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Bluefin announces Special Edition Tyson and Rodman Figures


Bluefin, the North American toy distributor, has announced a pair of collectibles from its newest partner – Hong Kong-based Storm Collectibles. Currently available via pre-order are two new 1/6th scale figures - the "Bad Boy" Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson "Olympics" collectibles.

The Mike Tyson “Olympics” figure (pictured above) will be a limited edition Bluefin exclusive. It will retail around $255.00 and begin shipping around February 2016. This new exclusive figure captures Tyson’s outfit from the Junior Olympics, just as he was ready to explode onto the international stage, and comes with a variety of accessories to recreate all of his iconic moments.

The Dennis Rodman “Bad Boy” special edition figure is currently available to purchase with an MSRP of $250.00. This version captures Dennis in his “baddest” look yet, as seen when he took to WCW professional wrestling. During this period, he teamed up with Hollywood Hogan to create some of the most memorable and wildest tag team moments in WCW history.


Black Mass Bodhisattva Alavaka Release


As all hallows eve approaches there is a chill in the air and whispers among the dead. Heresy fuels wild and maddening tales of witches and ghouls. Skin crawls and impure thoughts are washed clean by the crimson tears of their offering. Come join the Black Mass.

The first official Toby-painted release of the new Bodhisattva Alavaka will be happening on Saturday October 31st 2015 in the DHP webshop. Each set has been painted up by Devil's Head Production's Toby D and comes with one body, a painted version of the new Bodhisattva head and a classic Alavaka head. They'll be priced at $60.00 each

Cosmos Cold Series: Dreary One


Moscow-based artist Kos (nickname is Kosrobot) has announced his first production toy - the Dreary One. The dead cosmonaut action figure, from the Cosmos Cold series. The figure is in the 6-inch scale, cast of soft vinyl, has five points of articulation (head, arms, hand palms), and has the ability to swap out parts with all upcoming figures from the series.

The Dreary One is planned to be released in November 2015 in edition of 50 pieces. Look for the figure to be priced $50.00 plus shipping.

When is an “Exclusive” not so exclusive?

With New York Comic Con happening earlier this month, I got to thinking...why do companies and artists continue to call something a NYCC Exclusive if it's available to those that didn't attend NYCC?

- restricted or limited to the person, group, or area concerned.

There are a number of folks who allow people to pre-order their Convention Exclusives and then have the exclusive shipped to that person's home. Eliminating the actual need to go to the convention. And then there are those items that were exclusive to the convention, but didn't sell rather than making them truly exclusive (maybe destroying or keeping the leftovers?), they sell them in an "after the Con sale".

Doesn't this nullify the claim to exclusivity?

Cometdebris 2015 Halloween Unlucky Bags


Koji Harmon has announced the 2015 Cometdebris Halloween Unlucky Bags. This year's (blind) bags will include customs, signed and numbered limited editions, test shots (never released test vinyl), and unpainted figures. They will go on sale beginning Saturday October 17th 2015 at 10PM PT.

The Unlucky Bags will be available in two sizes. The Small Bag includes one mini figure and one medium figure for $111.00. The Medium Bag includes two mini figures and two medium figures for $222.00.

IAmElemental – Elements of Courage


Every San Diego or New York Comic Con, you come across a new line or company that just hadn't been on your radar previously. For NYCC15, it was IAmElemental. They've produced a series called Elements of Courage, which features female heroes in action figure form. Typically, we (American society) think of boys playing with action figures and girls playing with dolls...but IAmElemental is attempting to change that stereotype. The first series consist of 7 action figures and there's a complete set option available that includes all 7 - plus drawstring bags, some accessories, and a lunch box - for $65.00.

NYCC15: Little Kami Debut


Dutch toy customizer, designer, and collector - Reza Oldersma - launched his new toy brand, WezaToys, this week. He will be visiting New York Comic Con and will be held up at Booth #406 with Flawtoys, DT_Customs and Kaijumonster. That's where he'll be selling his first batch of Little Kami (Little God) DIY resin figures. And if you're interested in Reza's design influence for the figure, below is one of his original designs.