ferrofluid Magician

Ferrofluid Magician is a passion project that founder of Mr. Sci science factory Kevin Lin. And now they've gone to Kickstarter to attempt to raise funds to produce this educational toy. Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. They've placed a magnet in the top of the magician's hat (and a little pigeon is hidden underneath it).

You can pick one up beginning at the $29.00 funding level. Of course, they have several other funding levels, where you can pick up a number of various rewards.

This project will be funded on Wednesday, November 9th 2016 at 7:24AM EDT.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.




The Predatug-O-War micro run is here. It's inspired by the classic monster from the Predator movies and painted meticulously by Obsessed Panda, right down the the glowing yellow eyes and neon green speckles of blood. Only a handful have been created for this run and each one is slightly different from the others. The figure was produced in soft vinyl by Unbox Industries and originally designed/sculpted by Zectron.

These will go up for grabs on Tuesday October 18th 2016 at 9AM PST via the Obsessed Panda Webshop for $55.00 each.

The Shlap iOS 10 App


Milk Bar Studios has released Shlap, an iOS 10 App that lets the user share exclusively designed sticker packs with their friends using iMessage. Shlap has been produced to coincide with the release of iOS 10 and in particular the new iMessage stickers feature. They've teamed up with artists such as Matt Jones aka Lunartik, Shawn ‘Shawnimal’ Smith, Phil Corbett, and Miss Wah to produce exclusive sticker packs.

Shlap is free to download from the Apple AppStore with each sticker pack costing £0.79 (UK) and $0.99 (US) as an in-app purchase.