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Galaxy Commanders Lulubell “Galaxy Black” Exclusives


Lullubell has announced a special pre-order of the Galaxy Commanders by Skullmark.  The Galaxy Commanders Lulubell "Galaxy Black" Exclusives measure 9.5" tall and are cast in Galaxy Black unpainted Sofubi.

Commander Cytron, Commander Dagan, and Commander Nizard are currently available to pre-order for $65.99 each. They're slated to arrive around November or December 2014.

Rotten Rexx: The Ultimate Color Edition


Lulubell has announced details of the first full-painted run of Rotten Rexx: The Ultimate Color Edition.  Designed by James Groman, creator of Rexx, it will be offered up as an open run 3 week pre-order and will be made to order. The current ETA is the end of 2014.

The pre-order window opens today (Monday September 15th 2014) at Noon Pacific. You'll be able to pre-order one for $200.00 plus shipping.


Françios le Grande


Making his grande debut at New York Comic Con 2014 will be Françios le Grande.  Produced by Lulubell in genuine Japanese sofubi, and sculpted by Jetturre Handsome Taro, the figure stands approximately 15.75" in height.

Lulubell is offering up a pre-order on the first prototype version. This first unpainted prototype version will be cast in waxy green and may vary slightly in color from the photos here. Regular retail for the unpainted version will be $150.00 plus shipping, but this advance pre-order will be discounted to $130.00 plus shipping. The pre-order window closes on Wednesday, September 10th 2014 at Noon Pacific. Delivery will be late October 2014.

SDCC14: Monster Worship Releases

Monster Worship will be at Lulubell's San Diego Comic Con Booth #5047 on Friday July 25th 2014 from 4PM to 6PM with a number of SDCC releases. You'll be able to pick up a random ticket from Chad at the Lulubell Booth, starting on Friday at 3:30PM.

MW is not being cryptic with info for sake of hype, most of these items will arrive at San Diego and we will all be surprised together!

Monster Worship SDCC Cannibal FF

Cannibal F*ckface - UnMellow Yellow Edition
Johnny Ryan's 7.5" tall yellow unpainted vinyl with slorge accessory and four points of articulation.

Monster Worship SDCC Mass Murder

Mass Murder - Unpainted Silver Glitter-flake (Lamé) Edition
From Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit, the 8" tall sofubi features seven points of articulation.

Monster Worship SDCC Micro Greasebat

Micro Greasebat - Unpainted Glow or Unpainted Slime Green
Jeff Lamm's 1.5" tall sofubi feature one point of articulation
$15.00 each

Monster Worship SDCC Herpes

Rottweiler Herpes - UnMellow Yellow Edition
Johnny Ryan's 8" tall sofubi features three points of articulation.

Monster Worship SDCC Slime Thing

Slime Thing Slimebat - Slime Thing Edition
From Michael Skattum, the 5.5" tall sofubi vinyl has one point of articulation.

Monster Worship SDCC Galaxy People

Galaxy People - Steel City Edition
From the Galaxy People universe, Helios, The Grappler, and Meklops, are cast in yellow Japanese sofubi and feature black and silver paint accents.
$25.00 each or $75.00 set

Over the Bar Young Gosht Release

Over the Bar Young Gosht 1

Lulubell Toys - in conjunction with Ferg and Grody Shogun - have announced the newest Young Gohst release: Over the Bar Young Gosht. Each Gohst is cast using Grody Shogun's signature process, and incorporates GID flesh, red, teal and magenta vinyls all in one. The figure features hand painted eyes, assorted tongues, and brains

This Gohst will be available as a 24 hour, made to order pre-order. That window will open up on June 30th 2014 at 10AM PT. Running $50.00 each, these will ship in Fall 2014.

Over the Bar Young Gosht 2

Shub Zeroth Permafrost

Lulubell Permafrost

On Thursday May 1st 2014 at 11AM PT, Lulubell will release the next full painted release of Brain Ewing x Hateball's Shub Zeroth. The Permafrost Version is cast on a light grey vinyl, and painted by Lulu's Dski One.

“Blue Sky Edition” Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby

Autopsy Baby Sky Blue 3
Autopsy Baby Sky Blue 1

The final wave of the Breaking Bad inspired "Blue Sky Edition" Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby sofubi is slated to be released on Wednesday April 30th 2014 at 3PM ET by Miscreation Toys. Sculpted by Jeremi Rimel and produced by Lulubell Toys, 25 pieces of the 50 piece run will be made available for $125.00 each + shipping.

Autopsy Baby Sky Blue 2
Autopsy Baby Sky Blue 4

Ojisan & Karakuri Set

Lulubell Ojisan Karakuri

Lulubell Toys has released a new Ojisan & Karakuri Set. This version has been produced by a collaborative of three artists. Grody Shogun (designer), Cojica Toys (painted Ojisan), and Shirahama Toy (painted Karakuri) each had a hand in the set. You can pick them up now for $55.00.

Brain Bug Boogie Man

Brainbug Boogieman 2

Lulubell Toy Bodega will be bringing the first full color version of Cure x James Groman's Brain Bug Boogie Man. This exclusive open order pre-order starts today (February 7th 2014) at 9AM PT and ends on Monday February 10th 2014 at 5PM PT. You can pre-order one for $200.00 plus shipping. Expect them to begin shipping near the end of April.

Brainbug Boogieman 1
Brainbug Boogieman 3
Brainbug Boogieman 4

Eternal Cloud Release Details

Lulubell Eternal Cloud 1

Restore has announced the upcoming release of the Eternal Cloud art toy. Consisting of 15 individual parts, including a resin shine and horns, the 7-inch tall Eternal Cloud is cast in sofubi.

Restore will be releasing the first version of Eternal Cloud via made to order pre-order over at the Restore site as well as Lulubell Toys. This will take place simultaneously, with pre-order opening on Monday January 13th 2014 at 12:01am AZ time (2:01AM ET) and running through Thursday January 30th 2014 at Noon (2PM ET). The Eternal Cloud will run $120.00 plus shipping, with an estimated shipping date in February or March 2014.

Lulubell Eternal Cloud 2