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Captain Action’s “Golden” 50th at CKRTLAB Toys


Captain Action, the original super-hero action figure, is celebrating ihis 50th Anniversary. And CKRTLAB Toys and Captain Action Enterprises, LLC are proud to announce the Captain Action commemorative 50th Anniversary vinyl figure and the Arctic Adventurer variant.

The 50th Anniversary Captain Action figure comes embellished with a dynamic black and gold metallic uniform with a complimenting gold metallic lightning sword and raygun.

The Arctic Adventurer Captain Action figure is an homage to the 12-inch Round 2 figure. Adorned in a winter white and midnight navy uniform, this figure also includes silver metallic versions of the classic lightning sword and raygun.

Each one can be purchased for $21.50 from CKRTLAB's website.

Sapphire Memories Jizo-Anarcho


Devils Head Productions is releasing the Sapphire Memories Jizo-Anarcho. What started as a resin statue has made its way to soft vinyl. Cast in stunning clear sapphire blue, this painted version of Jizo-Anarcho is the first official sofubi release. The piece is adorned in gold, metallic blue, metallic green and light blue paints.

It will be available in the webshop today (December 5th 2016) at 12PM EST. It can be ordered for $30.00 each.

DCON16: Atomic Alien Debut


The Atomic Alien debuts at DesignerCon 2016 at Booth #1021. Zectron designed and sculpted a new head for the Papa Lemon Toys x Unbox Industries' Blood Majin vinyl body. Standing in at over 10 inches tall, this initial release was produced by Unbox in wintergreen, minty fresh vinyl and was rubbed with black to bring out all the twisted and scarred details in both the body and the head. No word on pricing yet.


DCON16: Sour Lemon Alavaka Bodhisattva


Devils Head Productions will be releasing a pair of new ALAVAKA Bodhisattva figures at DesignerCon 2016 at The Sour Lemon Booth #1800.

The Sour Lemon Alavaka Bodhisattva V1 (shown above) is cast in yellow vinyl. This unpainted version includes both the standard "demon" Alavaka head and converted Bodhisattva head. The "demon" head comes with yellow glass eyes. You'll be able to pick it up for $60.00.

The Sour Lemon Alavaka Bodhisattva V2 (shown below) is cast in yellow and purple marbled vinyl. This unpainted version of Alavaka comes with both the standard "demon" Alavaka head and the converted Bodhisattva head. It will be available for $60.00.


Friday Releases from Bigmantoys

Bigmantoys is dropping three 5.5-inch figures on Friday November 11th 2016 at 11pm London Time (6PM ET).

Treegarr is back in four new variants, limited to two pieces of each. Colorways include "Maxxed Out" (purple and yellow), "Burning Cold" (blue and orange with gold accents), "Afterglow Wonderhell" (Neon pink and green with gold accents), and "Slime Pit" (Clear green with a black wash). They're priced at $75.00 each.


Wo-man is back for the first time in over a year in her classic flesh colorway (7 pieces), "Faye-kerr" (3 pieces), and an all-new "Slime-Pit" version (2 pieces). They'll be available at $65.00 each.


Finally, the 5.5-inch rubber Barbarian Buck that has been used for various releases over the years is having it's final send off with 5 or so randomly assembled resin/rubber reject-bootlegs titled "Pieces of the S***" approrpriately priced from just $28.00 a pop.

The Masked Diggler V3


Joe from Splurrt and Toby from DHP are at it again with a spooky, fun, and freaky Halloween treat for your eyeballs. The Masked Diggler V3 are cast in red vinyl and the Alavaka masks are GID/red marbled vinyl. Half are painted by Joe and the other half by Toby. They're being sold at random, so you get what you get (and there may be a few chase figs mixed in there too). They'll run $75.00 each and be available from the DevilsHeadquarters Shop (limited to one per customer).