Gas Mask (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer

This Saturday – November 21st 2020 – at 9AM ET, Mighty Jaxx will be releasing the Gas Mask (Hell Chamber) by Rob Bowyer. The 10-inch tall piece is a pre-order, with … Read More

XXRAY Plus Princess Celestia

The My Little Pony collection continues with Mighty Jaxx’s XXRAY Plus treatment of the alicorn princess – Princess Celestia. The XXRAY Plus Princess Celestia features the pony in Jason Freeny’s iconic … Read More

Friendly Fire Infiltrator

Mighty Jaxx is currently taking pre-orders for their Friendly Fire Infiltrator. Designed by artist Jason Freeny, this 8-inch tall polystone art toy can be pre-ordered for $169.00. Featuring a slight … Read More

XXRay+ Garfield

Mighty Jaxx has announced the pre-order for their XXRay+ Garfield collectible from artist Jason Freeny. Featuring his iconic dissected style, Garfield’s insides appear to be clogged with his favorite food … Read More

Crystalworked Popek by Whatshisname

Premiumworked by MightyJaxx has released the Crystalworked Popek by Whatshisname for a 24-hour pre-order window. The signed and numbered run will run until 9AM ET on Wednesday October 28th 2020. The … Read More

Spongebob Squarepants XXPOSED Patrick Star

Mighty Jaxx is currently taking pre-orders for their Spongebob Squarepants XXPOSED Patrick Star polystone collectible. The 7-inch tall polystone limited edition art toy is slated to begin shipping in February 2021. … Read More

Mechasoul Optimus Prime

Mighty Jaxx and artist Clogtwo present the Mechasoul Optimus Prime. Clogtwo lends his iconic Mechasoul style for this licensed interpretation of the leader of the Autobots. The Mechasoul Optimus Prime is … Read More

XXRAY Plus: Bert and Ernie (Retro Edition)

Mighty Jaxx has released everyone’s favorite Sesame Street duo as XXRAY Plus collectibles. The XXRAY Plus Bert and Ernie (Retro Edition) figures feature a 9-inch tall Bert and a 8.5-inch … Read More

Hidden Dissectibles: Spongebob Squarepants Classic Edition

Mighty Jaxx has announced pre-release details for the Hidden Dissectibles: Spongebob Squarepants Classic Edition by artist Jason Freeny. Set to go up online at 9AM ET on Wednesday July 22nd … Read More

Liberty Girl: Freedom Edition Timed Release

Beginning at 9AM ET on Saturday July 18th 2020, Mighty Jaxx will be dropping a timed release (24 hours long) of the Liberty Girl: Freedom Edition by Brandalised. Based on … Read More

Alice In Wasteland – Acid Edition

Mighty Jaxx has announced the release details for their Alice In Wasteland (Acid Edition) polystone art toy. The 8.5-inch tall Alice actually glows in the dark. By artist ABCNT, this … Read More

Kaiju’s Ramen – Nuclear Edition

Mighty Jaxx has released a new collectible figure – Kaiju’s Ramen (Nuclear Edition) by artist Ilustrata. The 7.5-inch tall vinyl art toy features a character with some Godzilla-like qualities. That … Read More