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The King is Dead Bronze Sculpture by Frank Kozik

Kozik King is Dead Bust 2

Lulubell Toys has The King is Dead Bronze Sculpture by Frank Kozik available to purchase. The 15-inch tall, 30 pound bronze bust is limited to a run of only 22 pieces. This is obviously for true fans of the king (Elvis or Kozik). Each bronze sculpture is available for $4,000 plus shipping costs.

Kozik King is Dead Bust 1

Brain Bug Boogie Man – Kinkeshi Version

Lulubell Brain Bug Boogie Man

Lulubell Toys has announced details about the release of the latest vinyl from Cure x James Groman: Brain Bug Boogie Man - Kinkeshi Version. This will be a made to order, open run pre-order. The pre-order starts on Friday February 15th 2013 at Noon PT and will run $95.00 plus shipping.

Young Gohst Lucky Bag

Lulubell Gohst

Lulubell Toys has announced the second non-subscription release of Young Gohst by Ferg x Grody Shogun. This 2013 Lucky Bag contains 2 figures - one smoke grey base vinyl Gohst with a heavy glitter brain/tongue insert finished off with a light dusting of metallic pink spray and a random, mixed parts figure.

These will drop today (January 31st 2013) at Noon Pacific for $55.00 plus shipping.

Gohst Lucky Bag

New Flavor Monsters

Lulubell Flavor Monsters 2

A new wave of Flavor Monsters have invaded Lulubell Toys. Currently in-stock are 5 Wild Strawberries, 2 Wild Apples and 4 Honey Buzzer colorways. These are selling for $15.00 (Wild Strawberries), $35.00 (Wild Apples), and $85.00 (Honey Buzzers).

Lulubell Flavor Monsters 3
Lulubell Flavor Monsters 4

Spattered Kumon Pre-Order

halloween kumon

Lulubell has announced that the Spattered Kumon will go up for pre-order on Halloween (today - October 31st 2012) at 11:00AM PT. It's expected to ship out to buyers mid-November. The Spattered Kumon is cast on super clear vinyl, and then painted from the inside & finished up with spray detailing on the outside as well. Standing around 4" tall, the Spattered Kumon will sell for $50.00.

halloween kumon front
halloween kumon back

Cream and Brown Bones

Egan Brown Cream Bones

Mike Egan has announced the newest release of his "Bones" figure in Cream and Brown. Standing approximately 8" tall, the cream colored Japan-made vinyl is hand-painted brown (and manufactured) by Luke Rook/Lullubell/Grody Shogun. This version is an edition of 40 pieces and runs $45.00 each. This run is exclusively available through Mike's shop.

The Grody Mask

Grody Mask 1

Remember being a kid and coveting the toy aisle in the grocery store? Our Mom's used to avoid that aisle at all cost most days, but if we were lucky enough to land in that aisle, and even luckier still to get to pick out a toy, it was a memorable day. A special plastic treasure just waiting to be loved. Memories of grasping that item and staring at the awesome drawings on the package while you wait in line at the checkout, the anticipation of the lifetime of fun that will now be had! And what happened when you got home? You ripped open the awesome package, and found the toy inside. The contents inside usually were way less detailed than the package art, but we were excited and felt joy all the same. As a tribute to that age old experience at the grocery store, Grody Shogun brings you the Grody Mask!

Lulubell Toys has released the Grody Mask - designed by Grody Shogun and featuring box art by Ralph Niese. I'm not sure if can actually see out of the mask, but it only runs $ I guess you can drill some holes in it, if needed.

Grody Mask 2

Flavor Monsters Wild Strawberry from Lulubell

Flavour Monsters

Lulubell Toys is presenting the first online release by the Flavor Monsters. Three evil versions of Wild Strawberries - Pink Brute, Black Nasty, and Lime Gunk - will be released today (September 25th 2012) at 1:00PM PT. Each Wild Strawberry stands approx. 3" tall and is articulated at the neck. They will run $15.00 each.

Ultrus Bog Black Earth Scalded Magma Soul Version

Skinner Scalded Bog 2

Lulubell Toys has announced the details regarding the 5th version of Skinner's Ultrus Bog - the Black Earth Scalded Magma Soul Version. The figure was sculpted in Japan by master sculptor Siccaluna and produced by Lulubell Toys in Japan. The Ultrus Bog Black Earth Scalded Magma Soul Version will be available on October 1st 2012 at 1:00PM PT at Lulubell for $85.00.

Skinner Scalded Bog 1

Reanimated Monster at SDCC


Another San Diego Comic Con release over at the DKE Toys the Reanimated Monster by Grody Shogun. You'll be able to pick one up beginning on Preview Night, although Luke Rook will be signing on Saturday July 14th 2012 at 4:00PM. Pull the string out of the top of the figure's head and watch him RUMBLE! Pick one up for $35.00 each.