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Blood Vessels Skin Vinyl Boogie Man

Available exclusively from Lulubell Toys, CURE Toys has announced the new unpainted Blood Vessels Skin Vinyl Boogie Man for customizing (or just your blank shelf). The figure's special effects are made by mixing light flesh tone vinyl with inner flecks. The sickle and mask accessories are included (cast in white vinyl). This vinyl piece stands approximately 7 inches tall. The figure will be available to pre-order today (Wednesday, January 23rd 2019) at Noon PT. This limited time pre-order closes on Saturday February 2nd 2019 at 5PM PT. It will run $135.00 plus shipping.

Blue Sky Edition Gergle

Miscreation Toys has brewed up a new Gergle to start off 2019 right. The "Blue Sky Edition Gergle" is cast in crystal clear blue vinyl, a tribute to Breaking Bad's 10 year anniversary. This clear blue Gergle is also the companion piece to the Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby released in a matching colorway in 2014.

The piece will drop on Friday January 4th 2019 at Noon PT for $115.00 plus shipping, available exclusively via Lulubell Toys.

“Deadless Halloween” – She Headless Horse Lottery

After making an appearance this Summer, the She Headless Horse (Deadless Halloween) is back and in limited numbers just for the Hallo-day. In a special seasonal online lottery, you can enter for your chance at purchasing one of these shimmering phantoms to haunt your own personal collection.

The She Headless Horse is an original design by Boon Velvet, produced in Japan by Grody Shogun (Lulubell Toys). The figure stands about 9.5 inches tall and can be transformed and displayed in her three different forms. It's een painted with a variety of paints including new vinyl paints with some of the best luster around by @kaiju_sommelier.

The lottery is open until Thursday November 1st 2018 by 8AM ET and winners will need to pay $160.00 plus shipping.

To enter, email the following to with “SHE HEADLESS HORSE (DEADLESS HALLOWEEN)” as the subject:

  • Your Full Name (in English please, no special characters!)
  • Your Shipping Address (must be a Paypal confirmed address)
  • Your Email
  • Your PayPal Email.

Alavaka Vanaprastha Micro Run at Lulubell

Alavaka Vanaprastha is a new micro run of Alavaka by Devils Head Productions, painted by Dski One. This release marks the start of journey to the bodhi tree for a long rest for Alavaka, who made his debut back in 2013. Alavaka will be making a few last appearances in Fall of 2018 before resting undisturbed and contemplating his future for some time.

Sold blind, with 2 GID vinyl chase figures possible in this micro run, each toy comes with the standard body and both heads. The Alavaka Vanaprastha will be available exclusively from Lulubell's online store today - September 7th 2018 - at Noon PT for $80.00 plus shipping (includes alternate head - shown below).

Cold Gloom Garglmon

Blurble One x Dski One are releasing a micro run of “Cold Gloom Garglmon” - cast in clear vinyl with super glitter - over at Lulubell Toy Bodega. The piece features silver, pink, blue, and black spray details along with custom resin embedded eyes. Standing approximately 7 inches tall, and made in genuine Japanese sofubi, the Cold Gloom Garglmon drops today (Wednesday August 22nd 2018) at Noon PT for $80.00 plus shipping.

Holographic Tauro by Splurrt

Lulubell will be dropping a special micro run of Holographic Tauro - by Splurrt - as a part of his Secretoy line. This 10-inch tall figure is covered in "secret holographic technology" and sold exclusively via Lulubell on Friday, August 10th 2018 at Noon PT. The holographic painting is a special three step paint process that gives Tauro an all-over sparkle look in regular lighting, and a unique holographic iridescence, especially with movement, when in brighter lighting. The figure will run $135.00 plus shipping.

Autopsy Babies – Melted Crayon Edition

Lulubell Toys is currently taking pre-orders for the latest Autopsy Babies from Miscreation Toys. This vibrant new Autopsy Babies - Melted Crayon Edition are marbled in red, blue, green, and yellow by vinyl master Shirahama. There are two different characters available - the Gergle (shown above) and the Zombie Staple Baby (shown below). This is a made to order pre-order with no order maximum, you can reserve yours from Lulubell for $135.00 each.

Nate the Milkman – Sunburn Fever Peanut

Arizona artist Nate the Milkman harnesses the power of the sun in this Sunburn Fever Peanut, which is a part of Lulubell Toys' ongoing guest painter series called "Grody Guest", which features a different guest artist each month painting Grody Shogun sculpts. The Sunburn Fever Peanut drops online and in-store on Wednesday July 11th 2018 at Noon PT. It will run $45.00 plus shipping (of course, no shipping if you buy in-store)