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Evil Warui Neko – US Edition Lottery


Plaseebo will be offering up the Evil Warui Neko - US Edition designed and sculpted in the US by Kaiju Coup and produced in Japan by Medicom Toy. The 6.5-inch tall vinyl figure has hand cast white resin fangs, swirled glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. This edition of 7 pieces is hand painted by Bob Conge of Plaseebo and will be available for $220.00 each.

To enter the lottery to purchase one of the Evil Warui Neko figures, please send your Name, Address, and Paypal address to: The Entry deadline is Wednesday November 26th 2014.

Medicom’s Kinnikuman and Terryman


Medicom's Kinnikuman and Terryman vinyl figures are now available to pre-order (through October 31st 2014). American audiences probably knew them as being M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, but these stand around 10.5" in height. Both Kinnikuman and Terryman (originally based on wrestler Terry Funk) are planned to be shipped in late January 2015. For those folks not in Japan, you can order both figures via the Project 1-6 webshop. They're currently running $77.08 each plus shipping (prices can change due to exchange rates).


RAH Batman: The Dark Knight Returns


Medicom has released a 1/6th scale figure based on one of the most iconic versions of Batman ever written - from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. The (Real Action Hero) RAH Batman: The Dark Knight Returns features the 55 year old Bruce Wayne as the slightly hunched over caped crusader. It appears that they've done an excellent job transitioning from the comics to real life. Look for the figure to sell somewhere in the area of $195.00.

Medicom’s WWE Sofubi Fighting Series


From their Sofubi Fighting Series, Medicom has announced the release of a pair of WWE legends. Both Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior will be available in this approximately 10" tall scale. They're made of soft Japan-made vinyl and are expected to begin shipping in December 2014. Each figure retails around $85.00, so if you ever wanted to recreate their epic encounter at Wrestlemania're looking at a pricetag right around $170.00 (price of 'roids not included).


Superman and Bizarro Sofubi

Superman Sofubi Figure 1
Bizarro Sofubi Figure 1

Wave 2 of Medicom Toy’s DC Heroes Sofubi figures will feature the good and evil sides of Superman. Superman fans can only get these exclusive items from their local comic shop when they hit shelves in July 2014.

Superman Sofubi Figure 3
Bizarro Sofubi Figure 3

The 9 ¾" tall Superman and Bizarro figures are created in collaboration between Japanese sofubi house Bear Model. ook for these to retail around $79.99 each.

Superman Sofubi Figure 2
Bizarro Sofubi Figure 2

U S ZOMBIE Edition Warui Neko Lottery

Kaiju Coup Warui Neko 2
Kaiju Coup Warui Neko 3

Kaiju Coup is offering a new collaboration with Medicom Toy - Warui Neko.

The U S ZOMBIE Edition Warui Neko is cast in bright orange Japan-made vinyl. It has pink plastic eye inserts and comes with a severed finger accessory. Each piece has been hand painted by Kaiju Coup.

The lottery to purchase one of the 7 pieces available will run through Thursday December 5th 2013.  To enter it for an opportunity to purchase one for $220.00 (plus shipping), send your NAME, ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS to:

Kaiju Coup Warui Neko 1

Jyujin HINOMOTO RED Edition

GEEK Gorilla Man 1

Toy Art Gallery has announced a collaboration on an exclusive Jyujin (Gorilla Man) edition by Japanese artist GEEK!. The Jyujin HINOMOTO RED Edition marks TAG's first official collaboration with Medicom Toys. The 12-inch tall figure is produced with a red-hued color scheme that takes it’s inspiration from traditional Japanese lacquerware.

Jyujin HINOMOTO RED will be available on this Friday, September 27th 2013 at Noon PT. It retails for $165.00.

GEEK Gorilla Man 2