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Drizzleshits Pre-Order Info


Drizzleshits is an out of this world ninja assassin from the Planet Brodarr. He uses his sharp talons to slice and dice (shhhh, don't say dice too loud), and his honey dripper to slow his prey down, and depending on the virtues of the outer shell, let's say human skin for instance, melt what it comes in contact with. The honey dripper goo is a little spicy.

Bwana Spoons - via - is accepting pre-orders for his Drizzleshits Naked Glow version. It's currently available for $40.00, and if you get your order in before Friday, you'll get a signed and numbered Eyebora mascot. (Eyebora is a little two piece vinyl. He's somewhere between a micro and a mini in size.)

And here is how Bwana explains future releases of the Drizzleshits figure:

So this will work like a game where you can capture different Suns of Brodarr. We'll start with glow. Once we get 40 glow Drizzz orders. Rootbeer Drizzz will be unlocked. At 50 Orders, Glow Mystery Skinner figure will be unlocked (Yep, we are making a skinner figure. We will talk more about this in week two.), at 75 total pieces, Rootbeer Skinner figure is unlocked, and at 100 pieces we will unlock The Comet Debris figure in both Rootbeer and glow.


The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure Pre-Sale


Mondo has announced that The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure pre-sale will begin today - January 22nd 2015. After obtaining the digital files used in the film, they were able to create the most accurate and detailed Iron Giant figure to date. The figure features over 30 points of articulation and a variety of accessories, including two interchangeable heads with light-up eyes, a magnetic “S” that can be detached from a Seafood sign and attached to his chest, switch-out “War Arm”, a Hogarth mini-figure, and a girder. Also, the figure includes a sound feature with "favorite Iron Giant quotes from the film". There will also be a special limited edition version from Mondo that includes the "Hand Under Foot" accessory.

The figure is slated to run $300.00, with  the version with the exclusive accessory going for $315.00. It's expected to ship in the 3rd Quarter of 2015.


Tetsuhime [Iron Princess]


Science Patrol is showing off the above photo that features the wax sculpt of an upcoming original figure. The figure is called Tetsuhime [Iron Princess] and is designed to be a cuter version of an iron maiden torture device.

It's a bit scratched up and rusty due to years of sitting around in an abandoned tower somewhere in Germany and ended up being discovered and brought to Japan to sit in a Western-focused museum in East Tokyo. On its 100th anniversary of being built it came to life and after realizing that she was the only tsukumogami in the entire museum she decided to fly around the city in search of other yokai.

The figure is slated to come out this winter and will be available in the following colorways: Rusted Iron, Old Iron, and one special color variant that's still being "engineered". Standard releases will be priced at $25.00. They will be available at the Science Patrol store and at various shows around the greater Tokyo area throughout the year. 

The Black Bat


The Legend of the Black Bat: When District Attorney Tony Quinn was blinded with acid by criminals, he thought his days of fighting crime were over. After a successful operation to restore his sight, Tony retains his heightened senses and gains the ability to see in the dark. He continues as a District Attorney while maintaining the ruse that he is still blind and adopts the identity of “The Black Bat” to punish criminals who have escaped justice.

Nemo Publishing has released the Black Bat limited edition 8” action figure (classic Mego style) based on a reworking of the classic 1939 hero. Designed by Sea Ghost, Capt’n Eli, and Commander X creator Jay Piscopo, and assembled with the help of Paul Clarke, Dr. Mego, the figure can be purchased for $15.00.

Toast Wars: Darth Bacon Release


The bacon awakens. . .the final release for Darth Bacon happens on Friday, January 9th 2015 at 12 Noon PST from Good For You Toys. From Dan Goodsell, the first figure from the Toast Wars saga is a hand-numbered edition size of 40 pieces...with less than half remaining for sale (most of them were purchased via pre-order).

The 3.75-inch resin figure comes carded with his very own red translucent shaky lightsaber and a vinyl cape. The back of each card is signed and numbered. Plus, each Death Star has it's own unique blurb. You'll be able to pick up one of your own for $50.00.


The Iron Monster Release


Jeremi Rimel - Miscreation Toys - will be releasing The Iron Monster blank glow-in-the-dark sofubi. Inspired by the classic 1939 sci-fi horror B-movie serial The Phantom Creeps, the 15-inch tall vinyl will include a custom header card as well as an 11" by 17" full color print by Worthy Enemies. The Iron Monster will be $165.00 plus shipping and becomes available on Tuesday December 30th 2014 at 12:30PM PST.