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Tenacious’ Exclusive GUUMON Purple Haze Daigomi Lottery


The exclusive Tenacious Toys X GUUMON “Purple Haze” Daigomi will be a 6 piece exclusive (one chase in the mix) sold via lottery. The lottery is open now and closes on Friday August 29th 2014. To enter the Lottery, email and include the following info:

  • Title the email “Purple Haze Daigomi”
  • In the body, include Full Name, Address, Paypal Account User Name

The lottery winners will be chosen at random. Each figure will run $150.00 plus shipping.

The Lure of the Public Domain Super Hero

The Spark Man harnesses the power of the deadly spark

With the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter campaign having less than a day to go (they have yet to meet their goal), plus the recent solicitation email from GBJR Toys (that's everyone's favorite trolling toy "creator" Geoff Beckett's follow-up to Shocker Toys) that they are looking to fund the Spotlight Golden Age toy line via some place I will not link to (I don't want you to suffer the fate of 100s of other people still waiting on product or refunds)...just why are these Public Domain Super Heroes generating such a buzz?

So many questions. How does Lone Warrior have a sidekick? And why is he named Dicky?

The obvious reason is that you don't have to pay any licensing fees. So find some cool characters whose Copyright has run out or hasn't been renewed...and make a toy out of them. You don't have to get into negotiations with Marvel or DC, which means you don't have to fork over a good portion of the profits.

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Bismarck Premiere and Pre-Order


From MyTummyToys, MArine is showing off the above blurred image of the Bismarck prototype. PopCon will be the first time the figure will appear in public. There are plans for three colorways - Blue, Grey and Blank (DIY) - limited to an edition of 12 pieces each. It will stand in at 7" tall, feature three points of articulation (neck and arms). To see it, you'll need to check out PopCon Booth AHH-11from September 19th through 21st 2014.


Kickstarter: Steamy Chums

Steamychums Group

The folks at Steamy Chums are bringing their handmade steam punk art toys to Kickstarter in order to raise funds. The Kickstarter campaign is aimed to help improve their fabrication techniques and streamline the production process.

Backers are able to purchase the toys as units or sets. And all pieces will be delivered in an exhibition crate, complete with an art booklet. Rewards include posters, customized tote bags, t-shirts, phone covers, and there are special rewards if stretch goals are reached.

A single painted Steamy Chum designer toy reward will run about $90.00 shipped to the USA.

The Steamy Chums project will only be funded if at least €6,000 is pledged by Sunday, August 31st 2014 at 6:01 PM ET.

Mini Tooth Decay

Creo Design Mini Tooth Decay Turnarounds

Chris Alexander (Creo Design) has completed sculpting an accurate half scale Tooth Decay - Mini Tooth Decay. Standing in at 3.5", the solid resin will be released in three different versions on September 8th 2014 at 9PM GMT (5PM ET) via the above link.

Options available...

Signature Enamel - These will be handmade mini series by Creo Design. Produced in limited numbers these will be unique art multiples made by Creo Design. These will come in a unique metal tin, label and signed by Creo.
£45 plus £5 UK £10 worldwide shipping (about $90)

Creo Design Mini Tooth Decay Custom

Custom Enamel - Customers can select from over 250 colors for the main body and over 40 colors for the tooth. Also choose to have a gloss or matte finish. These will come in a standard cardboard box.
£40 plus £5 UK £10 worldwide shipping (about $80)

Creo Design Mini Tooth Decay Bare

Bare Enamel - This is a cast straight out the mould, unclean, unfinished and unpainted. As raw a cast as you can get - this will allow you to clean it up and customize it anyway you want. These come in a standard cardboard box
£20 plus £5 UK £10 worldwide shipping (about $50)

Release Details from Science Patrol

Science Patrol 1

Science Patrol has announced some details about several of their upcoming vinyl releases (all expected to be released later this month). All of these figures are made in Japan and are Japanese soft vinyl. They're produced and painted by Science Patrol.

The red lantern looking guy (left) is Monochochin. This is the red "Izakaya" colorway. The purple hat looking guy (middle) is Avalon. This is his standard colorway. And the gold coin looking guy (right) is Obakekoban. This is the solid gold colorway which is one of two standard colorways - the second being solid silver.

The story for these figures is that they are benevolent, albeit lonely, artifacts that have hung around unsold in a small recycle shop in Koenji for decades. At night they roam the city's various alleys and shotengai in hopes of befriending people, but just end up terrifying everyone they meet.

Science Patrol 3
Science Patrol 2
Science Patrol 4

Wananeko International Release


After selling out at the Tokyo Cat Fight show last July in Japan, Javier Jimenez has announced that the Wananeko figure will finally be available for worldwide purchase at tomorrow (Sunday August 10th 2014) at 11AM ET.

Standing approximately 4.8" tall, the resin figure will cost $60.00 each. This second run has a very limited number of pieces, and there aren't plans for another run in this colorway.

Wananeko Views

The "Wananeko Anatomy" print, a tribute to Shigeru Mizuki's series of yokai anatomy illustrations, will also be available at the web shop for $6.00 each. The print is on watercolor paper.

Wananeko Anatomy

The Green Turtle Joins the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter

Amazing Heroes Green Turtle

The Green Turtle joins The Amazing Heroes Kickstarter campaign as another of the obscure Golden Age superheroes available via the project. He joins a line that includes Captain Action, the Black Terror, Golden Age Dare-Devil, and Stardust the Super-Wizard.

The Green Turtle figure will be limited to 300 pieces and is offered as part of an exclusive six-figure set that will only be available on Kickstarter.