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Android Mini Special Edition – Bear Awareness


This summer, Andrew Bell will be celebrating with some bear awareness. The Summer 2016 Special Edition Android Mini Collectible - Bear Awareness features a little 1.5-inch Scout Android (keychain), who's out earning his wilderness survival merit badge. There's the 3-inch Bear Android and a 2.5-inch round Bear Awareness achievement badge. In addition to being released later this month (July 2016), Andrew will be bringing a few with him to San Diego Comic Con and the Dumbrella Booth #1335.


GID Bite Size (Radioactive Rumblers)


As the night's moon rises higher, the blackest of pitch is cut apart wide with the shrieking howls of the undead lycanthrope known as Bite Size! The moon's rays renew his radiation-soaked corpse with the mystic magic of the occult, causing him to glow bright deep into the night!

This coming Friday (July 1st 2016) at 8PM EST, there will a mini run of glow-in-the-dark sofubi Bite Size (Radioactive Rumblers) figures up for sale in the Radioactive Uppercut web shop. This run is cast in a milky white Japanese vinyl and glows bright in the dark. Bite Size will come polybagged with header card and cost $50.00.

S.H. Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Bluefin has announced the new S.H. Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure series from Tamashii Nations. The series will be offered in the classic colors of the original animated series. Each figure stands approximately 6 inches tall and features full articulation. The first figures, Raphael and Michelangelo, are set for release to retailers in October 2016. Their MSRP is $62.99 per figure.

Bedtime Wilkowski



Clutter Magazine has announced their latest collaboration with Milwaukee-based artist Scott Wilkowski and New York native artist Peter Kato - Bedtime Wilkowski. Known for his Infected and X-Ray Action versions of popular designer toys, Wilkowski has infected one of the cutest platform figures to date: Peter Kato's Bedtime Bunnie. Standing 6-inches tall, his Infected Bunnie pieces are double cast in resin, with different colored slippers.

Limited to 100 pieces in this colorway, it's available now for $95.00 via the above link.

ALAVAKA “Pink Fan”


Devil's Head Productions has announced the ALAVAKA "Pink Fan" vinyl figure. DHP said "a new and very experienced vendor in Japan has taken control of the DHP sofubi and his first pulls are amazing." The hot neon pink version is a pre-order. 

You will need to prepay for the release, emailing by May 31st 2016 and saying "I'm in for a pink unpainted!" along with your Paypal email. An invoice will then be sent to you. You will have until June 18th 2016 to pay the invoice. Any payments received after that date will be refunded and the offer becomes null and void. The price is $70.00 (shipping included in US).


Raspberry Beret Infected Dunny


Clutter Magazine has announced the Raspberry Beret Infected Dunny colorway from artist Scott Wilkowski. Standing 3-inches tall, the Infected Dunny piece has been double cast in resin and is officially licensed by Kidrobot. This version is limited to only 50 pieces in this colorway. It will be available beginning today - May 19th 2016 - at Noon ET for $60.00 via the Clutter Magazine online shop.

Stegoforest in Baby Blue and Brown


Oh...this isn't good news regarding Jesse Narens' Stegoforest figure...

After some issues with the factory I produced Stegoforest at I asked to have the molds transported to a new location... but as of March the molds are MIA. So there is a possibility that these are the last Stegoforests that will be released.. I do have ideas for an updated resculpt, but I am no longer in a position to self produce my toys and would need to find a company willing to pay for production.

There are a pair of Stegoforest vinyl figures currently available to purchase. Each one measures 7 inches long by 4 inches tall and features an articulated neck and left foot. The figure also includes a 2-inch long Acorn Warrior. There's a Stegoforest/Acorn Warrior set cast in baby blue and one cast in brown. They'll each run $60.00 plus shipping.


Mesh Realization – Samurai Spider-Man


Bluefin has announced the newest addition to the Meisho Realization figure series from Tamashii Nations. As the company reimagines famous superheroes, collectors will be able to get their hands on the Samurai Spider-Man, which is scheduled to debut at retailers in late-Summer/Fall of 2016. The 7-inch figure pays homage to the Samurai aesthetic and takes Spidey back to feudal-era Japan, casting him in distinctive, web-like black and crimson warrior armor. The figure includes three sets of interchangeable hands, a Japanese katana set, and a kaginawa web hook set. Look for the Meisho Realization Spider-Man to retail for $91.99.

DERO – CREEPING: DEITY Series – Plasma Version


The DERO - CREEPING: DEITY Series - Plasma Version will be available from Jermaine Rogers beginning tomorrow (Friday, May 13th 2016) at 3PM ET. The approximately 7-inch long Plasma figure is the third release in the CREEPING: DEITY Series from Jermaine Rogers. It is cast in water-clear resin which contains "it's life blood swirling about within it" inside - the plasma streaks of resin. This time-consuming casting process renders a sculpture which is one of a kind. Only 25 pieces were produced. And each figure will come in a brown box that's hand-signed, numbered, and remarqued by Jermaine. You'll be able to purchase one for $150.00 plus shipping/handling.

The Nordic Legion Alavaka


A cold wind blows across the barren Norwegian countryside. The cackle of crows echoes through skeletal trees. Pale figures don robes of glass as their eyes and mouths recede into shadow. No words are uttered as crimson letters are scribed across the oath of the damned. We are three.

The Nordic Legion Alavaka will be available on Friday May 13th 2016 at 6PM ET in the Devils Head Production webshop. The clear vinyl will feature black, red, white and metallic red paints. There are charred brown gemstone eyes, black "heart" guts, and a bundle of wrapped sticks accessory. The figure also includes a copy of The Plagues "Epidemic" CD, which was Devils Head Records number fourteen. You'll be able to pick one up for $60.00.