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New Hellboy Figures


Mezco Toyz will have a pair of Hellboy exclusives available through the summer conventions and through their Club Mez website.  They will be releasing the first
ever 18th scale Hellboy figure from the upcoming Hellboy 2: The Golden
Army movie. The piece features over 18 points of articulation, complete with his
trusty Samaritan sidearm, as well as his new six-barrel shotgun called
"Big Baby" Also includes a display base. This 3.75 inch Hellboy is a
limited edition of 2,500 pieces.


The Locker Room Hellboy is pulled from a key
moment in the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Hellboy II: The
Golden Army.  The 7" tall figure features more than 18 points of
articulation and comes complete with a scale BPRD issued gym towel, a
six pack and his famous Samaritan. This exclusive version of Mezco's
Hellboy will also come with a sculpted, three-dimensional Right Hand Of
Doom keychain (only available with this figure). Locker Room Hellboy is
a limited edition of 2,000 pieces worldwide.

Mezco to release Gomez


Gomez - Mezco's infamous mascot - is also the secret agent of an
organization known only as "The Void". This man (or roach) of mystery
is up for any mission. Armed with his specialized arsenal, Gomez is
ready to take on any task. Gomez comes complete with boom box, black martini, atomic pea shooter
(ray gun), and zip sword (of ultra rare Magmezium). The piece is a limited
edition of 500 pieces and will be available at the summer conventions and through Mezco Direct.

Hellboy 2 Limited Edition “Bronze” Roto Bust


Mezco has introduced their new Roto Bust format with the debut of the Hellboy "Bronze" Roto Bust. Standing at
9.75" tall, this Hellboy bust features a new interactive element that allows you to pose
him in more than 1,600 possible positions.

This limited edition version has a faux bronze finish giving it the
look of a classical sculpture plucked from deep in the archives of the
BPRD.  The figure is limited to an edition of just 98 pieces worldwide and is available exclusively through Mezco Direct.

Best Buy Exclusive South Park Figures

Mezco Toyz has teamed up with Best Buy to
offer two popular figures from the award winning South Park cartoon series.  The pair will be available exclusively at Best
Buy brick and mortar stores as well as online.


first figure is Motorcycle Cop Cartman dressed as a policeman from
the fan favorite episode where he takes over for Officer Barbrady and
enforces the respect his “Authority” upon all of South Park.



The second figure is Frozen Kenny from the controversial episode
where he meets one of his most unique demises.  In a desperate bid to
save the town’s hospital, Kenny finds himself electrocuted and frozen
to an outdoor generator.

REVIEW: The Notorious B.I.G. NYCC Exclusive



He's an all-time great; an unparalleled storyteller, and a man whose talent can only be compared to the size of his legend.

While that statement might be open to opinion, no one can argue that The Notorious B.I.G.’s influence can still be felt in the rap world.  Why else would Mezco Toyz have created a line of stylized Biggie (aka Christopher Wallace) vinyl figures?

The Notorious B.I.G. 2008 Exclusive was released at this year’s New York Comic Con and features the rapper in his Juicy music video attire.



The solid cardboard packaging features a silhouette of The Notorious B.I.G. on the front and the back of the box.  The figure is secured in a plastic tray with twist ties.  A sticker on the box identifies that this is a 2008 Exclusive piece.

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Cinema Of Fear Deluxe Plush Series 2


Following the breakout success of their Cinema Of Fear Roto Plush Series 1,  Mezco revisits three memorable horror icons softer sides.

  • Freddy Krueger as seen in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors sporting a dapper tuxedo.
  • Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2 features the “sack mask” look he
    experimented with before settling on his hockey mask, includes pick axe
  • Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 featuring the new mask worn
    in the second TCM movie, Leatherface also has a completely new outfit
    and his trusty oversized chainsaw accessory.

Each figure stands approximately 13" tall.  Mezco will have the prototypes on display at NY Comic Con from April 17-20th at booth 1041, actual product will appear in stores this

Notorious B.I.G. Vinyl Exclusive


Mezco Toyz' stylized Notorious B.I.G. will only be available only through Mezco Direct and at New York Comic Con (April
18-20th, 2008).  The 9" tall vinyl exclusive version of Biggie is decked out in the outfit
he rocked in his Juicy video, an authentically reproduced yellow basketball
jersey.  The figure includes a removable towel, gold chain, sunglasses, and microphone.

The piece is limited to a run of 2,000 pieces.