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REVIEW: reddit’s Snoo


Even if you’re not a frequent user, most people have likely visited Likely you’ve checked out one of the celebrity AMAs (Ask Me Anything). And if you’ve seen the site, you’re probably familiar with reddit’s logo – a little black and white alien.


At some point in time, that little reddit alien was actually given a name – Snoo. Of course, someone would hear the name and say “Hey! What’s Snoo?” And then they’d get caught up in an Abbott ad Costello routine for ten or so minutes.

Actually, the creators of reddit intended to name the site Snoo for that very exact reason…but someone already had that URL…they didn’t have the money to purchase the domain name…and the rest is history.


With reddit celebrating their 10th anniversary, they’ve revealed Snoovatars for reddit gold folks (basically a customizable Snoo avatar). More importantly for collectors, they’ve released a few toys based on the character. The first toy, a collaboration with Pretty In Plastic, is the official vinyl Snoo in both OG and DIY colorways.


Each 3-inch tall rotocast vinyl Snoo features a single point of articulation at the neck. The difference between the two versions is that one has a painted mouth, antenna, and eyes…and the other is blank white waiting for your (un)artistic touch.

Both vinyl figures retail at $8.99 each. Snce the box states Series 1, I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be a Series 2 out at some point. Possibly wishful thinking, but with the amount of customized and special event Snoo artwork out there…I think they could pluck enough designs to maybe fill out a blind box series.

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REVIEW: MBW – WWII – Willy’s Jeep


Modern Brick Warfare produces custom designed LEGO accessories as well as custom printing on LEGO figures and kits that use all new original LEGO blocks to create Modern Brick Warfare designed vehicles. They recently sent us one of those kits – the World War II inspired Willy’s Jeep – to check out.


This specific kit features over 110 brand new LEGO pieces as well as instructions on how to put it all together. There are programs out there that let you digitally design a LEGO model, making it perfect to design an object such as this Jeep.


In addition to the original LEGO pieces, there are some customs from Modern Brick Warfare. You get a .50 CAL Machine Gun with 2 ammo cans for it, a custom World War 2 American Soldier minifigure armed with a 1911 colt pistol and a M1 Garand rifle, and a custom built gas can. Other LEGO accessories include a backpack, shovel, and pickaxe.


Having a 3 and 4 year old, I’ve had to put together a lot of LEGO sets. And I might have picked up the Ecto-1 and the Back to the Future DeLorean sets for myself. But it seems as soon as I put one together, my kids turn into destructive kaiju whose only goal is to violently destroy the fruits of my labor. Luckily, I was able to keep Willy’s Jeep away from them for long enough to take photos.

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Wananeko Stretch Goal


Javier Jimenez has added a $10,000 stretch goal for his Wananeko vinyl Indiegogo campaign. He will make vinyl guts for the Wananeko...a clear soft vinyl figure so you see the crazy organs inside. These guys will apparently be sculpted, so as soon as Javier receives the first vinyl figures...he'll start sculpting the guts to be produced in vinyl.

When they are done, a first clear with guts edition of Wananeko will be produced and offered first to those who backed this project, no matter what reward they chose. Backers will be able to get this version for $50 plus shipping, while the retail price for everybody else will be $75 , and I will contact every backer via email to ask if you are interested in purchasing it. Please keep in mind that this will happen after the vinyl figure is made so the November estimate does not apply for this, and it might be ready by the end of the year. 

Gromit Unleashed Figurines


The Wallace & Gromit Charity Shop has released a limited run of figurines that were originally a part of their exclusive Hong Kong collection. These are based on some of the designs from their Gromit Unleashed Hong Kong Project. Each hand-painted resin stands around 6.5" in height. They sell between £35.00 and £60.00 (around $40-$70). All profits from the sale of these figures go to the Bristol Children's Hospital.

REVIEW: The Sea Ghost


The Sea Ghost was first seen in Jay Piscopo’s The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli. Created by Piscopo, who both authored and illustrated the comic, The Sea Ghost was last seen in his very own comic book - The Sea Ghost #1: Sea Ghost in the Machine. The 36-page comic retails for $3.99 at your favorite comic shop.


In addition to his return in The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli – Volume 3, which will be released in March 2015, The Sea Ghost is now available as a Mego-style action figure. That 8-inch tall action figure runs $20.00 and comes packaged in a plastic clamshell case. (Unfortunately…I wasn’t able to get a photo of that case before I ripped into it with my canine teeth).

The action figure is a good representation of The Sea Ghost character as shown in the comic book. He is a little bit limited by the Mego-ish body (I so dislike Mego wrists). For example, his feet resemble hooves in the comic, but the figure has regular human feet…albeit bleached white feet. Oh…and that white body is slightly visible underneath the stretched bodysuit. Thank goodness his name isn’t Anatomically Correct Sea Ghost.


I was going to comment on the color of Sea Ghost’s face…and by writing this, I obviously am commenting on it. While it looks blue-green on the action figure – a lot greener than seen throughout the comic book - it actually does match up with the version of The Sea Ghost as presented on the rear of The Sea Ghost #1 comic.

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Wananeko Sofubi IndieGoGo Campaign

Wananeko views

Artist Javier Jimenez has unveiled his IndieGoGo fundraiser campaign, which attempts to raise funds to produce his Wananeko character in sofubi.

Vinyl Wananeko

Following its initial release, a number of fans asked Javier why it was made in resin instead of sofubi. They all thought Wananeko would look better in sofubi, and the artist agreed. So Javier made a few changes and improvements to keep the design new, yet similar to the original character. 

Custom Wananeko

Wananeko will be 5.9-inches tall with 5 points of articulation and interchangeable hands - including a parasite-like gun called the Ghost Blaster. The sofubi figure will be available in three versions: Original Colorway (factory painted - $70), DIY White ($50) and a Clear Pink ($55) exclusive to IndieGoGo.

Rewards also include the Baby Version of Wananeko, whose resin version will be an IndieGoGo exclusive. There will also be resin customs painted by Javier and artists Candie Bolton and Mark Nagata. He'll also be announcing new stretch goals and even

Walking Killers and Skulls & Rainbones Society


Today (Friday February 13th 2015) at 2PM ET, artist Bwana Spoons will be releasing into the wild the first painted Walking Killers. This will be limited to two hand-painted runs and a very small number of customs. These will be available at They're available for between $55.00 and $70.00.


Also, he's offering up new Skulls & Rainbones Society memberships and tees. With the membership, you get early bird news, no less than three exclusives per year, and first dibs on all sorts of goodies ranging from prints to skatedecks to new toys. The tees and memberships are available at both the above link and The tee and membership runs $28.00.