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Tauro’s Return by Splurrt! at Lulubell

Lulubell Toys has announced the release details of Tauro's Return by Splurrt! Cast in brown, white & gold glitter vinyl, Tauro tromps in at 10 inches tall and is articulated at the neck, arms, and legs. Made in Japan from genuine sofubi, the figure will be available beginning on Saturday, September 9th 2017 at Noon PT while supplies last. Tauro's Return will retail for $135.00 plus shipping

Also, keep Luke Rook (Grody Shogun) of Lulubell in your thoughts. His apartment in Tokyo burnt down last week. He was able to make it out of the apartment to the roof. "He's in the hospital now and has suffered what sounds like some very serious chemical lung damage that will get worse before it gets better he's been told." Follow the Lulubell Instagram account for updates.

Bōzu Takigyo Edition

From Planet 3 Toys comes Bōzu "滝行 Takigyo Edition. The Bōzu figure stands at approximately 3.5 inches tall and is cast in marbled dark and light blue sofubi. Takigyo Bōzu is marbled by hand, making each one completely unique. Each one comes with a hand made, stamped tag and is produced in Japan by Grody Shogun/Lulubell Toys. This version drops online this Saturday, July 15th 2017 at 1PM ET at Lulubell Toys for $30.00 plus shipping.

Rotten Rexx and Diceratops Garage Kits

Lulubell Toys has announced a garage kit version of Rotten Rexx and Diceratops, designed by James Groman. These garage kits feature the new industrial SUPER GLOW vinyl which outglows all other GID vinyls in brightness and duration. Kits will come cut and unassembled, ready to be customized or kept in their super GID glory. The fully assembled figures stand approximately 15 inches tall.

The Garage Kits are being offered up as an open run pre-order with no order limits and will be made to order. Orders cut off on June 30th 2017 at 5PM PT. Look for them to begin shipping around July/August 2017. The Garage Kits are available in full figures of Rotten Rexx and Diceratops for $265.00 $235.00 each (plus shipping), or you can just pick up the head for $65.00 each (plus shipping).

Dski One Rotten Rexx Lottery

Rotten Rexx by James Groman is back for 2017 in artist painted micro runs. The first version is from the 2015 Rotten Rexx painting contest winner Dski OneLulubell Toys is offering up the right to purchase via lottery, with the lottery entry being open through April 14th 2017 at Noon PT. All winners will have 48 hours to complete payment, or another winner will be selected. The Rotten Rexx figure will run $250.00 plus shipping, with an estimated delivery date around the end of April.

To enter, send ONE email to with the title "Dski One Rexx Lottery". Include your full name, shipping address, Paypal email address, and shipping method choice (EMS or Priority Mail).

Bōzu “精霊 Seirei Edition”

From Planet 3 Toys comes Bōzu "精霊 Seirei Edition". Bōzu stands at approx. 3.5 inches tall and is cast in SuperClear sofubi. Each one comes with a handmade stamped tag. They're produced in Japan by Grody Shogun/Lulubell Toys.

Seirei or "精霊" means "Spirit" in Japanese. The figure will be available beginning on Saturday, February 25th 2017 at 10AM PT from Lulubell for $30.00 plus shipping

Autopsy-Babies “Sweet-Tooth” Edition

The Autopsy-Babies "Sweet-Tooth" Edition will feature the Neapolitan Marbled Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby and Gergle from Miscreation Toys. The 10-inch tall soft vinyl figure features 5 points of articulation. It's been produced in Japan and marbled by Grody Shogun & Co.

They'll be available from Lulubell Toys starting on Friday February 10th 2017 (and run through February 17th). You'll be able to pick up the babies for $135.00 each or $250.00 for the set.

Ichi: Celebrating 10 Years at Lulubell

Ichi (meaning ONE in Japanese) celebrates not only the opening of the Lulubell Toy Bodega new location, but also their 10 year anniversary of bringing lowbrow and toy artists to Arizona. Lulubell will be opening their new back gallery for the first time, with a celebration of toys and art from some of the amazing artists they've worked with over the last ten years.

Artists include: James Groman, Splurrt, Miscreation Toys, Bwana Spoons, Grody Shogun (Japan), Real x Head (Japan), Itokin Park (Japan), Yamomark (Japan), Candie Bolton, Devilshead Productions, Blurble One, Dski One, Aaron Coleman, Mikey Saratt, Mark Matlock, Such Syles, Champ Styles, Evil Dave, Copasquat Toys, Kevin Herdeman, Planet 3 Toys, DoubleParlour, Shirahama Toy (Japan), Kill!, Boon Velvet, Whistling Pony Toys, Josh Carter, DreamRocket (Japan), Wao Toyz (Switzerland) and more!

The exhibit will open Friday, January 13th 2017 at 7PM, and all pieces will be up for sale at that time. Any unsold pieces will go up for sale online on Tuesday, January 17th here.

Lulubell Toy Bodega
126 W. Pepper Place (NEW LOCATION)
Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 733-5858

Brain Bug Boogie Man – Meat Edition

Lulubell Toys is offering up the US sales for the Cure Toy x James Groman Meat Edition of Brain Bug Boogie Man. Groman designed the Brain Bug head (which includes a removable insectoid mask) for this version of Cure's beloved Boogie Man.

This version is cast in Meat Marbled vinyl and was sold via Cure direct to their Japan fans. Lulubell will be selling these directly to those who missed out in the States. A three day open pre-order period starts on January 1 2017 at Noon PT and ends on January 3 2017 at Noon PT. The figures will run $200.00 each, with a current ETA in March/April of 2017.